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***BOOMERANG*** - SOUL SAM is back!!!

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Maria O

***BOOMERANG*** - SOUL SAM is back!!!

Event Information

BOOMERANG @ The Canal Tavern

South Parade & Orchard Street


(located near Doncaster, Nth Yorkshire - take J5 or J6 off the M18)


Saturday 2nd AUGUST 2014

4pm til 1am, £7 on door

****** This is our 9 hour annual summer special ********

guest DJ's






+ resident dj/promoter


For directions, past playlists, accommodation & travel info, contact info, etc - please visit our website:


Our music policy has never changed : "featuring quality sounds from the 60s & 70s" ...guests chosen accordingly! thumbsup.gif

Contact the venue

Please contact the venue to confirm event and admission details before travelling

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Hi Guys

Yes! we will be there as usual. Will be great to see Sam again on the decks.

We will be selling tickets for the MARVIN SMITH concert at the Wilton on Saturday 15th November, so if you are wanting

tickets for this event pick them up at Boomerang at £20 and save yourselves paypal and postal charges.

See you there.

Dave & Val & Kath

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Great idea, Dave and Val.  Likely to be another sellout for the Wilton too.


Soul Sam phoned tonight and is really looking forward to returning to the decks - especially at BOOMERANG and for his annual birthday get-together.   Steve Guarnori is one of Sam's closest friends so  it's extra special to have him guesting on the decks, bringing along a fraction of his mind-blowing vinyl collection.   

...only 6 more sleeps, can't wait!!!


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Good news Maria, he's been missed. Should be a good'un, some of my favourite DJs and a chance to see loads ofmy friends. And of course a nice meal at the Tavern.

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Not long now, hope Sam's ok, he didn't make Radcliffe on Saturday, so he's obviously not 100% yet. Seems we're going early (4pm) so we can have a bite to eat, anyone thinking the same a word of warning, the pie's are fabulous but a slice is enormous, I indulged 2 years ago at Sam's Birthday bash and then spent 2 hours walking it off up and down the Canal towpath :facepalm: , so highly recommended but with a caution sticker and no I won't make the same mistake, where's that Lite Bite's Menu? :g: 

Spot. :shades: 

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Try the vegi fahitas mate they are superdupa 8-)

Arthur,  blasphemy, the two words don't go together, Veg & Meal, WHAT NO MEAT :facepalm: , I'd sooner walk up & down the Canal sidings than eat Peppers & the like but thanks for the tip, I'm sure I'll find something to lay lightly on the old Ken Hom Wok belly. :shhh: 

See ya Saturday, that'll be me by the Narrow Boats, Spot. :shades:  

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I can recommend the chicken fahitas or the steak.

Just spoke to Sam the man again, thumbs are up and glowing!


The DJ roster for the 'summer special' this year is:

4:00pm - MARIA O  (60 mins)

5:00PM - SOUL SAM  (60 mins)

6:00PM - ARTHUR FENN  (60 mins)

7:00PM - STEVE GUARNORI  (60 mins)

8:00PM - MARIA O  (60 mins)

9:00PM - ARTHUR FENN  (75 mins)

10:15PM -  STEVE GUARNORI  (75 mins)

11:30PM  - SOUL SAM  (90 mins)

1AM (maybe a bit later) - close


Hotels are pretty booked solid in the area, you may find something in Goole tho,


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Hotel's in Goole, There's a Premier Inn (08715278468) at Junction 36 & The Briacroft Hotel(01405763024) in Clifton Gardens, Goole, don't know how good they are but not heard any bad reports. :hatsoff2: 

Spot. :shades: 

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back from scotland yesterday , woke this morning to a water tank burst over the bedroom, mop and bucket in hand at 6:30 am doh!!anyway off to screwfix for a new ballcock , which appears to be the problem , rowena was looking worried for boomerang later ................................not a chance were missing it oh yessssssssss

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Well Sou Sam is here in yOrkshire now and we're just about to arrive at the venue. It's true what Herman sang.. you CAN'T keep a good man down!

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Great night at Thorne, really was.  Sam back behind the decks and on form once again, looking more like his old self and it's good to see.  Great music by all the DJ's, lots of beer and a good laugh with like minded folk, what more do you want.

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Sitting here with Soul Sam who's a little lost for words - says he's better on the mic as he then thinks carefully about what to play, but instinctively knows what to say.   In short, he would very much like to thank everyone who came last night and added "it's great to be back on the scene".


