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Cream Cracker 9th Anniversary. NN17 1AD


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kev such

Cream Cracker 9th Anniversary. NN17 1AD on

This event is now over

9th Anniversary Cream Cracker

60's Northern and RnB.


8pm to 9pm Chris Preedy

9pm to 9.30pm Tanith

9.30pm to 10.30pm Al Shaw

10.30pm to 11.30pm Smiggy

11.30pm to 12,30am Ted Massey

12.20am to 01.30am Nidge

01.30am to 02.30am Kev Such

5 quid OTD

100 Anniversary cd's to give away.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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CD's are completed, top form to Mr Bourne for getting them sorted.

Only a few weeks to go for the 9th Anniversary night.

Have got a chap coming to help me set up the sound system in the morning who's bread and butter it is dealing with equipment. He is going to connect my stuff up to the venue's existing system, so we'll have surround sound.  He will also check everything is in working order and advise me on levels etc....  Mr Pete French did sort it all out when he came up in March and said all was fine. Admittedly the sound equipment has been my nemesis for ages ( and I always thought it was my ex wife!!!!!!!). Anyway it'll be professionally sorted for August the 9th and hopefully we'll have a great anniversary and go home "Cream Crackered"




Kev ( Dont do modern) Such



Mr Chris Preedy who is starting us off has accumulated an excellent collection of uptempo 60's, so definately worthwhile getting there early to hear him.

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Guest Big Al 68


   Always look forward to the "Cracker", mainly to see whether Kev is wearing his own shirt or one of Karens blouses , even though there's not much difference !!  Always something for everyone played there , unless of course it's the dreaded M word, in which case , as the west mids lot would say " Yow day git nunna that plaid "  !!  See ya there.... :thumbup:


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Jealousy is an ugly trait Al mate, you're just annoyed that you cant carry them off.

See you tomorrow.


Kev ( dont do modern) Such

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Equipment's working like a dream thanks to Alan from Corby Disco Store and is plugged into the venue's existing system also.

Unfortunately Chris Preedy MAY not be able to make tonight, so Dave Weir is bringing his tunes with him and has kindly agreed to step in for the 8pm to 9pm spot, if Chris doesnt get back in time.


Lets get "Cream Crackered"

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See you soon at the cracker, think i'll bring some cheese with me so the cracker doesn't look too bare lol :rofl:  :P

ATB...Rob :facepalm:

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Wahoo!!!! Wahoo!!!!!

You wouldnt think it, but from when I go to bed on the Friday night to when I get home at 03.20am this morning, I am a bag of nerves. I try to place the line up in a way that they compliment each other and that the evening flows without us having two similar DJ's following on from each other. I know its not rocket science but it can be fraught with danger. Ok thats probably a bit of an overstatement, you do have to think about the flow though. I have never wanted the Cream Cracker to be Across the Board or "Caters for all". Admittedly in a rather selfish way the music policy for the past 9 years has been of my taste, and I am happy to stand up and state this. I wanted to run an event that played 60's Northern, RnB and very early 70's ( at the dj's discretion). But cover ALL aspects of the range played at the Cream Cracker, but within the parameters as advertised. I personally havent been a fan of all the labels or sub-genres of the music, ie... rare, obscure, underplayed, overplayed, top 500 or Oldies( probably because my wish list is too large to mention) etc... If its good wether the DJ thinks its the greatest tune he's ever heard or not , the crowd will always let you know.
Sound issues at the start of the night were "eventually" ironed out as the night went on. Sometimes its just a case of turning one thing down and another thing up. I honestly did pay a chap to come to the venue yesterday morning to check the equipment over and to make sure all was working ok. He assured me it was and when he left I felt like Barry Norman and muttered "It'll be alright on the night".
The music last night for what is advertised at The Cream Cracker, from start to finish I thought was second to none and up to 01.30am you'd be hard pressed to find the calibre of tunes and quality anywhere else locally, in my opinion.
My greatest fear, I'll be honest with you was that as Ted Masseywas on earlier this time and me and Nidge did the last 2 hours. Was that once Ted had done his spot then me and Nidge would be playing to a thinned out room. When I came up to follow on from Nidge I was gobsmacked as to how such a large proportion of people were still in attendance, for this I truly thank you.
Well thats 9 years been and gone, and I have to say that I didnt think we'd get there, but we have and I truly and wholeheartedly thank EVERY single person that takes the time and trouble to support The Cream Cracker and decide on the night, when there are innumerous events up and down the country to go to, you choose to come to The Cream Cracker. I can assure you that I never take anything for granted and the support of The Jacobs is something I shall never betray.

Very Kind Regards

Kev ( dont do modern) Such and Karen.

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