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Soldier & Sailors CANNCELLED moved 2 Stage 1

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Soldier & Sailors CANNCELLED moved 2 Stage 1

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This Venue we have cancelled is due to the trouble we have had to put up with over the years ,Not from our soul customers but from one or two so called members of The Soldiers And Sailors Workingmen's Club, who think that when the front members bar closes at 11.30pm that it's ok to come through to the function room at the back which is open till 1am (you may think what's wrong with that, well nothing if they weren't to drunk and insist on coming in for free as they are members. You may say, well don't let them in, well this would be fine if we could lock the connecting doors between the two rooms, but we can't as there is only one set of toilets). Last month was the final straw when a big guy who we have had trouble with back in January came through from the front bar very drunk and started threatening myself and Christine with violence, when we asked him to leave he called us every swear word you could image. You may ask where was the manger (club sectary)? Well he had gone home leaving two young female bar staff to cope. So in the morning you would think the manger (club sectary) would say that this particular person would be barred, but no, instead he was going to have a word with him and let him know if he did it again then he would be barred. So that's one of the reasons we have cancelled this venue. Another is the prices of the drinks, the manger (club sectary) seems to think it is okay to charge an upto an extra 80p per drink more to us soulies in the function room than the price the members pay in the front bar, making the bar in the back the most expensive outside the lace market in Nottingham .

November and December dates will now take place at Stage One on the first Saturday of the month, so just for those two months we will be at Stage One the last Saturday and the first.

See you all soon. Fitzy

This event will now take place at Stage One still in Long Eaton just down the road on Oxford St Ng10 1jr in the town centre with guest D j Bridgey from (York)

Now taking bookings for Jersey Weekender FEB 2014 CHECK IT OUT www.fitzsoul.co.uk

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