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World's No.1 All Nighter

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World's No.1 All Nighter

Event Information

The Kings Hall, Stoke is now in its 18th year as the World's Best Attended Northern Soul All Nighter. Used extensively in motion pictures and regularly used by the media for location shoots.

Promoted by Goldsoul, the All Nighter features 4 events per year and boasts an unrivalled DJ line up playing the Best Loved Oldies, Up Front Discoveries and Forgotten Floorshakers.

THE All Nighter! Accept no substitute.....this is the ONE.

Where else you can hear floorfillers like 'Albert Washington's I'm The Man' to mega rarities like 'Mello Souls - We Can Make It' back to early Soul 45's like 'The Matador - Major Lance'. An unrivalled Northern Soul experience.

Attendees from all over the WORLD! Musically it's the very best of the scene's history dating back to the Twisted Wheel through the glory years of The Torch, Blackpool Mecca, Wigan Casino plus the creative years of Stafford, Morecambe and other great venues adding the favourites from the current revival. It's a Dancers Delight!


Tickets available from Goldsoul or the following outlets;

Rubber Soul records, Hide St, Stoke, Stoke on Trent

Music Mania, 4-6 Piccadilly Arcade

Stoke-on-trent, Staffordshire ST1 1DL

01782 206 000

Sarah on 07881-941817(Reserve and collect on the night)

Replay Records, Tunstall Market, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent(Thurs-Sat) / Robs Records, Hurts Yard, Nottingham(Open daily except Sunday) / Terry Finn-Doncaster 01302-768532.

Stoke Tourism, Victoria Hall,City Centre 01782 236000. and on line at www.goldsoul.co.uk

Many people have likened the King's Hall to the Wigan Casino, the huge main hall is surrounded on three sides by a seating balcony from where you can witness the awesome view of Northern Soul dancers with a 2nd room(Windsor Suite) inc Record Sellers Market place.


The King's Hall is 7 minutes from Junctions 15/16 M6. Located in Stoke Town Centre, follow Civic Buildings signs. Approx. 3 minutes by car from the Brittania Stadium. DO NOT head for CITY CENTRE.


The Plough Motel (2 mins away), North Stafford Hotel (5 mins), Holiday Inn Express(7 minutes) VENUE TEL NUMBER 0784 - 1197874 on the night only.

Opening Times

From 9pm until 7am Last admission time is 3.30am. BAR TIMES 9pm - 4am* then Soft Drinks -

Food 10pm until 5.30



RECORD DEALERS / MERCHANDISING: Purchase a ticket then start selling! No bootlegs,counterfeits or Trademark infringements please! Keep it real....


2 rooms-Northern Soul Classics plus Rare and Upfront 45's

Resident DJ team- Mick H,Chris King,Ted Massey, Ginger Taylor, Kev Roberts,Dave Evison, Andy Dyson,Sean Chapman, Soul Sam, John Poole, Nige Brown, Rob Smith and guests

plus in the Windsor Suite(Rare, Underplayed 60's, Crossover, Modern and many good things. With residents Julie n John, Tim Ashibende plus 2-3 guest DJ's every session including some of the UK's top collectors.

Warm up venue from 7pm. The Glebe on Glebe St. Across from the Kings. Guest DJ's

FOR YOUR DIARY....2014 , December 6th.

For more details, e-mail sales@goldsoul.co.uk or see us on Facebook- Goldsoul Events Twitter- @goldsoulupdate

On the way to the venue, listen to Signal 2, 1170AM and DAB throughout Staffs/Cheshire.

Contact the venue

Please contact the venue to confirm event and admission details before travelling

Recommended Comments

Guests in the Windsor include; Julie H, John Heaney, Tim Ashibende, Soul Sam, Ted Massey, Geoff Swallow, Josh Evison.

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DJ Times and Line up:



Main room (The History of Northern Soul-the greatest music on earth!)

9 Kev Roberts

10 Nige Brown

11 Sean Chapman

12 Chris King

1 Ginger Taylor

2 Mick H

3 Andy Dyson

4 John Poole

5 Dave Evison

6 Rob Smith

7 Close



Windsor Suite (Rare, Underplayed, 60's, 70's, Modern & Crossover)

9 pm Josh Evison 
10pm John Heaney
11pm. Julie H
12pm Geoff Swallow
1am Soul  Sam
2 am Ted Massey
3.15  Tim Ashibende
4.30 End

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IN THE WINDSOR -with record boxes by decks


come n say hello and contact me with any reasonable wants


its a great room with GREAT BUZZ n music

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Ready for the Big One,love this place,Northern Soul Heaven. :thumbsup:


Ticket ordered,nearly there. :)


Ginger,can you play  William Powell please mate. :thumbsup:


See you all Saturday. :yes:



KTF :hatsoff2:



Ron   :D 

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Stoke !    the all nighter that always delivers on  venue , atmosphere , music , and pure wow factor ...  roll on this saturday  !!!


