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King Bee Rhythm And Blues Club ALL DAYER

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King Bee Rhythm And Blues Club ALL DAYER

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Lee writes...

Right then, it's time to get fully focussed here at King Bee towers on the extravaganza that is the August All Day Shindig. Things are falling into place with at least 6 quality vintage sellers confirmed and a record bar with some stunning 45s up for grabs. We have an afternoon DJ line that blows most evening club nights out of the water (to be revealed over the next 2 weeks) and Mr Metcalf as we all know is sorting out the weather (hope he hasn't peaked too early!).

So you know who one of the guest DJs are, none other than Sheffield music legend Richard Hawley (who has inundated me with clips of new 45s purchased since his last spot and is itching to spin them in his favourite club), so who is the other guest. Well he's DJ'd at virtually every top club on the R'n'B and Mod scene , and a fair few of the big Northern nights as well. If you buy 45's chances are you've put some money in his pockets over the years as well as he's one of the countries top sellers who just keeps on finding new tunes that go on to be dancefloor faves. It is of course the one and only Mace, an absolute stunner of a DJ, and all-round top bloke. In our usual King Bee fashion I've let him pen a few (ahem) words telling us his musical journey.........so I'll hand over to Mace...

"I remember first hearing about Mods in my last year at junior school, one of my mates declared he wanted to be a mod and we should all go to town that weekend to buy those tacky shiny black skinny ties with different logos on them (think mine was a Two Tone one?)

A passion for music from and early age resulted in me looking beyond the obvious revival bands and back to the 60s, then onto the tunes that inspired the likes of The Small Faces/Who/Stones/Kinks/Spencer Davis etc.

Early RnB and Motown were obviously major players, and a love for black soul music soon took its grip.

I was fortunate that Stoke has always had a healthy Northern Soul scene, so there were plenty of local events to hear such obscure soul tunes.

Scooter rallies were quickly replaced with Mod Weekenders, and before long a group of us ventured down to Birmingham for a mod event.

We were totally blown away by the style and music we discovered that night.

Friendships were formed with many of the Brummie Mods (plenty of whom are still active on the Mod scene), and I was soon spending most weekends in Birmingham, scouring the stalls in the rag market on a saturday morning for oddball 45s and driving shoes!

It was around this time that I first recall meeting Rad (Lee Radforth), probably at a mod club in Derby/Notts if my memory serves me right.

My thirst for finding tunes has remained ever since, local Stoke Northern Soul dealers were happy to sell me R&B and odd instrumentals tunes that were getting big on the mod scene as they were too leftfield for them or their usual customers.

Through these guys I also developed a taste for rare 60s soul 45s, predominately stuff that was played at Stafford Nighters (Top Of The World), which included lots of big voiced mid-tempo 45s.....many of which were also popular on the Belgium Popcorn scene.

I co-promoted the Rhythm & Soul Set Mod Weekenders with Rob Messer for a few years in the late 80s and early 90s, great times with varying degrees of success, but as these events came to a natural demise, I soon found myself becoming more and more disillusioned with the Mod Scene on the whole and drifted back to attending events to cater for my my second love of Northern Soul.

Things changed again when the Hideaway Club started up in Manchester, I attended a few early events at the Mitre Hotel, but was hooked by the time they moved to the Waldorf......the sudden pace of new discoveries, either from DJs or collector/DJs, was frightening!

I can honestly say those early years at the Waldorf were truly magical for anyone who had a love for early to mid 60s R&B.

I learnt so much about music from a likeminded group of friends/collectors, that paved my way for digging deeper into the many various genres of 50s/60s music that made its mark at that club.

The only club to ever equal the passion and hunger for discovering new tunes and playing them to an eager and accepting crowd was The Pow Wow Club a few years later.....I'd lost touch with Gav Arno over the years and wasn't aware he had such great taste in music....!

I was searching ebay for records quite early on, and was regularly bagging bargains.....my hit count soon started getting affected by one main buyer, regularly outbidding me, by the ID of Chubbychops...turns out that this was actually Joe Dutton...!

Scouring ebay for elusive 45s was soon replaced with bi-annual trips Stateside, hunting down oddball 45s, where I was soon to cross paths with Joe again.....he's a f**ckin menace to be fair!

So a longwinded write up brings me to present day, still actively collecting and spinning elusive and desirable 45s from the 50s & 60s.

I'm really looking forward to spinning a few tunes at The King Bee August event.

This wonderful music has ensured that friendships formed with those inolved with this club and named above, will result in our paths crossing once again.

Hopefully I can entice a good few of you to shake your stuff on the floor before the fine ales on offer affect my general ability to stand upright for more than 5 minutes!"event-1281-0-63119200-1374100119_thumb.j event-1281-0-11230600-1374100151.jpgevent-1281-0-06903400-1374100188_thumb.jevent-1281-0-03788000-1374100223_thumb.j

A f*ckin menace? Moi?


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Lee writes:


Right then, really excited to announce another guest DJ for the August shindig. Those of you that have attended The King Bee will have seen her strutting her stuff on the dancefloor as (along with her parents) she is a little bundle of dancefloor dynamite. It's so good to see young people getting into the music we love as without them the scene will just stagnate. So this time she's moving behind the decks to paly us her take on the King Bee sound. The one and only Lea Thorpe


And as always in King Bee fashion a few words from Lea herself ...


"First got into DJing in February this year at a charity event in Nottingham where I was asked to play. I was taught by Craig Simpson and Matt Clarke so I learnt from the masters 

My music taste and what I play varies however I prefer tittyshakers, exotica, R&B, Garage and 60s beat. The love for this music has mostly been passed on to me through my parents Although I had a love for rock n roll, surf and exotica at a young age. 