A huge thanks also from Boomerang  for making his birthday party so special.  It was a steamy busy night with great friendly people there, many still dancing on the floor and carpet when the lights went on at 1am for the last few sounds.  Special hello to Jo & Andy who were first in at 4pm and last to leave too.

Today, it has also been a joy to fondle through these records (I got a bit emotional over two in particular LOL) and type out SOUL SAM's playlists for your all:
*** SOUL SAM - Set 1 at 5pm ***

Little Al and the Maxidynes - Lonely, Days Of The My Life (Shell)

Broken Melody - What's Happening Baby (Pesante)

Milt Smith - Since I Got You (Dal-Jacs)

Radiant - Shoo-Be-Do (Radiant)

Freeway - Help Yourself (Nebula Circle)

Indifference - Aaron's On Fire (Carmille)

Anthony Fontaine - How Can I Lose (Souled Out)

Shirley Johnson - Too Big To Cry (Lashawn)

The Apocryphals - Baby, I Know I'm Losing You (Mad)

Glass Pyramid - I Know A Place (C/U)

Chopper - Love Looks Good On You (Chopper)

Beginning of the End - Looking For Your Love (C/U)

Stan Martin - Beautiful Girl (Shatta)

Benny Lattimore - I'm A Believer (Dade)

Prentice Minner with Sandra & Debbie Fanelli - I'll Have You (American Sound)

Brad Lundy - I Want To Share (Lundy)

Ronnie McCain - This Time I'm Gone (Triode)

Bill Stanton - Lets Get It Together (Star West)

Gerald Wayne - Now I Can See (Starr)

Buddy Smith - When You Lose The One You Love (Brute)

Donnell Brown - "With Love We'll Make It" (Brown & Brown)

M.N.S.B. - Illusion (part 1) (Seventh Scroll)

Billy Jones & Solat - You're Gonna Miss Me (Durium)

Eddie Ray & Funkshun - "I Can't Give You Up" (Blue Ash)


*** SOUL SAM - Set 2 (11:30pm) ***

Sag War Fare - "Don't Be So Jive" (Libra)

Joseph Henry - Who's the King? (You Know That's Me) (Desco)

Young Mods - Who You Going To Run, Where You Going To Hide (Everblack)

Green Light - In the Sky (Shammara)

King George - I Need You (Audio Arts)

Wanda McDaniel and the Ultimate Choice - Gangster Boy (Appleray)

New Image Group - "In the Park" Part 1 (New Image)

Faye Hill and The Hill Sisters - Gonna Get Even (Blue Dolphin)

Eddie Whitehead - Just Your Fool (Black Jack)

Willie Dale - "Let Your Light Shine" (Lovie D.)

One Hundred Years Time - "If It's Feeling You Want" (We Got It) (Vip)

The Superbs - Wind In My Sails (Dore)

Gem Prewitt featuring Loretta Mathison - "My Love Box" (Key)

Willie Tee - Teasing You Again (Gatur)

Timeless Legend - "I Was Born To Love You"  (Test Pressing)

Joseph Webster - My Love Is So Strong (Crow)

Chuck Stephens - Paying for Your Love (Leo Mini)

Pages - "Heartaches & Pain" (Sunstruck)

The Mark IV - If You Can't Tell Me Something Good (Brite Lite)

Shardarp - Nobody's Children (Toeholt)

Robert Harris & the U.R.S. Band - Funk On (Funkshun)

Teddy Pendergrass - The More I Get, The More I Want (Philadelphia International)

Ellipsis - People (Briarmeade)

Wilton Felder - Inherit The Mind (MCA)

The 4 Dynamics - Things That A Lady Ain't Suppose To Do (Peachtreee)

Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me (MB)

Jimmy Delphs - Dancing A Hole In the World (Carla)

McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (Philadelphia International)

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes - The Love I Lost (Part 1) (Philadelphia International)

Archie Bell & the Drells - Where Will You Go When The Party's Over (Philadelphia International)



Hoping Steve Guarnori posts up his playlists too, he played two killer spots.   Others will follow too, if not here - then on the Boomerang website this week.


ps. Thanks for posting your pics up on Facebook 'Coops'

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So Sorry we Missed Soul Sam's Return spoke to Sam Friday he was well up for a great day,  so pleased that it all went well for you all, as you said Maria O . You can't keep a good man down .... GREAT SET'S THERE I WOULD HAVE BEEN DANCING ALL NIGHT ..LOL....  Happy Birthday Martin aka Soul Sam 


Soulfun & Love Sam xx

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Once again a great alldayer, really good to see Soul Sam back, enthusiastic as ever. Loads of sounds new to me, plus old favourites. Sterling work from the other DJs, and thanks for playing my requests. It was a very hot afternoon and evening, a bit quiet to start with but filled up nicely.


