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Carl and Maria Willingham are special guest DJ's for the first time at The Rafa Club in Newton Aycliffe. As usual from these 2 "Soul Super Hero's" you will get nothing but the best from their efforts behind the decks. Local Guest DJ/'s to be announced. The free CD on the night will feature records from Carl and Maria's sets so it will be something special for sure.

£2.50 O.T.D. plus the newsletter means "I'ts a steal" so proceedings start at 7.30pm through 'till 1.00am with Dj's rotating so fast they're on a rotisserie!!

Nothing but the best for this soul night so get there early for the free cd and your favourite seat.

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I'll add the cd listing as soon as I get the cd approved from Carl / Maria. Loads of people confirmed they are attending for this one!!!

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Great cd Paul  :thumbsup:

I'll be there nice n early  :wink:

Great atmosphere at The Rafa and full of friendly people all intent on having a good time....


Looking forward to another top night  :yes:

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Great news, Don Thompson,has been coaxed into completing the line up for Saturday.

I think it,s gonna be busy!!

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Usual corner for the BA MASSIVE Col?

quite a few coming to savour whats on offer paul, great stuff col

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Looking forward to the trip up North and the Raffa...hoping to get the other half to drive......

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Had an absolutely great night :)


Thanks to everyone involved.....looking forward to July!!!!


Photo's now in gallery 

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Thanks to all for a brill night really enjoyed it,only my second visit to Raffa but gonna make it a must do in future.

Big thanks to Dj's who kept us on the edge of our seats with some excellent 45s all night and of course to Col and Glen

for keeping the table well entertained...class.....

As Maria said in her last set...this has to be the warmest friendliest soul night around fab welcome by all......till July


Dale..... :hatsoff2: . 

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I'll try to get the playlists tomorrow for all to see what was played on the night.

a great night had by all and special thanks to Don Thompson and Carl / Maria Willingham for delivering great sets of soul music par excellence. We love the dedication of the travelling dj's and the committment they bring with enthusiasm and delivery of being the best in the country. Thanks again guys - Paul.

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Really enjoyed meself at Rafa last night, top music, top folk. Good to see Dale and Andy. Also my north east friends Phew it was scorching in there last night :) Suz x

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I had a great night, brill tunes Phewee it was warm The DJ's were on fire playing hotest tunes, Carl & Maria were smoldering, as Dale said It's a must return. The coolest thing in the building, apart from me, was my cider.

Thanks for the lift Dale

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One of the best nights of the year at The Rafa Club with Carl & Maria Willingham as the main guest DJ’s and local DJ Don Thompson delivering some of the best and most diverse Northern Soul around.

Playlist’s from the night included:

Start up from Kev Cowey–Volumes–One way lover, Mikki Farrow–Could it be, Sugar & Spices–Have faith, Derek Martin–If you go, Cynthia & Imaginations–Hey boy, Perfections–I love you, Montclairs–Hey you, Choice of colour–Your love, Spiedells–Dream girl, Monique–If you love me, Ruby Sherry–Feminine ingenuity...

Don Thompson : Bobby Reed–I’ll find a way, Patti Drew–Stop and Listen, Tony Hestor–Just can’t leave you, Tony Diamond–Don’t turn away, Ronnie Walker–You’re the one, Marva Josie–Don’t, Towana Total Destruction–Wear your natural baby, Emotions–I’ll love you but I’ll leave you, Barbara Mason–You better stop it, E.J. & the echoes–put a smile on my face, Roy Roberts Experience–You Move Me, Little Dooley–If Ever I Needed You, Melvin Davis–I Must Love You, Tempests–Someday, Sunlovers–My Poor Heart, Impressions–I'm The One Who Loves You, Robert Parker–I Caught You In A Lie, Big Don's Rebellion–It Was True, Soulful Twins–I Can't Let You Go, George Freeman–Down And Out, Jack Montgomery–Don't Turn Your Back On Me–Kenny Shepard–What difference does it make...

Ackers: Robert Tanner–Sweet memories, Icemen–It’s time you knew, Soul Bros Inc–Teardrops, Chuck Holiday–Just can’t trust nobody, Betty Wilson, I’m yours, Sweets–Something ‘bout my baby... Paul, I need the rest of your playlist - get it on here boy!!!

Maria & Carl–set 1:

Ernie Johnson–Can’t stop the pain, Duettes–Beyond compare (Unissued acetate), Jimmy Ruffin–Got to let you go (Unissued acetate), Jeanie and the gentlemen–Let me down easy, The Matta baby–Do the pearl girl, Inez Foxx–Jungle (Unissued acetate), Bingo Jo and his Gumbands–(acetetae), Parliaments–Rainy day, Lewise Bethune–Chi town boogaloo, Patsy–A man is two faced (version of Johnny Taylor’s “Blues in the night”), Glenn Miller–Where is the love, Voltairs–My my baby, Four Tops–Your song, Lloyd willaims–I’m in love with you, Blue Sharks–These things will keep me loving you...

Maria & Carl set 2:

Nomads–Tell her no lies (flip to something’s bad), Admirations–You left me, Lestor Tipton–This won’t change (doesn’t get much better that that one!), Margaret Little -= Love finds a way, New Wanderers, Ain’t gonna do you no harm & Let me render my service, Limitations–I’m lonely, I’m troubled, Vanguards–Good times, Tranells–Blessed with a love, Clarence Townsend–I found a love, Fred and the Turbines–Bernadine, Gerri Granger–Why can’t it be, Lynn terry–I got a good thing goinhg, Walter & The Admirations–Man oh man, Cairo’s–Stop over looking me, Jimmy Ruffin–Stop leading me on (Unissued acetate), Bobby Day–A new day is dawning, David Thomas–I’ll always need you by my side, Magnetics–Count the days, George Pepp–The feeling is real, John & the Wierdest–Can’t get over these memories, J.B. Willingham–Don’t want to hurt you you no more....

Maria and Carl could have gone on all night as Carl said we’ll play ‘till 3.00am if you want? Absolutely fantastic people with such a great outlook on life and on their taste of quality soul music–Gotta get them back soon...

The last 15 minutes or so to finish the night Paul played out with Esther Phillips–Just say goodbye, Bobby Reed–Time is right for love, Jimmie Reed Jnr.–I ain’t going nowhereFalcons–Love you like you’ve never been loved and finally Four Tracks–Like my love for you. A perfect end to a perfect night.

As always folks, "Without your support we would not have the soul nights at the Rafa Club so, again, many thanks for everything and we'll keep delivering you some of the country's best dj's and music. Great to see some new faces in the club, hope you enjoyed the night and the cd from Carl & Maria..........

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