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Mike E


This event is now over

2 Rooms with Guest Dj's Mark Freeman and the Willingham collective, together with the residents in main room, Jerry Hipkiss, Pete French, Pete lyster, Leon Brown, Des Parker and Mike Eskins.

Room 2 'At the top of the stairs with Dave Thorley, Callum Simpson and Chris Davies. Plus the residents Adam Topping and Dave Abbott.

£10 on the door.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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really looking forward to this one!.....Carl & Maria Willingham!!.....Callum Simpson!!....plus all the usual dj's ....looks like the ralgex will be needed!! :)

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Main room line up times;


9.    Des Parker

10.  Jerry Hipkiss

11.  Mike Eskins

 12. Pete French

  1.  The Willinghams

  2.   Mark Freeman

  3.   Pete Lyster

  4.   Leon Brown

   5.  Des Parker & Dave abbott.

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Bring it on !


If you've not been do yourself a favour and get there. Brilliant records in a real old style atmospheric dance hall, great dance floor and super sound system. 


The Willinghams and Mark Freeman....the cherries on the icing on the cake !!


see you all sat



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any idea on upstairs times yet?..gonna be a bit late as we're seeing the strypes in Bristol first...shouldn't be on that late as theyre still youngsters ;-) finished by 1030 last time!!

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I'm sure the boys will post up soon!! All looking good for Saturday - Gonna be another busy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Can anyone help please?


I would like to travel up from Wiltshire to this event, but there is no description of the venue, just a post code. There are no telephone numbers or street views, so I`m not sure on where I would be heading. I was in Trowbridge earlier this week, and I am aware of the recent road closures due to the flooding.


If anyone could confirm venue and access to the event that would be great, as I need to shake of some cobwebs........



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well that was a brilliant nite!...after seeing the excellent 'strypes' at a sold out gig in Bristol it was a sprint up the motorway to Gloucester..got there about 12 and the main room was heaving and the 'new' second room was also very busy



just caught the end of dave thorleys first set in the second room which is where we spent most of the night..kept going in the main room every now and then but didn't do much dancing there until the last hour after the secnd room shut..top oldies by dave abbot and des parker


top set for me though goes to callums second..brilliant! but to be honest every dj in the little room played great sets..lots I didn't know ,some I had and as always loads id like to have


good to see the youngsters who would have been at the 100 club there..also going in the second room on occasions and dancing to something different


a top nite and a big thanx to all involved...see you next time



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