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S6 SOUL CLUB - Hillsborough Club


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DJ Stu

S6 SOUL CLUB - Hillsborough Club on

This event is now over

*******S6 SOUL CLUB*****

Starting from 8.00pm till 12.30 am

Hillsborough Club

27 Bradfield Rd


South Yorkshire S6 2BS

An evening of Northern Soul, Motown and Mod Tunes

(We are request friendly as long as they are in keeping with the night)

For those vinyl junkies out there we have our guest DJ's

Mick Lait (Treeton Soul Club)

Alyn Hodgson (Wicko Club)


Mick Clements

Hillsborough Club has been recently refurbished and has great facilities, and reasonable drink prices

Come along and enjoy the atmosphere

£2 Door Tax

(No Admissions after 11.00 pm)

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Mick, glad to have you on board as one of our guest DJS

Should be a good one.

Thanks for your support

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thanks mate, 

its feels great to be asked to be one of the first guest,

you could have gone for some bigger name's , so thanks comes from me. 

i hope you get the support it deserves this club,

didn't get over  when phil & russ had it, but i here its a cracking club, 

so all the best to you two, 

my vinyl is all at the ready, 


brinny mick

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Yes, Hillsborough Club is a good venue, close to the main tram & bus routes and plenty of taxes in the Borough it's self. So all you Soul bro's out there, the soul sisters don't have to drive, everyone can have a drink and still get home safely.


I'm really looking forward to hearing all the guest dj's vinyl been spun.

I do see, or should I say hear the attraction of vinyl. It makes the bands seem more real and in the same room. Well thats my interpetation of the sound.


Micky Clements has certainly converted me into a Soul Brother, but the rocker is still in me too. Just love loads of diferent types of older music. There's something that artists of yester-year have to offer that their contempoaries don't have???

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Hope the people who do come and give us a try on the night will enjoy, I play a bit of everything me, Alyn likes his Philly and Modern while Mick Lait plays atb with emphasis on xover and 70's. It is a lovely club and we deliberately chose this date so as not to clash with anyone elses night, something i was insistent on. So hope to see you all on Good Friday KTF all.


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good luck with youre night! hope you have a good one, sorry cant be will you due to other comitments.


Nigel & Elaine

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the count down is on for you too guy's and i cant wait !.

hope is well supported for you no your first night and other nights after,

as you mick ,, must have supported every soul club from -


here's to a success of this night , you deserve a crack at one.

the soul goes to your heart , the heart goes into the soul .

brinny mick lait.

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Thanks Mick for the encouraging words, yes hope Fri night is a good one centering on good soul music (without any politics), whatever the attendance is. Its a nice sized club with a sound local following. At the moment this is just a "one off" as most people who know me are aware I will not under any circumstances put a night on that clashes with anyone else on here given the fact that you lot have been good to me and keep the tenets of the soul people adhered to. I must say I like the direction Treeton Club is going in with an emphasis on quality music playing to the soul crowd as well as a burgeoning roster of local DJ's looks good for the future and much appreciation to you and Alyn for starting us off. Any good luck and best wishes to East Dene and Hannah on their charity night hope its a huge success for a worthy cause, been meaning to get down for a while, Mick's always saying what a top soul venue it is. Atb MC

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Thanks Mick and Micky.

If we do put a regular gig on at Hillsborough Club, it will have to be on the dates Frank has available. Hillsborough is very popular for party bookings because of its facilities, so if we do clash with another soul do, its not intention, just how things happen sometimes. But there's nothing wrong with a bit of compition to keep the scene fresh and keen.


Really looking forward to the gig. I'll have my trusty roady to help me set up, wont I Mick?

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well guy's its almost here, 


hope its a cracker of a night for you, i know a few thats coming over from rotherham and their always up for  a good night,

got all my vinyl sorted for the spot and looking forward to it, 

see you all tomorrow

brinny mick 


************* saturday 6th april ****************

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All the best guys, I hope to get there but can't be certain because committed to other places with non soul mates. If we can't make it all the best and we'll see you NEXT time. Rob & Wendy

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Hi Mick,sorry can't be there tonight,hope you have a good one and many more.Good luck to you and Stu



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Just set up the equipment, just waiting for our resdent and guest vinyl djs to turn up and perform for you all.

I'll be finishing off with my own set and accomodate some of the requests using the technology I'm used to for djing.

Hope you all enjoy our gig and others over the bank hol period.



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thanks for last night lads, 

great little club very clean and tidy, my first time here, i was told by phil' how nice it is, ''but yep a gun'un''

hope you and stu' get a steady date for here it could build into a great night,,

good sound system, nice bar , and very comfortable that the making of a good soul night. 


should be a good night, and we can do it all over again, 

see you soon, 

if not at treeton around and about, 


mick lait,

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S6 Soul Club is purely an experement at the moment. Initially I did comment that Rotherham was full of Soul events but Sheffield was wasn't. Wrong! There's loads of them all over the place. Its a little hard to get a good venue such as Hillsborough Club which is primarly used for functions and get a night available that doesn't clash with other soul gigs.


Big thanks to Mick and Alyn the guest DJ's at S6 on 29/03/13.

Also to the couple who travelled many miles to check out our gig. Thanks for the positive feedback you gave all the DJ's. (look forward to adding you on Soul Source)

Not forgetting Frank, the owner of Hillsborough Club for letting us have the room on favourable terms.

Last of all, thanks to all the customers that turned up and enjoyed the night.


At the moment, the S6 Soul Club is on hold until I can find some vinyl djs to spin the decks to satisfy the harcore soulies. If I could get away with the laptop, I would, but I can't lol.


Those who did attend and enjoyed our experemental night, your feedback is quite welcome, especially if you have any ideas on how to over come the soul politics between the scene djs? I've thought about doing a retro night with a good proportion of soul, rocknroll, early rnb, blues etc so that the night doesn't clash with other gigs?


Any Soul Source mods reading this, your input is welcome on whether you allow mixed genre advertising on here?

S6CLUB must live!!! It has a right to Party!!!.


(Sorry about any spelling mistakes, but I'm dyslexic and can't be bothered to run this through Word first, I'm just lazy like that)

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A big "thank you" to all that came, soulies in attendance all had positive things to say about the night and venue, hope it will continue. It was a one off as the club was available on the fifth friday of the month. Big praise to he wonderful bar staff and Frank for letting us have the club free.Respect to all the DJ's who played some great tunes, Alyn, Stu and Mick Lait who seems to produce something different at the drop of a hat (Syl Johnson?!) As usual my feet were kept busy and my knee is suffering today. The sun is out, spring has arrived and wherever you go today I hope you enjoy your soul. I am looking forward to the Bessermer this afternoon and then Treeton Club Friday April 6th with guest DJ Kev Bruce. At MC

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You've changed your tune Micky. For your knee, I recommend less dancing, and more controlled exercise such as setting/packing up the PA.

S6 still has its vinyl soul :) but a wider genre of oldies does enspire me :)

Bit of soul, blues, rocknroll, british beat, scar, and two tone MOD it up a bit more.

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