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Dab of Soul@ Crown Hotel Nantwich


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chris anderton

Dab of Soul@ Crown Hotel Nantwich on

This event is now over

Well, it seems ages since the last one but we are back with a much anticipated event and as always a superb DJ line up.......

Dab of Soul at the Crown hotel High St, Nantwich, Saturday 27th April.

As usual there will be a top class DJ line-up with guests Wayne Arbon, Mark Whiteley and Budgie.

7.00-1.00. £5.00 admission. Record dealers welcome.

Music policy is 70s/ Crossover soul with a dab of quality 60s.

Discounted rooms available....Always a top night....See you there!

chris.soul@btinternet.com or 07974 722667 for more info.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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already a massive buzz on for this next edition of "dab of soul" and quite rightly so with

the quality of the guest dj line up deffo going to be a good night.

so if this genre of soul music is for you we,ll see you all there


dave lucas

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Train /Hotel well Pub (Railway inn) all booked. Looking forward to meeting up and playing some tunage to all the Northern boys/girls. Went to event in Nov (working Last one in Jan) but what a venue:  Got a great/nice size dancefloor,easy to get to and lovely part of the country.Sound system is good. Now the Beer or `real ale`,pop downstairs and check out the the wonderful selection of ales.Gotta be best venue/soul do i`ve been to for quality ales....Proper...By the way: the music matchs the ales(10) with residents Dave Lucas and Chris Anderson ,2 top fellas with recordS to match.Dab of soul: does what it sayes on the flyer.

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can we ask that anyone wanting record selling space lets me know as soon as possible please

this is looking to be very busy night so help in this matter would be appreciated so as we

can allocate enough table space.



dave lucas

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Thanks Jim...all looking good...loads of people coming, brill music ...will be another top night I`m sure.


The hotel have sold out of double rooms but there are a couple of twin rooms still available...if you want to grab one call the hotel directly on 01270 625283, don`t forget to mention the soul night to receive a discounted rate.


Also, the post code for the car park is CW5 5BA...please do not follow the other post code as the front of the hotel is on a pedestrian area!



Cheers, Chris

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the judster will be there meeting a non soulie work colleague from Nantwich (hoping to convert) and hpefully bringing a few more with me as im touting my vehicle spaces to the yorkshire massive (dave and Bri LOL)




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Dave and Bri haven`t renewed their passport since the miners strike mate!


There is a girl from Donny on facebook wanting a lift...offering to pay fuel costs too!


See you there...looking like a cracker!



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Dave cant come but Bri's booked his ticket im smuggling him out in the boot, whos on facebook..... got a link?


its going to be a Barnsley/yorkshire holiday what with Russ Steele and missus, Me adopted Brother and Sister Mr and Mrs Whiteley, and Errol Green textin me today t meck sure im goin t b theyere, ey up am talckin aaaalll yorkshire....cough .... Whey aye man its gonna be a night hinnie, thats better got me geordie back



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Bit of  a bummer this Saturday lark sorry can't make it tonight   :(  :(


Hope you have a great night  :thumbsup:


atb Kev  :hatsoff2:

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A great night, music great all night, great company, thanks Chris and Dave for a top night, Dave that Exciters track was awesome !


Cheers Jim & Liz.

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Well, What can I say?! 


A massive thank you to everyone who supported "Dab of Soul" last night.


Thanks to all of the DJs, all of whom were absolutely superb...could not fault one record all night.


It certainly looks like the move to Saturday`s has made a massive difference and at last we are getting the support the venue deserves.


There were so many travellers last night and Dave and I really appreciate what a major effort you went to to be there. Every one of you made a difference to the night....Thank you, thanks you, thank you!


On a personal not I apologise for not getting around everyone to have a quick word, what with selling records, DJing, helping a bit on the door the night just seemed to fly by!


The next date is July 27th. This promises to be a very special night with guest DJs Arthur Fenn and one of Europe`s top Soul DJs Matt Fox...




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Chris, you were one of the guys that supported us when there was 30 people there mate...the current success is as much down to you guys pushing it and continuing to attend.


Even now every single person makes a difference to the night.


Glad you enjoyed it....so did I!!



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Big thx to Dave and Chris for asking me to spin a few records and all the hospitality/lifts/late night food etc lol.

Here`s a few reasons why everyone should`check it out`:


1/ The Music; Late 60`s,70`s Xover.

2/Great Friendly crowd.

3/The Ales: Shropshire Gold,those who have `sampled it`,say no more.

4/Great venue,big dancefloor,plenty of places to park.Easy to get to.Nice area.


Came up on me own,i know a few who were going but was so nice to made welcome by everyone in venue. No politics/bullshit just all about  the Music and having a good time. Really appreciate all the kind comments/support and meeting/putting faces to names to many of like: Errol(great to finally me you and your lady fella),Tony O,Phil A(Man was on that floor all the time,hats off to ya fella), Budgie,Mark Whiteley(enjoyed the banter fella),Steve and his lady from Bedford,the fella with his lady by side of decks to me left(Sorry never had any of your requests,must try harder lol),Paul and Susan S and anybody i missed out.


Didn`t start off to well after pulling out my first 45 which spun out of cover and my hand over to Errol`s table,like his comment,didn`t you wanna play that one Wayne.First time i`ve ever done that.


Here`s playlist in rough order:


We`re not too young to fall in love-The Jackie Beavers Show 7".

I`m available-George Byrd 7".

On the stage of life-Willie Pickett (Eastern mix) 7".

My sweet Baby-The Esquires 7".

I just want to do my own thing-The Reachers 7".

Just a minute of your time-Sun 7".

I`m in debt to you-The Innersection 7".

Look on the good side-The Invitations 7".

Just to be with you-Bobby Dukes 7".

I`m so glad you came along-Smoke lp.

You`re the only one-Bonnie Blanchard & Andy Aaron 7".

No one to love me-Gene Middleton 7".

Come see what`s left of me-Bobby Hutton 7".

Heartaches and Pain-Pages 7".

Don`t let love walk out on us-Garland Green 7".

Yes it`s you-Eugene Smiley 7".

Taking my time with you-Maureen Bailey 7".

My world of Ecstasy-Reggie Soul 7".

Just a dream-Imperial Wonders 7".

You`re gone-Celest Hardie 7".

Sorry ain`t the word-The Paramount Four 7".

I don`t know about you-The Constellations 7".

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First time visit for us, great venue, fantastic music & a great crowd . Nice to put a few faces to names. We will be back.

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