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Nuneaton Co-op 100% Oldies All-Niter



Nuneaton Co-op 100% Oldies All-Niter on

Event Information

Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

at the

Fabulous Coop Ballrooom

Nuneaton .Warwickshire ,Cv11 5QJ

Top Oldies Djs

Mark Freeman , Daz Dakin , Ian James


the countries top oldies jocks


the best in new talent across the uk ..

at the hottest place in town

contact 07718 496968 for details..

Venue Details

Contact the venue

Please check with the venue/promoter to confirm details before travelling

Welcome to the Nuneaton Co-op 100% Oldies All-Niter Event Review Section

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This event is now over. Look up now to read the latest reviews of this soul event

now into the 8th Year of the Nuneaton Coop and we are back on the first Saturday of February


Djs for the night


Mark Freeman

Daz Dakin

Ian James


This months guests


Dave Rimmer

Mark Seargeant

Ethan Howarth

Ian Gee




Ian Stacey



If you havent been yet to the coop ,it has one of the best dancefloors around  ,


The music policy is 100% oldies from all eras. 


The night starts from 8pm until 06am


Admission is still only £7 before 10pm and then £10 thereafer and STRICT DOOR POLICY is in place


Please contact 0771 8496968 for further details


See you at the 'hottest place in town'





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Looking to make my way across town to this after spinning a few discs at Pure Soul,

anyone fancying a warm up prior to this nighter then why not come along to Pure soul

at The Crown, on Bond Street

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Will be there as always .. never miss ! cos its a never miss night !  see yer there Roger n' Debbs  :)


pete n' susan xx

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Best oldies all nighter,dont and wont miss, top dj line up always  hear some real good uns spun here by Mark and co.my one big moan,as always,shuts at six,I want two more hours each and every time.I hope Monny and Christine from Corby are going last seen at Ibstock,will give him a ring nearer the time.Met up with monny when with Phil at the first leicester nighter,hadnt seen him for years,freind from when I was in me early days,when smart meant 22inch parrels,skinners a barathea blazer with a torch badge.The old Corby crew,Wilky ,passy included.


Anyway it will be no doubt hot and sweaty,well suited to my personal set of rules,one of being always end up in at least one sweat soaked shirt due to dancing to some mind rippers of pure nighter soul uptempo and blasting(along with a few very classy mids of course)Oh well a week and a half to go,it soon passes,time that is,thats why I think an extra two hours should be added to close at eight,why,bcause time soon passes and why not have it soon pass by having a good time as thats got to be the best way to pass time

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just a week to go now,good news me mate Kimbo from Northants is also coming with Mark Blueten one of the many fine examples of pre torch start and still souling as much as he can.Like me they like the choons that get aired at Nunny,as Mark The man,dj and Promoter states  classic oldies from all eras with loads of uptempo suprise of  many rarely played from all those eras slipped in,just good quality choons from the resident three and all the guests the come and do their bit.


For me as I said not a nighter I would miss and would resort to hitch hiking if all other means failed regading transport,train,car,bus plane(though I supose hitch hiking would involve cars or lorries0,thing is I would have to allow for the fact that my features could be taken for those of an australian armed robbers of security cor vans and it may take many hours of standing with my thumb out before anyone dared give me a lift(one of the drawbacks I suppose of mot neing born a "Pretty boy type"), mind you if I was ,what kind of people would stop to give me a lift then?Phew thinking about that I am  just glad to a late fifties year old soulie looking like I do.So even if it takes more than half a day to travel  and road traffic jams and rail strikes hit everywhere I will still be there on Saturday at the nunny nighter for good choons and times with like minded mates.

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Looking forward to visiting my favourite Nighter

As others have said this is a fantastic Nighter wich attracts all the right people and does not allow any undesirables and Beer Monsters through the doors

Mark and Kim have finely tuned this event to perfection

C ya all there for another brilliant Nighter

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Had more calls for this night than i have for a while ...looks like itll be another hot one,,,dj line up to follow ...atb mark

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DJ Line UP for Saturday Night


2030-2130 Phil Flavel

2130-2230 Chico

2230-2330 Ian Stacey 

2330-0100 Mark Freeman 

0100-0200 Ian Gee

0200-0300 Daz Dakin

0300-0400 Dave Rimmer 

0400-0500 Mark Seargeant

0500-0600 Ian James 


atb Mark

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might give this one a go everybody says its good about time i found out...

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Thing is we are all kidding ourselves that we are going for the music,the runners,the cameraderie among us  and the meeting of soulies known and new each time,this one is just for the cuppa in mickey dees  afterwards(Yankee  slang for the place).kidding course i  am  See ya there later mate,.manus.


Only a few more hours now to go,then its the best Oldies all nighter out kicking off for another session of soul


Mark and Kimbo from Northants see you there later.

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Going to meet a good Nottingham contingent I suspect. Ian Gee will think I'm stalking him as he's been at every venue I've been to for months.... 

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well  what can i say..just a FANTASTIC allniter....


by any standards it was a superb nite,,,,,crowd brilliant,,,djs brilliant....


thanks to everyone who came


proud promotor of the nuneaton coop



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Fantastic night really good crowd with djs to match and between them the floor was busy as hell  and hot and sweaty as everyone did their bit to kick off the new year with a real bang for the Nunny nighters to follow.Last night had something about it you could call  a" we mean business attitude" along the lines of weve come for some seriously good soul not just a few bits here and there but right the way through and thats the story of what took place.I know Mark and Kimbo along with someone else werent all that well Mark just got out of hospital again,I know when I tell them what last night was like they will be gutted.Already had an email from Mark saying  he really wished he had been able to go,you would have loved it mate I cant really fault anyone behind the decks last night danced to records from all the djs spots,as always loved the Van Dykes and High voltage(appropiate title for last nights events?) .Well pleased to see them there and spend a bit of time with Monny from Corby and his mrs again .


Lots of people had really travelled to get there last night from a real diverse number of places as well as those who live nearer and this was so good  to see and really added to the vibe,for the people who slag off oldies all nighters well as far as this all nighter  is concerned you are well and truely phooked,its quality makes it resilient to any and all such attacks and that quality is the Djs,the music policy,the soulies who attend that good old "Soul Gumbo", that gets cooked up and dished out by all concerned, its a winner ,knock it as much as you want we dont care because we all know its a winner.Mark isnt interested in politics of the sort that can tend to infest so many areas of todays soul scene,what and all he cares about is putting on a cracking good night with the best selection of oldies you can hear and dance to in a true soul atmosphere and long may it continue.


Me I come away from last night well happy and satisfied thinking to myself this is why I  am so very,very thank you Lord happy and pleased to have  come back after such a long break to  the scene and that  is why This time I am staying to the end no more early retirement like back in 1981,not as long as I have nighters like this to go to.Loved it ,great night roll on the next one.To finish,talking about finishing as I said in my opinion all djs played a cracking game,however  Ian James pulled off a brilliant set to finish proceedings with ,soulful or what?

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