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Filthy Soul FREE All-Dayer


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Soul Addict

Filthy Soul FREE All-Dayer on

This event is now over

ts that time again folks!!

Filthy Soul returns for round 2 at its new home The Bowler,

From 4pm -Midnight-ish Free entry all day/evening

Joining Andy and Wayne & Neil will be:

Ady Pountain

Eddie Paget

Leona Murphy

Phil Rains

Rather than fix what aint broken we will be sticking with......

70s Modern, Crossover Northern sweet deep and 2 step with some quality new stuff for good measure........

hope to see you all there

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Got loads of new bits to play plus a few haven`t spun at Filthy`s for a while.


Another good line up.


Just a few things to add:


3 Real ales,all been tested by my good self.

Bigger dance floor but can we not put the talc down,cleaner wasn`t too amused next morning lol.

Plenty of hassle free parking right outside venue.

Plenty of hotels near by,if anybody wants to post up the cheaper ones,feel free to do so.

The venue does lovely food but only up to a certain time,i`ll check nearer time the cut off.

Loads of buses go nearby especially pass Roseberry ave,it`s a 5 min walk from there by Mount pleasant post office.

Neariest mail line stations: Farringdon(7/8 min walk): Waterloo,Kings X and St Pancras( 10/15 mins ride.).


Any more questions,feel free to ask us.

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Roll on the 31st!!!


Really looking forward to meeting all the boys and girls behind this alldayer. And of course trying the ales as mentioned above.....hic!


Just would like to say a big thank you for inviting me down guys...it's much appreciated!

Can't wait!





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Be good to meet ya Eddie,yes there be a few of us sharing a few pints of Ale,don`t be shy to join us.


Not long now,good news no snow in London so transport links should be fine. Again if anyone hears,knows differant,feel free to post up on here.

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Hi all,Im afraid there are no south east overground trains this weekend so if you want to get to filthys you will have to get a train from woolwich or get the tube from the o2

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I'll be coming along with Eddie P and a few of us from Chelmsford....looking forward to playing some tracks for you. Still can't believe my luck at getting a spot....will try my hardest to entertain!!! Will definitely be sampling the beers....

Phil R

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Big thx to all our guest dj`s and everyone who came along.Was nice to meet Eddie,Leona,Phil and loads more.
Good turn out,really enjoyed the music and all the banter.Was good to see so many new faces or people who never been before.

Here`s what i played in rough order:

This feeling is gone-The Esquires 7".
Speed up-The Impalas 7".
Gonna find a new love-The inspirations 7".
Boss lady-Will Sessions feat: Coko 7".
Sunny Day-Coming of man 7".
When no one cared-Dewey Jeffries 7".
Cry baby-Al(Tiki) Hudson 7".
Just an illusion-Earles Inc 7".
I want a girl-Blue Steam 7".
Hi Happy Days-Flame and King & The Bold ones 7".
Ain`t got no problems-Sunday 7".
My prayer-Benny Harper 7".
What`s on your finger-Willie Kendricks 7".
Beautiful philosophy-The Internationals 7".
I wanna be close to you-Exit 7".
High on you-Freedom 7".
U.a.- Peter Prewitt 7".
You don`t want my love-K.I.C 7".
Disco music keep on going-Ernie Johnson.

Next Filthy soul is Sunday 5th May.

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Didnt make the start of this but from 6pm onwards when our group arrived the music was spot on.....great people and a knowlegeable open minded audience....really nice venue too. Looking forward to the next one....


Was very honoured to dj...my selection as follows

Bluebusters - Speak your mind

Newsound - Bet you never thought about it

Dale Darby - Let's get it together

Bonnie Blanchard - you're the only one

Keni Lewis - Whta's her name

Talmadge Armstrong - Give it up

Leonard Adair - That smile upon your face

Clarence Glover - Keep your promises

George Jackson - Let them know you care

Vivian Copeland - Chaos

Erma Coffee - You made me what I am

Na Allen - I was telling her about you

Tony Lampkin - He's a better liar than me

Black Satin - Everybody stand and clap your hands

Freddie Terrell - You had it made

Tony Drake - Suddenly

Otis Jackson and the Compromisers - Turn out the lights

Johnny Davis - You got to crawl to me

Barbara Lewis - If you love her

Gerri Shivers - Let's try it again

Exceptional Three - Unlucky girl

Shirley Brown - Yes Sir brother 

Porgy and the Monarchs - Love chain

CM Lord - Oh Mama

Johnny McCall - I need you 

Archie Bell and the Drells

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Like Phil who I travelled with.....we didn't get to Filthy until 6 so missed the first couple of hours.


Ironically walked in and one of my selected plays was being spun (Lee Williams & The Cymbals - Girl From A Country Town) which made the adjustment from freezing cold streets of London outside to the warm and soulful vibe inside a pure pleasure!


Greeted by Andy and introduced to Wayne and Neil shortly after I 'd just like to say thanks again guys for inviting me down. Absolutely loved it and glad I played a small part in such a great event. I'm honoured...truely.


Big thanks to the soulies there too for their kind words during and after my set. It is very much appreciated!


Speaking of sets......this was mine in a similar order to below....



Diana Ross - He's My Sunny Boy (Tamla Motown)

Sebastion Williams - Get Your Point Over (Ovide)

Frederick Hymes III - Time Ain't Gonna Do Me No Favor (Fab Vegas)

Serena Johnson - All Work And No Play (Big 2)

J. R. Bailey - Love Won't Wear Off (As The Years Go By) (Calla)

Jo Armstead - There's Not Too Many More (Left Like Him) (Giant)

Reggie Soul & The Soul Swingers - My World Of Ectasy (Capri)

Out Of Sights - My Womans Love (Saru)

Bobby Dukes - Just To Be With You (Saru)

Betty Moorer - Speed Up (Wand)

Voice Masters - Dance Right Into My Heart (Bamboo)

Major IV - Down In The Ghetto (Venture)

Brenda & The Tabs - That's In The Past (Dionn)

Don Gardner - We're Gonna Make It Big (Master 5)

Don Gardner - Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy (Mr G)

Margie Joseph - One More Chance (Volt)

Darrell Banks - I'm The One Who Loves You (Volt)

Bobby Hill - Tell Me You Love Me (Lo Lo)

Continental Showstoppers - Not Too Young (Seventy Seven)

DeVons - Groovin' With My Thing (Mr G)

Ebonies - You Got What I Want (Midwest)

Garland Green - Gill I Love You (Gamma)

Paramount Four - Sorry Ain't The Word (Kent)


Hope to see everyone again soon.



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