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Inner City Soul: Va Va Voom Special!

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Timid Tomas

Inner City Soul: Va Va Voom Special!

Event Information

Ready for another edition of Inner City Soul Club!?

This time round we have a special treat for you - it is gonna be a Va Va Voom Special! Poggo will be away digging for records (and expanding his waistband) Stateside so I have the infamous trio of Lupton, Maslin and Vatiste joining me behind the decks for a one-off chaotic night in the best in Rare Soul!

This time round Inner City Soul will (for one night only) take place on a Friday so we will be starting and ending an hour earlier...

The Music:

Musically it will be everything soulful and dance-able, from 6ts Soul to Seventies and Crossover to the funkier and harder edge of Soul - all on original vinyl naturally!

The Date:

Friday the 29th November

The Place:

The Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1RU

The Time:

From 9 PM - 3 AM, £5 on the door for six hours of the very best in Soul music pressed onto vinyl!

Please drop us an email on innercitysoulclub@gmail.com if you have any questions.

The Guest DJs:




The Resident DJ:

Tomas McGrath

We hope to see you there for what promises to be another fantastic event... Another night of the very best in rare and underplayed soul, in a great intimate and atmospheric venue!!!

Contact the venue

Please contact the venue to confirm event and admission details before travelling

Recommended Comments

Sadly Mr. Pogson won't be joining us so I figured I would stick up my current Top Ten in his absence... Will put up our Guest bios and current spins over the next few weeks... all very exciting!

Tomas' current favorites:

Hank Hodge - "One Way Love" (Eye)
The Valdons - "All Day Long" (Twin City Movement)
Charlene & The Soul Serenaders - "Can You Win" (Volt)
Celest Hardie - "You're Gone" (Reynolds)
The Underground Express - "I Never Found A Girl" (U.G.E.)
Sir Henry Ivy - "He Left You Standing There" (Future Dimension)
Carol Woods & The Executives - "Heart Breaker" (Perfecto 7)
Dean Francis & The Soul Rockers - "Tippin'" (Hillside)
The Magicians - "Love, Lets Try Again" (Villa)
The Sacred Four - "Somebodys Watching You" (Champ)

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Right... on with the introduction of our first guest - the inimitable Mr. Ady Lupton! Really looking forward to having him behind the decks at Inner City Soul and so here is a great bio and fantastic few spins from the man himself....

"I became interested in the scene late 80's early 90's hanging around with my older brother & his mates who were mods & skinheads. 
As well as scooters started collecting records around this time, everything from Ska, Motown & what ever Northern I could get hold of. 

First proper allnighter was the 100 club in early 90's, thought I knew a bit about Northern Soul but came away having known only one record all night! 
After this it was more or less just black American Northern/R&B I was buying at allnighters & from UK & then later some US dealers. 

The 100 club a few others up north & then later the Capitol Soul club became like a 2nd home for me, hearing great new tunes, making a lot of good friendships & having an absolute ball in the process! 

Towards the final days of the Capitol, Yann Vatiste & I started looking for a venue to do a soul alldayer in London. We held the first VaVaVoom alldayer (the name being a joint Anglo/Francais collaboration, which was the best we could come up with in the pub)....
We have held many different events, alldayers, soul nights, a mixture of both & allnighters at various venues around London with a fairly long run at the Boston Arms, Tufnell Park until a few years back. 
Young Joel Maslin joined the ranks a few years prior to this in an attempt to keep ourselves hip & trendy but that didn't work..
We've had the pleasure of some great guests a long the way & hearing some fabulous tunes to boot! 
With or without Yann & Joel I've been fortunate enough to have Dj'd all over the place in the last 15/20 years or so, up & down the Uk, Germany, France, Sweden even Oz but Spain in particular has always been like a home from home & somewhere I still dj regularly. 

I always try to mix up my sets with some lesser known(funky/crossover) & some quality northern goodies too, something for the chin strokers & something for the mob. 
Looking forward to Inner City Soul on the 29th Nov & spinning some tunes with my fellow cohorts, I did enjoy the last one, well what I can remember.....!

Hope to see you there,

Cheers Ady!"

Current favorite spins: 

J.P.Robinson - "Keep Me Satisfied" - Blue Candle 
Whispering Shadow - "Stop The World" - Mr D's
The Temptones - "Girl I Love You" - Arctic
Marva Lee - "Old & Grey" - Rugby
Everyday People - "World Full Of People" - Brownstone 
Benny Harper - "My Prayer" - Harper-Soul
The Royal Imperials - "This Heart Of Mine" - Mellow Town 
The Intentions - "Feel So good" - Moneytown
George Hobson - "Let It Be Real" - Sound City
The Earles - "Someday Baby" - Tee-Ti

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Right on with our next esteemed guest - Mr. Joel Maslin... we had him down at the first ever Inner City Soul and he did a fantastic job, so excited to have him back behind the wheels of steel again!

