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Hollingwood Hotel


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Sharon Cooper

Hollingwood Hotel on

This event is now over

Back to one of the regions most revered venues and the return of two of the areas best known DJs and promoters.

Hollingwood Hotel Northern Soul

The first Saturday of every month .......... [ NOTE JULY DATE IS 1st FRIDAY - FRIDAY 5th OF JULY - NOT SATURDAY !!!! ]


Top DJs from around the UK will join Mort and Chris Cooper each month to play quality Northern, semi known, rarer and underplayed / forgotten vinyl from the 60s and 70s

£3.50 - 8pm until 1am

Pine Street,



S43 2LG

Chris: 07715 297239

Mort: 07745 642276

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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This month Ted Massey and Pete Taylor enough said , quality or quantity, or a handbaggers night, Its up to you to decide Hope to see you there Chris

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Nothing boring or unpredictable at Hollingwood that's for certain - really looking forward to hearing Ted and Pete's sets: quality soul that's the definite!



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Quality over quantity - always! That's what we had Hollingwood; not as busy this month due to many reasons which I won't bore you with! Because, for me, the important thing was the music that those who were there were privileged to hear thanks to Pete Taylor and Ted Massey (with a few decent sounds thrown in by the Residents for good measure) A thoroughly enjoyable night :)

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All 4 spots were good for my ears! As ever Ted was as good as you would expect Ted to be, never lets a room down, always top sounds with rarity that packs a punch. I did think Pete did a brilliant spot, the only disappointment was that hearing some tunes he played makes me think I should just pack in collecting, a few very big numbers in a well put together spot, massively enjoyed it.

Picking up on Sharon's post above, there would have been other nights around with more in, listening to the same tunes they listened to last time, wearing the same uniform. I hope Chris and Mort keep this going 'cos it's better by a country mile than those nights.

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first nite out for a month due a a lot of factors so with a bottle of vino to hand I had a great time a good old dance some great music played nice venue lovely dancefloor not the same old same old , hope to come again:)

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