Thanks for posting Sam's playlist Maria, I hope the other DJs put their playlists up, like to know the tunes I didn't recognise. An enjoyable meal that we ate in the room, didn't want to miss anything.


Nice to see Mike Hodges again, thanks for your company, and to the Canal staff for the most enjoyable Moroccan lamb meal, very tasty. And of course thanks to Maria for her hard work in running Boomerang with Arthur's assistance. Still my favourite soul night.

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Agree with Geoff & Karl, a great night musically & socially and how fabulous to see Martin up behind the decks again jigging, swaying & tweaking. Great to hear the "Pages" played out along with Eddie Whitehead plus Teddy Pendergrass one I knew but didn't know, if you know what I mean and how nice was it too see the place full, deservedly so. Only thing that peeved me a little was a women leaving at the end of the night complaining she couldn't listen anymore as that wasn't Soul music :facepalm: , she was talking of Sam's last 5 records, have a look above :g: , I almost pmsl. :lol: 

Till November, take care, be safe & remember,"If this ain't Soul, I don't know what is",

                                                                                                                                                                  Spot. :shades: 

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Hoping Steve Guarnori posts up his playlists too, he played two killer spots.   Others will follow too, if not here - then on the Boomerang website this week.


ps. Thanks for posting your pics up on Facebook 'Coops'


hi Maria, thanks for inviting me…..having looked at the state of my box today, I must have been seriously drunk!! Never got round to playing things like Henderson & Jones either….drat! Had way too much to drink, but will try and cobble something together….Cheers Steve

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Thanks for the various Facebook feedback on people's pages, also in the group >>> HERE <<<  and  >>>HERE<<<


Looking forward to more sounds being posted by Steve and Arthur.  In the meantime, my playlist is easy to extract (unlike myself)...


4pm (set 1)

Margie Joseph - "One More Chance" (Volt)

The Sophisticates - I Really Hope You Do (Underground Sounds)

Sunday - Ain't Got No Problems (Alteen)

Jack Montgomery - Baby, Baby, Take A Chance On Me (Revue)

Tony Love - One Man's Woman (Pt. 1) (Ahura Mazda)

The Side Show - "Lonely Girl" (Trey)

Almeta Lattimore - These Memories (Mainstream)

Clydie King - Soft And Gentle Ways (Imperial)

Bonnie Blanchard & Andy Aaron - You're the Only One (C.R.S.)

Eula Cooper - Try (Tragar)

MM and the Peanuts - Can't Say No (Kent)

The Shadows - Time Is Running Out (Mercury)

Forbidden Circle - Love Comes In All Colours (Down Home)

The H. Andrews Congregation - Stop! Leave Me Alone (Balance)

Out Of Sights - For The Rest Of My Life (Saru)

The Sounds Four - Hey Girl (Saintmo)

Ron Harrington - It Happened To Me Today (Hillside)

Jeff Adams - From the Beginning (Test Pressing S136)

Linda Jones - What've I Done (To Make You Mad) (Warner Bros, Oz)


and 8pm (set 2)........:

Ernie Johnson - I Can't Stop the Pain (Artco)

Tommy & the Derby's - Don't Play the Role (Swing)

Spider Turner - I've Got To Get Myself Together (Before I Lose My Mind) (Good Time)

The Stunners - Nobody But Me (Renfro)

Vickie Baines - Sweeter Than Sweet Things (Loma)

Inell Young - What Do You See In Her (Libra)

Herman Hitson - "You Can't Keep A Good Man Down" (Sweet Rose)

Vee Gees - Talkin (Jump Off)

Cosmos Universal Band - Third Eye (API Atteiram)

Billy Sha-Rae - Do It (Spectrum)

Gifted Four - Are You Choosing (CSC)

Answers - Thinking of You (Scorpion)

L.T. and the Soulful Dynamics - Everybody Needs Somebody (Solo)

