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6T'S 100 Club ALLNIGHTER on

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The world's longest running rare soul allnighter.

6T's 100 Club Allnighter

100 Oxford St.






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Really looking forward to this first at this venue for my wife and I . Have walked passed it many times on trips to London meaning to go over the years have never got around to doing so. Train tickets booked can` t wait.

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Will tickets for the anniversary night be on sale at this one? If so, how much will they be?

They will Geoff, a score a throw. They go on sale to non-attendees from the Monday onwards, details on www.6ts.info though I think I'm holidaying about then so there'll be the usual 6TS delay

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Really looking forward to this now. Seems like a lot of interest building after chatting to folks at Burnley last night. Hope to see some of you there for a cracking night of soul.

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looking forward to getting back to the 100 club..miss most of these as playing elsewhere but free this Saturday :-)..should be picking up the 'bristol' young souls ;-)..and then getting the mega bus! which ive not used before but guessing theyre not mega:-(...long journey home sunday morn!



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Norwich Posse should be driving down for this event, Blue Posts first for Banta n Beer, 21.30 ish.

Welldone Matt for putting this together , good to see you at Stoke with the flyers..


Dean , pop over and say hello ..


Ady , sit back and enjoy it.


A.T.B. Frank

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Really looking forward to this first at this venue for my wife and I . Have walked passed it many times on trips to London meaning to go over the years have never got around to doing so. Train tickets booked can` t wait.


Come and say hello mate. Should be a few in the Blue Posts for a bevy beforehand. There are several Blue Posts pubs - this is the one behind the 100 Club, junction of Newman St and Eastcastle St.


:hatsoff2: - Kev

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Thanks for your very kind offer, due to our train not arriving at Eusten station till 11pm hopefully. We will be straight in a taxi and on to the allnighter as soon as possible, will say hello in the club at some point during the night. Safe journey one and all.

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Hi folks, sadly due to illness Steve Clancy had had to pull out of tonight's entertainment. Not to be dissuaded we've still managed to pull together the superlative skills of Keith Money and Marco Santucci. Gould be a cracker regardless. Hope to see you all there. Thanks. Matty.

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The lineup goes like this...

11-11:30 - Matty

11-30 - 12.15 - Butch

12.15-1 - Darren

1 - 1:45 Ady

1:45 - 2:30 Marco

2:30 - 3:15 Keith

3:15 - 4 Butch

4 - 4:45 Darren

4:45 - 5:30 Matty

5:30 - 6 Ady

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Sorry to say, I can't make it this month  :( 


But I have got Gill Soper and Joel Maslin on holiday with me here in Guernsey, they have made me go to the beach every day, dragged me out for something alcoholic to drink day and night and stuffed me with lots of fine food...

I would come, but think I can no longer fit in an Aeroplane seat, have sun stroke, sand in my bits and still pissed  :D 


Have fun my friends and see you all in September when I get back from rehab  :) 



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That was a brilliant night. Some really different records getting spun by all, along with all the stuff you'd expect. Well done Matt and Ady. 

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I had missed the last 100 Club due to being away on holiday so was looking forward to this one. Then on Monday I tripped over a slightly raised paving stone in the street and fell flat on my face, I suspect my new glasses (varifocals) may not have helped. It really shook me up and left me with pain down the side of my right leg. Even on Saturday morning before I got up I felt in two minds about going. Luckily commonsense won and I did go to the nighter.


Brilliant night with music for most tastes. When I walked in the place was jumping, this was at 11.15ish, people dancing already. Matt Bolton was the first DJ and he was playing some nice Northern, including Yum Yum Tree and You Gotta Have Money.


Then, unusually, Butch took over early and played some records that I don't think I'd heard before, but that didn't stop the dancers. Later in his set he played World Of Happiness, Don't Play The Role, It's All Over (Baby) and one I think is called Take Me Away, don't know who sings it but I always dance to it.


Darren Griffiths followed Butch, I think he played some 60s first then went into a more Modern Soul groove, including Glenda McLeod's Stafford classic No Stranger To Love.


Ady was next, some of the Pied Piper tracks and some oldies too. The dance floor continued to be busy.


Marco Santucci took over the decks, he was one of two substitutes for Steve Clancy who was unfortunately sick. Some great tunes including Gotta Strange Feeling by Living Color and Sag Warfare's Don't Be So Jive.


Keith Money was the second substitute, playing a real dance floor friendly set, Never Learned To Dance, My Proposal, Job Opening, you get the picture.


Butch then did his second set and included quite a few of his top tunes, My Salvation, This Is My Rainy Day, Girl You're So Sweet, and Jean Carter's I Wanna Know followed by his Chuck Jackson cover up, hard to beat those two. Plus a few that I'd heard before but didn't know the title or artiste.


Darren then did his second set, mainly Modern Soul but did include Sir Henry Ivy's He Left You Standing There, a fine example of Southern soul.


At about 4.45 Matt took over from Darren and played a set of mainly medium tempo tunes, most fairly well known but ideal for that time of the morning. Tunes like Send Nobody Else, Mighty Lover, Just Say Goodbye and the wonderful The Panic Is On by Roy Hamilton, I do love my beat ballads.


For the last 30 minutes it was Ady as usual, he did raise the tempo but also included ender favourites like Sweet Temptation, I Just Can't Wait To See My Baby's Face (Pat Thomas) and ended in true Wigan fashion with I'm On My Way.


As the lights came on and That's What Mama Says was played there were a large number still there, shows how much the night was enjoyed.


It was pretty packed really, more like an anniversary with plenty of younger people present. Wish I had some of their energy but probably would need a body transplant. Plenty of the usual faces, Billy, Tabs, Eddie Hubbard, Rolly, Gary Cotterell, Christina, Brian De-Honri, Mick H, Ian, John Weston, Dave Rimmer, Suzy, and many others, sorry if I have missed mentioning you but the memory is a bit tired right now. I had a good time, I know that because my legs gave out before the end, but still managed to walk to King's Cross for my train home.


As Ady said at the end the nighter has been going for 35 years and it's still going strong, in fact I think there are more people in lately. So once again a big thanks to Ady and the other DJs for entertaining us.

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Geoff, whenever I'm not at the 100 Club, which is more often than not thesed days, your my yard stick of the night, always look forward to your honest reviews of the night - thank you Sir.


Pleased that the basement goes from strength to stength....pity Steve was poorly, as I know he would have smashed it !!!.


Best Russ

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We loved it, have been going to allnighters on and off since 1976 some good some not so good. This allnighter has a totally different vibe to any I have been to before, now I know what everyone I know who has been when they say this is the best allnighter totally agree with them on that front. All credit to Ady, what an achievement to have run this for so long. We will be back some time next year.

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Cheers to all that came. And danced. And made it a really cracking night. Lots of new faces, much more great new music. My input aside it still proves that it's the most forward thinking allnighter. Brilliant atmosphere and over the last year it just seems to get better and better. There's a real sense of euphoria that other niters just don't have. See you all in September for the anniversary. ;)

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