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Walsall Wood Fc


This Guide Entry event has now ended

Walsall Wood Fc

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Those of you who find it difficult to find nights offering quality soul, and great compay, like ourselves its a case of cherry picking events that will bring something to the table, for us shall we say "hard core" fans, just a reminder of what you might be searching for right on the doorstep.

The nights at the football club have been running for some time now, yet foor some reason its just a rugular few in attendance, and its really a shame , because they really do offer real musical quality, diversity and a crowd who are so up for it , and encourage guests to share their music with an emphasis on sharing their music with the rest of those there.

I'll try to give you a pictur, everyone at the last Funktion will tell you what a great little venue it is, Rob, who looks after the club is a soul fan and having that commitment really shows through.

The promoters, Alan and Steve, are so commited and both play great music, add to that resident Chris Price, those of you who know Chris know that he never fails to not only please, but drop in great tunes that oooze quality, and may have been forgotten, to name just a few Donny Hathaway the ghetto, lady day and john Coltrane, diane jenkins , i need you, home is where the hatred is, now that should indicate whats in store.

Regular guests and supporters are those gurus of musical style,

Gary Holyman and John Weston, with myself, Sandi and Wulfie, doing their bit, its been great seeing some of the locals being able to expres themselves free from the dreaded W mids dearth of same old, same mould nights.

The next one is this coming Saturday, and i would reccomend you music lovers to give it a whirl, and thats not just because im the guest this time.

Everyone is so welcoming and true music lovers, that it offers a real chance to not only hear great stuff but get a chance to talk soul with like minded and equally progressive others, and that is a rare occurence round here over the last few years.

Cant really say what to expect this time, depends on wich hat i decide to wear on the night, knowing other than the one that has predictable, tired and divvy on it, keep that for a rainy day.

Alan and Steve deserve to get the ares proper soul people in and the area needs a venue where at least a few of us can keep that past reputation of The Cats, Cavendish, Lea Manor and Cross Keys had, so come on you old conniserrrs, thats black country spelling, get out for a night, Lifeline, Funktion and not much else are often the only time we see one another, this place is an oppertunity to meet, get the chance to play, and keep soul sanity alive, and talk hear proper tunes and maybe some of you even shake a leg, give as try youll be pleasantly suprised i think

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