I am hoping to continue to grow my collection and keep the scene blossoming by bringing a fresh twist.

To DJ at King Bee is a great opportunity for me to pick up on some tips from those in the know.

Regular DJ at Go Go Gorilla night at Washington"

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Right then, time to announce another of the afternoon DJ's for the August do. He will be familiar to many of you, but those who don't know him and have never heard him DJ are in for a real treat. So in the usual King be style I'll let the one and only Steve Longworth tell you his musical journey. "I first heard Northern Soul via my step brother in about 1973/74 and soon found that I preferred this wonderful mysterious music over glam rock ( although there will always be a place in my heart for Slade ) and started to attend local teenage social club nights such as the Mad Haggis in Leigh where this music was played in amongst other styles of music.
With school mates who were also into the music a few a little older who were already going to Wigan Casino, i was hooked.
By ’75 I was sneaking out of my bedroom window , thumbing it the 8 or 9 miles to Wigan and experiencing it myself
I still remember as a kid sitting on the balcony in awe at the music and fantastic dancers. Many nights of practice in my bedroom followed along with complaints from parents and worn out carpets.

Was a regular at nighters until about 79 when other distractions diverted my attention away.
Went back for the last few but when Wigan closed I thought so were my soul days
I went to a party in 82 and bumped into Brian Rae and Keith Brady again, got chatting about niters they were going to and I was instantly hooked again.
That led to the next 12 years until my son was born being a whirlwind of places soul nites and niters up down and across the country.
Met my lovely wife at a niter in Loughborough in 84, and got married in 86.
After my son was born in 94 my attendance at niters curtailed greatly as we also moved to Derbyshire so lost the mates I knocked about with.
Another chance meeting with an old mate Gaz Keen at Peterborough Right Track got me going again but I soon tired of hearing the same old oldies at every venue when I was buying rougher R&B influenced records that no one else so I thought wanted to listen to.
Started DJing around Leicester and Loughborough , Six Hills occasionally and Starlight 2000
I also used to ring an old mate Mike Hawkins back home regularly to play tunes to each other as he shared a passion for this style of music. We decided to start up a night to play our tunes and a few months later the Soulful Shack was launched but closed due to a change of management at the venue.
Months of searching for another venue followed until we found a great basement club just outside Manchester and Down in the Basement was born, playing early soul, R&B and popcorn.
We have just passed our 2nd anniversary but again a change in management and personal circumstances means we will be looking for a new venture shortly which we will be announcing soon I hope.
40 years seems to have flown by !!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Time to announce another guest DJ for the afternoon session. Really looking forward to his set, he always looks as cool as when I've come across him in the past. The Sheffield Mod night he refers to is obviously The Pow Wow Club which by definition means he has great taste. He's not DJ'd for a while, which means he's been collecting tunes to unleash on our ears, his set is going to be very, very good. As usual i will let the and only Ben Stone introduce himself: "Force fed a hearty diet of Motown and Stax from an early age; I've been a lifelong soul fan, but an eye opening trip to a certain, much missed, legendary, Sheffield mod night cemented my belief that there really is little more to life than dressing sharp and dancing all night to the sounds of glorious, crackly, rare black plastic. A resolute mid-century music lover, from jazz and rhythm & blues, through to beat and garage, and ever a stalwart of the mod scene; I've been on a hiatus from the DJ game for the past couple of years, but I'm looking forward to dusting off the platters and getting those early-bird, King Bee hips a-shaking. Expect rowdy R&B dancefloor favourites, furious tittyshakers, a smattering of boogaloo, and sundry soulful sounds"

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Time to introduce another of the afternoon DJs who I'm sure lots of people know, but for those who don't I'll let (in King Bee fashion) Al introduce himself "I first caught the music bug at age of 16 after listening to my brother's Jam L.P'S. ..a chance meeting with some scooter lads in Rotherham town centre introduced me to the Northern scene. ....it sparked an obsession with vinyl and the rest is history. I don't really class myself as a D.J....just a lover of good music..whether it be soul..R 'n' B..ska..reggae..blue eyed soul.. I like to play music across the board.. I've played at various soul nights..as well as the odd Mod night....as well as D.J'ng at the Underground mod rallies..early noughties"

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We never stand still here at King Bee towers in our aim to bring quality sounds to your ears, so I'm pleased to announce another DJ for the afternoon session. He posts fairly regularly on here and I for one really look forward to his musical gems of the Jazzy persuasion, and indeed have gone straight out and bought a fair few that he's posted up. He's going to be busy on August the 10th as he's also one of our vintage sellers. But we'll concentrate on the music for now and I'll let Nicholas Jeremy Clarke explain his musical odyssey " I've always had what might be called eclectic tastes, but my first encounter with all things R&B, Soul & jazz was at the Scarborough Mod rally in '86. After a sizeable hole being blown in my mind, i endevoured to fill it with those exotic sounds i heard on that mod filled dance floor. Over the years i have had the fortune to D.J at some interesting venues, but i've always been more of a collector than a D.J. & this has led me into all kinds of musical directions, but always coming back to R&B, soul & jazz.

My present obsession is with vocal jazz/popcorn (want for better term). I tend to favour the more ballad & mid-tempo sounds, & therefore have a particular liking for the early set. This gives me the chance to be more varied in my set, but also to build up the atmosphere.

Expect some mindmelting sounds from the likes of Sarah Vaughan, ken jones, Joe Thomas, Dakota Staton etc."

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great day great music great people great Buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well worth the trip from Leicester.Well done to everyone at the KING BEE.Till the next time

Luv shaz + nik

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