Godoy Colbert - Baby I Like It (Revue)

The Four Voices - Your Love Is Getting Stronger (Voice)

The Attractions - You Don't Know Boy (June Bug)

Belita Woods - Magic Corner (Moira)

James Phelps - The Look On Your Face (Apache)

The O'Jays - No Time For You (Imperial)

Betty Wilson and The 4 Bars - I'm Yours (Dayco)

Karmello Brooks - Tell Me, Baby (Milestone)

The Districts - One Lover (Just Won't Do) (Nile)



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Here is what i played, mostly requests 8-)


Wee - Try Me [Owl LP]

D. Watson - Say What's On Your Mind [R.A.C.]

Kool Blues - Can We Try Love Again [Capsoul]

Creation - A Dream [Zodiac]

Gene & Eddie - It's No Sin [Mon'ca]

Tommie Young - Hit & Run Lover [soul Power]

Infinity - Put Everything In Place [Whitehorse]

Albert Jones - Fifteen Cent Love [Kapp]

The Tiara's - Loves Made A Connection [seton]

Arthur Foy - Love Dreams [MCS]

Judson Moore - Everybody Push and Pull [Capri]

The Sherrell Bros. - The Price [Currison]

Leno Phillips - Confusion [Dash]

The Pearls - Shooting High [Lamp]

Norma Jenkins - Here I Am [unissued]

Thomas Lord Duckett - Open Up Your Eyes [Razz]

Soul Walkers - Can I Say It Again [Cardinal Avalon]



Love, Warmth & Affection - Talking 'Bout Love [Week-End]

The Superbs - Wind In My Sails [Dore]

Romona Collins - You've Been Cheating [Clark's]

Unity and the Downbeats - Love Dream [stax-Take]

Minnie Jones and the Honey's - Shadow Of A Memory [alternate version] [sunset Sound acetate]

The Paramount Four - Sorry Ain't the Word [Kent]

Ron Shy - Don't You Know [Little Star]

The Scott Three - Runnin' Wild [March]

Wee - Try Me [Owl]

Allison and Calvin Turner - Every Time I'm Near You [Lulu]

Ice - "Reality" [ice]

Herby Brown (with Randy Mather - Sax) - One More Broken Heart [blue Ash]

The Hamilton Movement - She's Gone [Look-Out]

Salt & Pepper - A Man Of My Word [Heatwave]

Angela Davis & The Mighty Chevelles - My Love (Is So Strong) [Flaming Arrow]

Barbara St Clair - Teacherman [Crosseyed Bear]

Bottom & Company - Gonna Find A True Love [Motown]

Jewell - "Paradise" [Jewel Productions]


Looking forward to the next Boomerang on 22nd nov,


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Here goes, apologies if I was "worse the wear" later. Rough order I think


Bab - Party & get on down

Donald Thomas Calling me home

Bernadette Bascom I don't wanna lose your love

Soul Sensations No more than before

Pal & Prophets c/u

General Crook - Soul Satisfaction

Tyree Davis I'm leaving you in jody's arms

Willie Dee It looks like rain

Big T & Peacemakers Tighten up tighter

Eddie Hollway Poor boy

Petersens What's it gonna be

Allison Who'se No 1 whose No 2

Unknown - why

Phyllis Smith Keep on hanging on

Rose Batiste c/u

Appojntments Getting closer


Little Caesar Make believe

Starquake Don't you know I love you

Enchanters Like a love I never had

Jackie Wilson Helpless

Johnny Guitar Watson Ain't gonna move

The Appointments I saw you there

Poets Wrapped around your finger

Jimmy Delphs Mind going in the same direction

Tommy Smith Greater love has no man

Ann Bogus Don't ask me to love again

Bernard Drake Ive been untrue

Volumes Ive never been so in love

Charlene & Soul Serenaders You can win

Tempos Countdown here I come

Charles Mintz Running  Back

Ree Flores Look into my heart

Faye Hill & Hill Sisters Gonna get even

Chosen Few Band what it takes to live

Al Alonzo Wilson Love you girl

Henderson & Jones I'm gonna getcha

True Image I'm not over you

?? Find someone

Fluorescent Smogg all my life

Herman Lewis Who'se kissing you tonight

Dynamics I'm a lonely man 

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Anthony Fontaine - How Can I Lose (Souled Out)

One of my plays over the years...Dean Anderson Discovery from many moons ago..Great tune

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