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Sweetsoul Pre Nuptual night


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Sweetsoul Pre Nuptual night on

This event is now over

THE NIGHT BEFORE Claire and Steves wedding we welcome a suprise guest to Sweetsoul

the future Mr Snaith (Steve Johnson) pre nuptual Northern Soul

support from Andy Jackson

Gez Langley

And Doug Hall

8 till midnight

otd £3.50

see you there

car park at top of road

old church come and pay your respects to Soul Music

across the board

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Really looking forward to this .............special guest eh ? wonder who that could be ? lets partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what a weekend this is going to be :-))))


Julie xx

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How intriguing Dougie!! Now you've got us all thinking 'who could it be??' Its not Julie Moore with her play box is it ?? :-)

Well it will be a busy night, lots of strangers or should that be strange folk in town.. :-)

I know that they're just friends that you've never met before ..

We are so looking forward to it , it will be a whole weekend spent with fantastic people..

A great start to the weekend, Sweet Soul. If you've never been before then come & try it..

I don't think you'll be disappointed, something for everyone..

See you all then

Claire & Steve xxx (Mr & Mrs Johnston ) :-) :-) xxx

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No not me Claire not with my "boots"  lol but am intriguied as you .................whoever it is it should be fun :-)



Julie xx

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the secret is out Steve Johnson will be playing music to soothe that Northern Soul at our Alter of Sweetsoul

see you on the night

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Doug Claire told all at Soul Explosion about me DJin before i knew!! She got your email to her phone!! Haha

Hope there is not a foot of snow this time but you never know with this UK weather!! :-))

See you all Friday with your dancing shoes on please.

Steve J

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Looking forward to visiting this venue for the first time

There will be a few of us coming from The Wigan area to this and having been friends and sufferers of Steven Johnstons a long time before he moved from Pie Eating land

Be kind to us where gentle creatures


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Fred.... define ' Sufferers '     :-) be careful he's reading it .....

Steve says you better pack 3 pairs of shoes tomorrow & an aspirin for Skive... You'll need them..

Its a very special weekend as its Freds birthday too so Happy Birthday Fred from all your new & old friends here in Newark ..

We promise to be kind to you ...


Claire xxx

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Hope you all have a great night, sorry we cant be with you, Mr Gray DJing at Ibstock, I will try to keep him on shandy so he's on top form for Steve n Clare's wedding soul nite on Saturday ( I cant promise but I will do my best!!) :facepalm:


Lynn xx :wave:

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Twas a superb night and all DJ's played outstanding sets nothing out and out wierd and wonderful just dancefloor friendly music for all ears.

thanks Jacko Gez and special guest Steve Johnson

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We had a fantastic night at Sweet Soul last night

We got there a bit late but all the DJs played fantastic spots and the dance floor was really good

We would like to thank all the regulars for making us feel warm and welcome and maybe some of our local promoters could visit this club and learn how to treat their customers

My initial thoughts where that we would return, but seeing that I couldn't fit all the beekeeping equipment I bought into the car and I am going to have to return to Newark to collect it in my minibus. There will be a gang of us coming back soon

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