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6T'S 100 Club ALLNIGHTER on

This event is now over

The world's longest running rare soul allnighter.

6T's 100 Club Allnighter

100 Oxford St.











Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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The last 'nighter of 2014 sees a terrific DJ line up with guests "Hot" Ted Massey and "Experienced" Eddie Hubbard. It also sees the debut of new 100 Club staffer Tomas McGrath.

He's DJed for me about 3 times already and has always done superb spots, entertaining, educating and populist whenever the situation requires it. Being nowt but a lad he has a fresh look at the rare soul scene without baggage but with a healthy respect for the scene and the 100 Club in particular. I asked him to do a pen-portrait of his sen.

I'm a 23 year old Londoner (born and bred) who has been collecting records since I was about sixteen - with the hobby only getting more expensive and compulsive with time! 


I got into collecting after stopping by the local record shop I used to pass by on my way back from school everyday. Initially I was mainly interested in reggae but I also started buying R&B and Soul records which caught my eye. The Kent “New Breed” R&B compilations and the Mod Scene where a big influence at the time and first led me to attending events such as Crossfire. Around the same time me and a friend I used to dig for records with decided to start up a night focusing mainly on R&B and early soul in Warren Street.


From there it spiralled rapidly downwards and I found myself getting into a broader spectrum of Soul music, like modern and crossover. Attending the 100 Club for the first time, as well as nights in Manchester, when I lived there briefly, also influenced my tastes over time. Around March 2013 I also formed a new club with James Pogson titled Inner City Soul, playing everything from mid-sixties soul to funk and crossover. 


As a punter who has been thoroughly influenced by the 100 Club (being that it is the best Rare Soul night out there) it is a huge honour to be asked to participate and I hope I can add something distinctive to the proceedings!


Ten Current Plays:

The Underground Express - "I Never Found A Girl (To Love Me The Way You Do)" (U.G.E.)

The Soul Injection - "Stay Off The Moon" (Accent)

Kelly & The Soul Explosions - "Talking About My Baby's Love" (Dynamite)

Hank Hodge - "One Way Love" (Eye)

Frankie & The Damons - "Man From Soul" (JCP)

Pandella Kelly - "Stand In For Love" (Horoscope)

Sir Henry Ivy - "He Left You Standing There" (Future Dimension)

Carol Woods & The Executives - "Heartbreaker" (Perfecto 7)

Jesse Davis - "Gonna Hang On In There Girl" (Era)

Willie Mason & All The Kings Men - "Why" (Ka La Ma)


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Really looking forward to making my debut behind the decks at 100 Club , hope to be bringing a few people down from my home town also ...

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Haven't been for a bit. Work and wars and all that. But finally got some leave. Boro away and the 100 Club in the same day. As the song goes, 'what more could a boy ask for'. See you at the disco

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I missed the November allnighter due to a family event and it seemed ages since I'd been to the 100 Club. So was looking forward to this very much. And I wasn't disappointed.


It was really frosty in north London when I left home to get the train to King's Cross, the sort of night that sensible people stay indoors and watch the TV. Fortunately I'm not sensible. I got into the club at about 11.15 and it was busy already. Ady was on the decks getting us all in the mood. The new addition to the 100 Club crew is Tomas McGrath who's appeared as a guest a few times now, but last night was his début as a regular. His two sets mixed lesser known and rare tunes with some favourites like You're Gone and I Don't Know About You for example. I think we can look forward to some interesting sets in 2015.


Ted Massey was the first guest behind the decks and he kept the pace fast and furious, playing records like the Ravins' Your Love Is What I Want and Packin' Up by Damon Fox.


The second guest was 100 Club regular Eddie Hubbard making his début there. I didn't know the majority of his first set, he told me a few were “Burnley” plays; real nighter tunes. For the majority of his second set he moved into Crossover territory, again quite a few I didn't know. I particularly liked Paul Smith's I'll Run. Also thanks for playing my request Our Day Is Here.


