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the burnley all-nighter

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Sean Haydon


Event Information

The Burnley All Nighter

9pm till 6am

Guest DJ's: Amanda Cottrell, Kev H, Paul Grant, Val Calloner and Callum Simpson

Plus residents: Danny Price,Stuart Bennett, Cliff Camfield and Sean Haydon

Contact the venue

Please contact the venue to confirm event and admission details before travelling

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soz lads cant make it for this one my annual stint in the rain on some foggy mountain top in the lakes soz back on sunday for the orse and groom chill out .soz

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BBBBurnley YYYYessss Sozzzz been on the piss all afternoon.I'm carrying the little fellas beer crate and records all we need now is a chaffuer.

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 I wish folks would take this scene seriously.


 It weren't half hot mum,last time in the Batcave. Could have done with a punkah wallah.

No need to  ask for Whispering Grass - we'll have smoked it all on the way up.


See you later,,,,,Don Estelle and Windsor Davies. 

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Well, what can I say…Yet another brilliant night in Burnley, many, many thanks to you all for supporting our little club. When I was first introduced to the Kestrel Suite I knew it was special, but…it's nothing without you wonderful people. Thank you x
A perfect blend of music from all of our DJ's last night, each one playing tunes with a passion and the love of their music. Awesome stuff, thank you guys (and gal x), I really couldn't wish for better.
We will be back on the 17th of January for more of the same. I hope you can join us once more.


Love and respect, Sean x

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nice to see you with a big smile KEV H......you done good


Thanks Terry.Went with more known,but hopefully not hammered sounds.Really enjoyed it this time. :) .

Yet again another packed night.Folks dancing right till the lights went up.Callum,Paul Grant etc top drawer,Val brought his soulful side to the table - Oscar Wright etc.. :thumbsup: .

Got to mention Stuart Bennett,followed me on,and opened his 50 box.....to reveal about 30 records in it.!!! :lol: .

Finally big thanks to Sean .(Skip Drake near the end... :thumbsup: )......

Big Thanks to Sean for letting me behind the decks

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Totally awesome night from start to finish Amanda behind the decks, she's good, a quality set, Simon he's got no chance of getting behind the decks again and may be going to have a genda change. Kev H means quality nice to hear him again I think the last time was at the Riley Smith warm ups in Tadcaster, he has got better. I think it was Stuart Bennett, but forgive me if I am wrong, he played some good quality rare oldies a change from what you are used to hearing, a pleasant change. Callum I was excited to say the least to hear what he had to play I was not  disappointed. Val Calloner nice records a nice person I met him for the first time well impressed. Sean Haydon playing quality a great set I never heard a bad record allnight, It must about 4 years since my last visit and I was not disappointed.

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I have to agree with Illya above , just to mention snowy from wednesbury way avin a first foray behind the decks at burnley, following Amanda was quite a tough spot as she played such quality music. I thought he did a great job  keeping the floor busy. good work fella .my feet were sore when I arrived ,but they were f****** killin me by the time I left.

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