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MECCA Revival Reunion


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Yos Zoul

MECCA Revival Reunion on

This event is now over

After the succes of last May's Big Soul Dance

its The Original 40th MECCA Revival Reunion on september 14th


Bryan Wakelin

Baz Maleady

Keith Fletcher

Jimmy Scriv


All Your Mecca Favourites

All original vinyl and Videoclips on the big screens.

At the Lowther Pavilion, with that big dancefloor and great soundsystem.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Please explain the "40 years" - that makes it 1973 - can't see the significance of that year myself !!

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Guest highlander


This is a really great venue and superb dancefloor. What i can't really get my head around though is , a Mecca reunion with a 3 HOUR TWISTED WHEEL SLOT!!!!!    It closed in the same year the mecca opened! I'm just curious , as i would expect to go and hear Mecca tunes!!!.......  i'm not trying to be difficult ,But I would like to know the thinking behind that one? 

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Don't know - the promoter of The Lowther Pavillion did the same last year !! You would need to ask him. 

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Epic let me explain a few things to you which to be honest I thought you would know. In reply to your first post you state:


              "Please explain the "40 years" - that makes it 1973 - can't see the significance of that year myself !!"


Are you not aware that this was the year the two main men of the mecca (Ian Levine and Colin Curtis) really hit it off and started what was to be the golden era of this venue.


There has been mention of why our dates have clashed. But it must be understood that mine is not a new event and it has always been held on the 1st or 2nd Saturday of September.


I am unsure when your event was launched but I am now on my 9th event over 9 years even though it has been at different venues.

I am happy that the two events are being held on the same weekend as it gives the soulie more of a choice and that can't be a bad thing as I know some go to both events.

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An anniversary is usually celebrated marking the date a venue opened not "when the DJs hit it off" !! What about Jebb, Minshull etc ???



I have been involved with Soulful Dance for 8 years in Lytham St Annes  - this is our 4th Weekender there - you are usually Blackpool based.


We will both just have to have to live with it but if we do a weekender next year Soulful Dance will try not to clash - it really doesn't help anyone !!

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If you would prefer not to clash with me please see my dates below for next year which have already been confirmed with Lowther Pavilion in Lytham.



Saturday March 15th

Saturday May 10th

Saturday July 12th

Saturday September 13th

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