And that leaves Butch. What can you say? He did one set of an hour, playing some of his well known records and quite a few that were new to me. I must admit that I don't normally dance to records I've not heard before, always a bit concerned they'll abruptly change tempo or go on for five minutes, you know what I mean. But I did dance to new ones last night, some excellent records, where does he find them? Only downside is that I'm suffering as I type this, back pain and right foot hurting, serves me right.


Ady did a set during the night playing some of Pied Piper finds, e.g. Nancy Wilcox He'll Be Leaving You and others. And as usual he finished the night off by playing some classic Northern Soul including the Steinways' You've Been Leading Me On and R&B with Oh Baby Don't You Weep by Luther Ingram. The last three records of the night were Esther Phillips' Just Say Goodbye, Walter Jackson's It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom (two of my favourite beat ballads) and finally Baby I Need Your Loving by the Four Tops, an all-time classic, fifty years old this year, hard to believe isn't it?


A good crowd in but it thinned out a bit quite early. But Ady commented at the end that there seemed more in then than a couple of hours earlier, perhaps they'd all been out smoking. As usual good to see many of my friends there, all having a good time.


I spoke to a couple of my friends about soul nights and how I felt about them. To my surprise they felt the same, without going into detail on here. Although I'm a bit achey as I type this it is worth it, the music, the atmosphere, my friends, they all make it worthwhile.


So as usual, thanks to Ady and the DJs and the staff of the 100 Club. It looks good for the coming year.  

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Really enjoyed the 100 Club last night, excellent sounds from all of the DJs, great balance of established sounds, little known Soulful 60's and 70's, plus a few quality oldies, streets ahead of the lamentable Marcus Garvey niter at Notts !! Keep up the good work Ady !

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my first time at the 100 club last night travelled from warrington in cheshire, all the dj's did great sets ady started the night warming the dance floor with some class tunes then tomas Mcgrath who came on 2nd played a great set will you be posting a play list, ted massey what can i say that hasn't already been said out standing ray agee i'm losing again followed by william powell heartache souvenirs enough said eddie hubbard again out standing and butch another class set we will defo be back ktf moz & cheryl    

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Big crowd of us Banbury Peeps down @ the 100 Club Sat nite - well you just gotta give support to Eddie on his inaugural DJ outing there.

2nd spot of the night, Tomas hit the decks.   Never seen/heard him DJ before, but yes he gets my Vote.

Tunes right up "my straza".  Loved all the stuff he played. Definitely going to add a new dimension to the Resident line up there.

He was so confident, laid back and really enjoying himself.   Great to see that.   Hope he attracts a younger audience.


Really nice to see Butch chatting with Ed and asking what he was spinning first, possibly to end on something that would "mesh" in ?

He also mentioned earlier that "Ed was going to kick-ass".   I'm biased I know it - but never forget your friends.

I'm sure Ed would agree he was a little nervous, but you don't have time for nerves up there I am sure.  You need to get them 45's on fast and furious.

First set had a funky edge to it in parts.  Really nice to hear one of my faves tho' suddenly thrown in....   Eula Cooper - Try.

Ed is his "own man" so plays his tunes - as he says "its not how much, but how good they are".

Second set had a few underplayed Oldies and some nice mid tempo stuff in it.  


Check us out @ Cleethorpes Weekender on the Sunday afternoon if you like this sort of stuff.

Our chance to play something different.  And we make the most of it.



Cheers..............      Tom.

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Thanks for the kind comments regarding my sets ,it really was an honour to grace the 100 Club decks at long last , so thanks for the support everyone , I  really enjoyed it .Best Wishes Eddie

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Thanks all for the kind words - really enjoyed my first session as a resident DJ and am looking forward to many future sessions!


Musically the night was top notch, both guests played some awesome records - so a great night all round!  :yes:


I would post a playlist, but my record box is a total mess (like usual) and I can't really remember what I played  :D




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