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Lee writes....

It's that time again........... The King Bee is really pleased that next month another absolutely top notch DJ has cleared a space in his diary to make himself available to grace the decks of our club and play his own take on The King Bee sound. He'll be a familiar face to some but for those who don't know him I'll let the one and only Matthew Clarke tell you about his musical journey...........

"Been heavily into music since my early teens, I had a Saturday job working on a market stall selling Northern Soul 45's from late 1978 -1981, although at that time I was more likely to buy New Wave, Mod or Ska! But what I heard playing on the battery operated deck did create an interest in soul and R'n'B, which escalated when I got into the whole mod thing in 1980, although unlike most of my peers I now much preferred the original 60s sounds to the revival stuff. Acquiring these tunes triggered my obsession with the 7" platter, and I've been a serious record collector since the very early 80s, tastes are all encompassing, my biggest passions are Rhythm 'n' Blues, Beat, Freakbeat, Garage, Mod, Popcorn, New Breed R&B, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Ska but with all things 1960s my particular favourites.

As well as mod, ska and soul gigs, I started going to the odd rockabilly night with my brother in the mid 80s, and heard some amazing, jumping r'n'B for the first time, along with the wild rockabilly tunes, and became hooked on discovering more of this wild and cool music too.

Over the years I have built up an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things 50s and 60s, and have in the past contributed to magazines such as Shindig! and Record Collector.

I had to sell off most of my long acquired soul collection about ten years ago when an accident meant a long-term spell off work without sick pay, but in the years since I have replaced most of what was essentially 100mph stompers with an earlier, rootsier, bluesier and raunchier selection of Rhythm and Blues records.

I can be found anywhere I the country most weekends at some mod, R'n'B or rockin' event or another; I've DJ'd all over the north and Midlands at many great clubs and events across the genres, mod clubs, R&B, psych/garage and rockabilly - for example I'm at the Crich 50s event this weekend and will playing at Moddingham on the Saturday afternoon the week after the King Bee!

I am one of the resident DJ team, along with Frank and Tiny, at the Roots Room in Derby, a project that explores ALL types of Roots music as the name suggests, the aim similarly to the King Bee is attracting and bringing together people with all tastes in different forms of what is basically the same music, where we are dedicated to spinning high quality tunes all on chunky, crackly, 100% vinyl - expect to hear R&B winners ,Early Soul scorchers, Doo-Wop dancers, Frat fruggers, Surf blasters, Rockabilly killers & Rock 'n' Roll honkers, all with our own particular twist that WE think makes the Sounds of the Roots Room a notch above the average club - Big Bad Boss Beat!"

So expect an eclectic set of the kind of music us King Bees love to get down to, I for one can't wait

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Heard a lot about this club,so we gave it a try.Excellent night music was superb will definately be back.And if you like real ale !

Shaz + nik

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