Here is his compelling biography (again!) and an all new and fantastic top ten...

Musically I'm a big fan of blues & soul in all of its forms, from 60's soul, funk, r&b, and rocksteady to more contemporary stuff, such as soulful house. I've always been drawn to slightly unusual records, things that have a distinctive vibe to them, such as the Five Chances on Finch. My good friend Ollie introduced me to soul and blues when we were in our late teens having become disillusioned with drum & bass - our first trip to the 100 Club was a real musical awakening - we'd never heard such brilliant unknown soul tracks before. These were unissued or dog rare records of the time such as Luther Ingram, the Charmaines, Jean Carter, so on and so forth. 

From there it was a slippery (but enjoyable) slope into collecting both R&B and soul records, and becoming increasingly involved with the London mod and soul scenes.
I try to throw a bit of everything into a set (providing those bits work together). Currently popular funky edged sounds, lesser known 60's group soul, crossover - even a 70's track or soulful disco if it fits. Sometimes it goes tits up but usually people are quite forgiving!

In terms of venues that have influenced me, outside of Ady and Butch's constant turnover of incredible records at the 100 Club, I hold a special affection for the 'Capitol' as it pioneered some amazing across the board sounds. All of the residents there were very knowledgable and welcoming people, formed of DJs from both the mod and soul scenes. Similarly Vic & Gav's 'Shotgun' provided the best a forward thinking mod club has to offer and introduced me to so many great records of varying styles.

I've been lucky enough to be asked to DJ frequently in Spain for Luisma's 'Runaway Love', 'Greenvillage Soul', and Edu's 'Movin' On', am one third of the Va Va Voom trio (albeit a Johnny Latecomer to an already successful setup), and a resident at the 100 which is still a huge honour. I also guest at Ollie's 'Crystal Palace Soul' nights in South London, which are every bit as enjoyable because his music policy is all encompassing.

Joel's Current Top Ten:

Regents - "Love You So" C/U
Soultations - "Achin' Inside" - Baker Studio Sound
Eddie Daniels - "Is He Better Than Me" - Boots
Casuals - "So Glad I Found You" - Glass City
IJ Harris - "All Ready To Go" - Cash
Flo Burton - "Hungry For Love" - Aristo
Topics - "If Love Comes Knocking" - Chadwick
Rich Ward - "My Baby, She's Gone" - Hit
Skip Drake - "Don't Do It Sister" - Cash
Frankie & The Damons - "Bad Woman" - Damons

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Last, but definitely not least, introducing the Soulful Frenchman himself - Mr. Yann Vatiste! Looking forward to having him join me behind the decks, here is his lovely bio (in neat bullet points!) and fantastic current top spins...
* Originally from Lyon (FR),
* Co-founder of the VaVaVoom Soul Club with my good  friend Ady Lupton, 12 years ago & Co-Founder of Masters of Soul in London with Soul Sisters Leona Murphy & Naoko (last thursday of every month in London) !
* I've discovered Northern Soul Music, R&B, Latin, Ska, Jazz, Acid Jazz & Funk from the Mod Scene in the late 80s.
* In the mid 90s, I've moved to London and have started to collect rare soul since then. I've attended some of the best Soul Nights, All-nighters & Soul Weekenders in the UK & Europe (100club, Cleethorpes, Capitol Soul Club, Life Line, Prestatyn, Ritz).
* I've been collecting (Great Oldies, Newies, Instrumentals, Unknowns & Classics mainly from the 60s & a touch of 70s) for few years now & try to keep the same enthusiasm that drives me into the scene: QUALITY SOUL MUSIC
* Favorites DJ's: Butch, Arthur Fenn, Soul Sam, Kitch, Andy Dyson, Mick H, Ian Wright & More...
* Hobbies: Appart from spending hours looking for records, I also enjoy jetsetting around the globe (easy with a wife working for an airline)
Current Top Spins:
Betty Wilson - "I'm Yours" (Dayco)
Papa Bear & The Cubs - "You're So Fine" (SMS)
Pee Wee Shuck and Huey - "Beside Myself" (Flagg)
Buddy Smith - "When You Lose The One You Love" (Brute)
Mr Soul - "What Happened To Yesterday" (Genuine)
The Precious Three - "I Need A Man" (Ref. O. Ree)
George Lemons - "Fascinating Girl" (Gold Soul)
Mark Putney - "Don't Come Around Here Anymore" (Ovide)
Les Chansonettes - "Don't Let Him Hurt You" (Shrine)
Ray Pollard - "This Time" (Shrine)
Eddie Daye - "Guess Who Loves You" (Shrine)
Linda & The Pretenders - "Believe Me" (Assault)

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