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Blackpool Tower Wigan Reunion All Nighter



Blackpool Tower Wigan Reunion All Nighter on

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The greatest venue on the planet, delivers the best music on earth from the greatest All Nighter of them all,with



10pm-7am 'Another slam dunking event'. Tickets only £10. £15 on the door

Hear the all time winners, the rarer side, the good timers and a few horrors too! A CELEBRATION of 1973-81

DJ Line up & times










7 End

* Buy details : online www.goldsoul.co.uk www.theblackpooltower.com or phone : 0871 222 9929

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This all nighter last year was top notch and so very well attended .... Casino memories all the way and more  .. . make sure it is in your all nighter plan soul people !      ..  and spread the word ..


pete n' susan xx

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The world-famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool plays host to another Northern Soul All Night session next month when several of the legendary Wigan Casino DJs get together with a line-up of today’s top names for a 9 hour celebration of Wigan’s biggest dancefloor packers and all of the UK’s biggest current indemanders.
Kev Roberts , Richard Searling and Dave “Mr. Oldies” Evison are back together again for an All Nighter that celebrates the 41st anniversary of the Wigan Casino’s opening back on September 23rd 1973.
Doors open at 10pm and the dancing continues through until 7am.
Joining the “Casino three” will be many of today’s top spinners and up and coming younger names that are featured in the forthcoming film, “Northern Soul”, due out later this year.
Ginger Taylor, Chris King, Nige Brown, Sean Chapman, Mark Freeman, Casper and the Wigan Young Souls team will all be joining Kev, Richard and Dave behind the turntables at what promises to be another Tower Northern soul All Nighter to savour!
Co-promoter Richard Searling said of the event :
“ Between Kev , myself and Dave we worked at the Wigan Casino for almost 400 All Nighters between 1973 and it’s sad closure in late 1981, and we appreciate that so many lovers of Northern Soul consider the venue and those times to be the halcyon years of the music. This reunion is can opportunity to re-live those glorious years at the UK’s number one venue. Last year we had over 1,000 Northern Soul lovers attend one of the year’s highlight events. This year we will have the very best of the Casino classics as well as the top new discoveries as well as all the winners that have been discovered since the Casino closed it’s doors back in 1981. At last September’s event it was great to hook up again with many old friends from that great era for our music”
For an idea of what tracks you can expect to hear at the All Nighter, here are some of Richard and Kev’s Wigan Casino selections and the DJ schedule for the night:
1   Connie Clark    “My sugar baby”
2   Checkerboard Squares “ Double cookin’”
3   Beverly Ann     “You ve got your mind on other things”
4   The Epitome of Sound   “ You don t love me”
5   Eddie Foster    “I never knew”
6   The Tomangoes   “ I really love you “
7    Judy Street    “What”
8   Little Anthony / Imperials   “Better use your head”
9   Judy Street   “What “
10   Tobi Legend    “Time will pass you by”
11   Frank Wilson  “Do I love you ( indeed I do)”
12   Willie Mitchell   “The champion”
13   Gerri Granger     “I go to pieces”
14   Dean Parrish    “I’m on my way”
15   Duke Browner    “Crying over you”
16   Paul Anka     “I can’t help loving you”
17   Chuck Wood   “Seven days too long”
18    Frankie Valli   “The night”
19    Bobby Hebb     “Love love love”
20    Jimmy Radcliffe    “Long after tonight is all over”
DJs on stage :
22:00   Dave Evison   “Mr. M’s oldies”
22:45   Kev and Richard “ Casino classics ’73-‘81”
00:15   Chris King  “ Casino floorshakin’ oldies”
01:15   Sean Chapman  “ Today’s floorpackers”
02:15   Ginger Taylor  “ super rare soul”
03:15   Nige Brown   “ what’s happening now”
04:15   Wigan Young Souls “ the new breed “
05:15   Mark Freeman “Mr. All Nighter ”
06:15   Casper   “ Casino collectables and goodbyes”
07:00   Close
Advance tickets are on sale now at £10 each from www.goldsoul.co.uk / www.theblackpooltower.com
Alternatively these can be purchased by phoning : 0871 222 9929    

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Detroit legend Pat Lewis makes an appearance this Saturday at the Tower. Come up and chat to her about the great Solid Hitbound/Golden World days of the mid 60's.

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Good morning , what a weekend! I saw the circle of life reminding us on Saturday night that we are just mere visitors on this big blue marble, I like all where saddened at the loss of one of our Northernsoul community and the circumstance although we all know happen, shock us all and many will still be upset and again I genuinely feel for those and hope their grief lessens with time. There will also be those who will be heartbroken and grieve the loss of a loved one or a friend and it is at this time we all feel tender and respect for those who suffer the most.


On Saturday Night at The Blackpool Allnighter we also saw the best of humanity, there where many people who stepped up and showed great moral courage and we may never know all of their names but we will all appreciate those who acted selflessly and professional, I do not wish to disrespect anyone by leaving out any name so please forgive me if I do as I know many people gave an excellent account of them selves. The first aiders Nicolé Gordy Blacklaws, Susan Saxon and Rick Barker reacted quickly and worked feverishly to apply the training and skills they possessed and we are reminded that we have some very special and wonderful people amongst us.


Social media gives us all a soap box and I will be the first to acknowledge that responsibility is not at the top of my list when I write and I know there are some who love to moan and groan “The Scene” and I often fall into that trap but in my heart I know we do care and our natural default setting is for good and we are reminded how brilliant our Northernsoul Scene is especially when we see the outpouring of good will and good wishes after Saturday Night and we can rejoice in that and feel proud that we have people amongst us who care.


Kev Roberts and team on Saturday Night were faced with a cruel and distressing moment and we should applaud the way it was managed with dignity, respect and great care both for those involved closely with the poor soul and for those who were distressed and confused. It was a large crowd in the small hours of the morning thrust into the cold reality of death and the security staff were attempting to manage some thing that can only every be appreciated when experienced.


We were all informed quickly and it was a sobering moment for many and the decisions made that evening and the leadership and care shown to us all makes me feel quite humble and thankful.   

  A Lovely post that just about sums up a very sad night. I thought the first aiders were inspirational and it was a very humbling  experience seeing them go about their work. Respect to all concerned.

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Couldn't make it sat night,but I am sure that I speak on behalf of all soulies of stoke on Trent,when I say that our hearts and condolences, go out to our fella soulies loved ones,R,I,P soulmate,Edwin Starr is waiting at the gates for you,


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It has taken a few days to take in and settle with the sad loss of  "one of our own" happening in front of you ,  the first aiders on the scene  were superb and tireless in attempts to save this mans life ,  A good word too for Chris King who was dj at the moment it all happened , very clear and helpful on the mic to get people moving away and out of the hall ,  after some time  considering the future of that night the correct descision was in my view, taken to carry on  ..  in the true spirit of most of us , should it have been ourselves, would have wanted to happen.

The people attending , the Dj's and promoters  showed a spirit and togetherness that was as simon has said , showing the better side of this scene of ours ..

RIP Steve Thompson , God bless you ..


pete n' susan

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