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Carlisle's soul in the attic


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Carlisle's soul in the attic on

This event is now over

we have the top floor of a new revamped (to a very high standard) venue in a quiet part of the city centre. quality vintage djs, Richard watts, George hunt, Chris Patrickson, Cally and Andy Scott.(more to follow).9pm - 4am No charge on the door and cheep beer. Contact Tel 07831763811

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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George-ous,  he told me 250 hits, so i thought the sniffer dogs would be req` haha !

How you doin anyway, has the graft taken ok, will it affect your performance Frid 13th ?

Take it easy till then !

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how,s the bear ? i,m picking up ok, the surgeon is pleased with his work and says i shouldn,t have any trouble,he,s also said he,s managed to stem the ageing process in me ,reckon,s i,ll stay the same for the next 20 - 30 years...........good news...........except i look 90 now....i,m gonna be fine for the do,giving it some welly.....i,m starting to wag my own tail now.

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Haha, that`s what you call it ? Good stuff, we`ve been tryin to drum up some interest among the `elusive people` cause they really are missing out !! ktf smt

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is anyone bringing the snake ?

scotty, what a brilliant night, thought everyone done the bizz pleased the rarer stuff got appreciated as well, nurons,combinations telma laverne,flash mckinlay,etc etc.and then all of dickie,s belters larry wright salvadors ,vondells etcetc.well supported by chris and cally and you scotty.

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