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Welcome to the 3rd Wave!

No Way Out proudly presents three of the UK’s finest young mod-oriented DJs.

Scott, Jamie and Tomas represent the absolute cutting edge of the 3rd Wave of all things mod.

Distinct from the First Wave (early 60’s) a...nd the revivalists (late 70’s/early 80’s), these twenty-somethings and their peers have carved their own niche within contemporary culture without recourse to mainstream music scenes or high street fashions.

We take our hats off to them.

Together with their European compatriots they epitomise the mod ideal and lifestyle.

No Way Out, above all others, has championed the 3rd Wave by featuring DJs such as Thorsten Wenger, Filippo Liti, Andrea Panozzi, Giuseppe Broso, Angie, Tommaso Bondi, Vicky Hurley and Callum Simpson.

Dedicated followers of fa………..

Scott and Tomas have played for us before but this is the first time for birthday boy Jamie to strut his stuff in Mancunia.

It’s going to be a top night of quality music, a heaving dance-floor, Britain’s smartest crowd and the friendliest atmosphere this side of heaven.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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