pete n' susan xx

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:thumbsup:   Stoke! like the jades say that's where its at. looks like this one will be mega djs for the official warm up at the Glebe,Glebe st. stoke are as follows Ozz ,Juan Carlos "Madrid" Soul Sue Eaton, myself Sharpie  North Staffs hotel. for those who don't know me I am the good looking one lol :D . hope to see you here down at the Glebe  start your night listening to sounds like all Williams I am nothing! Sidras theme! John Bowie you're  gonna miss a good thing! plus Motown monsters like Crying in the night,the Monitors.If you ever get your hands on love,Gladys Knight.plus many many more! see you all at the go'go' ktf Sharpie

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Travelling in by car tonight, listen to the perfect soundtrack from 6pm. Signal 2, 1170AM, DAB, On line and the Signal 2 App.

Everything from the Oogum Boogum Song to Jonathan Capree.

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fantastic to SOUL SAM back doing what he  does, and loves best...music is a great tonic for life, a real healer and SAM is definitely on the mend.....amazing tunes from his box of tricks......but the whole night, as always was brilliant from top to bottom, front to back, everyone enjoying theirselves..that's why it's called TOGETHERNESS! :thumbsup:

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Brilliant atmosphere .. both rooms on full throttle all night ...  start to finish  !     


pete n' susan xx

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Stoke, Northern Soul Allnighter. I bang on about this venue more than any other, possibly because some have very different experiences than others and I appreciate there has been beer spilt and some etiquette faux pas but I also believe that it is en vogue to moan and those often moaning don’t even go?


I went on Saturday Night, I was there because I love the venue and the concept of a cathedral to Northern Soul, I love small Allnighters but this is still a mind blowing spectacle that once gone will be mourned, I shall not compare it to Wigan Casino because I was not a regular Casino goer, I am in my late twenties and shit.


What do I get from Stoke? Well it is the only place of late where I can dance to Modern Soul at an Allnighter and I can also hear up front Seventies and Sixties Funk along with the rarer dance tracks that I love to chuck my shapes to, I am also going to experience some thing new and possible something that is going to smash it big in future Allnighters, most Allnighters are unhealthily obsessed with retro sounds but Stoke is up there and takes me to school every time I go.


There is also the main room for those who wish to celebrate the past, I am in there after 0300hrs and I enjoy the feeling of dancing to the classics in such an opulent setting, the dance floor is possibly the best I have experienced and the people there are always friendly but I am not a conversationalist nor a socialite when I am out to dance but that is cool and people respect my space and leave me alone to funk it up.


On Saturday Night I danced to some of the best Rare Soul Music I have ever heard and I shall be back and I will celebrate my New Year on that Dance Floor along with the Hand Baggers, Bum Wigglers, Beer Monsters and Elbow Knockers, lets go mental chicken fookin oriental! 

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Too many tourists-standing on the dance floor/dancing while holding drinks.Needs sorting.

My first one for sometime-but nothings changed.

Too many people enjoy it for what it is.

But at least I didn`t hear Joe Jama!

For that matter I didn`t see Tim-did he do a spot.?

Just telling it as I see it.

Please no replies with the "biggest nighter" rhetoric.

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some elbow knockers, but in a big venue, that's to be expected and yes there were tourists...but that never changes either...they were experiencing a "dance" from a different perspective...in other words, proper dancing, NOT manic pogoing and arm thrashing and off their heads on a combination of drugs and alcohol.....some actually do wake up and see the sense of it, the purpose of northern soul, perhaps as a sanitized form of dance music that goes against the grain of all the hum drum, low life commercial crap that poses as "music"...THAT'S WHY we live in this world and they frequent another...until they discover us...let them judge for theirselves and if they go and see the film, and like it...EVEN BETTER!

THE BIGGEST ALL-NIGHTER IT CERTAINLY IS....and i'm not saying that just because kev's a good mate....the fact is, it's an ESTABLISHED FACT!. ask any of the dj's about how it's changed and constantly evolves it's playlists...the youth coming through now want the oldies because they love them...after all they're virtually new to them...but these young soulies learn quick and they're also on the uptake with all the big newies and the concerted push behind the more hard driving funky stuff.

TED made a pertinent point about lots attending now specifically for the windsor suite, but it certainly isn't to the detriment of the main room?

NOTHING CHANGES??....i'm sorry you see it that way, that's blinkered...something that the attendees of the kings hall most certainly are NOT!.

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Just abouit recovered now lol. Fantastic night love the venue, the atmosphere, no quibbles here.  All jocks played superb spots, both rooms.Really enjoyed Dave Evisons spot at 5am, anyone know the Artistics track he played ? sounded great, too far away from the stage to see the title.


Cheers John

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A top night.

Great sets from the DJ's,top tunes,

nice to hear some of the underplayed

tracks on the main floor.

It is the biggest and always does it for me,

It is 2014,it can't ever be how it used to be,the

times are different,people are different,but it

is as near as you can get it and the majority

of attendees love it,roll on the next one.



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