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Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Three guests here who need no introduction at all,two jet setters in Nev and Brett who seem to spend more time then ever abroad playing these days. 

Both me and Andy well pleased we've brought these two together plus Jonny who's reputation of his collection and his York venue seem to be making big noises at the moment, plus our resident in Derek Pearson who again last time never fails to impress .

All set for a fab night continueing from our last night were Craig Butler and Steve (Chudey) Dudley treated us to a great mix/blend of SOUL...big thanks again you two..... :hatsoff2:

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Hi Dale



You musta been taking dog for a walk while Chris Holmes were dj'ing,cos he were guest dj as well!!! :g:


He was the bald bloke between Chuddy  and Craig????? come on,you musta heard of him !!!!!


soo h

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Well our next event nearly upon us  times as follows hope there ok for all if not please let Andy or myself know as soon as poss..... :yes:  


7:00 - 7:40...Andy H or Dale

7:40 - 8:15...Dale or Andy H

8:15 - 9:00...Derek Pearson

9:00 - 10:00..Johnny Crawshaw

10:00 -11:00..Brett Franklin

11:00 - 12:00..Nev Griffith

12:00 till finish..Derek Peason


Looking forward to seeing our regular followers plus some new faces always a warm welcome great friendly club....


Dale and Andy H..... :thumbsup:

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Looks like it's gonna be a rare soul night, so better pack the box accordingly :)
and then there's The Brett Franklin Experience ...knowing Brett it certainly will be ....a master class of great tunes from the residents and the three guests . The place to be !

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Andy B...

It as been a while see you and Denise Saturday....




Pack the box accordingly....hope I.J Harris is in there...... :thumbsup:   

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Hi Soo

It was great to see you and have Chris DJin, you know me, you and Chris, a DJin hero of mine, are my close friends along with Dale but I am not going to speak for Dale but I don't think that Dale purposely missed Chris out of his summing up of a great night. To me all DJs Dale, Derek, Chuddy, Chris and Craig did a Sterling job in my opinion. It was nice to see so many from the wrong side of the Pennines, you are always welcome.


As for this Saturday, I am really looking forward to welcoming Jonny Crawshaw from York who has run Soul Clubs up in Scotland and  runs the successful Soul night at the Golden Ball in the Skeldergate area of York the last Saturday of the month. Nev Griffiths everyone will know Nev by the end of the night from Newton Aycliffe fantastic collector of rare soul, with tunes to die for. Brett Franklyn from Sheffield we are so lucky to have him at the Revue as he is normally found DJin on the european stage. The stage is set for a class night of Soul. Beware there are many other soul night on Saturday These are not the real thing they are copies, So don't be disappointed TADCASTER Magnets S/S club the place to be         

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Just back from setting up looks and sounds the bizz.... tables for sales if anyone selling.... i have been asked...

See ya all later...... :thumbsup:  

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Andy,Dale & Co

Well done boys,another well put together night.

Well done all behind the decks,some monster tunes played & great variety :thumbsup:

There'd be a lot of night's on last night that would have given there right bollock to have such quality on there decks.

Not a full house but great to catch up with a few I've not seen for awhile.



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Thankyou all that turned out Saturday night was a great pleasure to be in the company of individuals who are so well known and respected on our Soul Scene, both me and Andy are so pleased that you all came to support us. 

Not going to comment on why numbers were down a little as a few have already remarked and i really dont want to get involved in that kind of rubbish. 

We were very well aware that this night was going to be something special musically and all Dj's played there part wonderfully

Putting me old mate Nev up with Brett was gonna be special and with the addtion of Jonny Crawshaw and Derek Pearson so much quality behind the decks...(and on them)... these fella's deserved nothing but a full house,but unfortunatly!!!!!!!!


Unfortunatly i cant get around and about like i used to do but thought the toons played were exceptional a real credit to dj's and those who were lucky enough to witness true pros doing an incredible job keeping our ears pinned to what was been played and what was to follow.


So again a massive thanks to those that supported us and to Nev...Brett..Jonny..and..Derek for an absolute sterling job..... :hatsoff2:


Dale and Andy...   

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