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Dave Raistrick


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FOR TICKETS AND INFO GO TO www.skeggyweekender.co.uk




Phone 07850 538320


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Have any artists been booked?

No artists, just excellent music on all levels in every room plus the seaside on your doorstep. See you all there. :thumbup: 

Spot. :shades: 

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Rooms booked...missed last one due to work again,always a great weekender this deffo one not to missed....

Rare and seldom played room for me...love the wording Dave see ya soon Rugby hopefully will you have passes there?

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Have any artists been booked?

I can do you a Characature but I'm not that good really. 

The last one was fabulous.  Massively looking forward to this one.  Fish and Chips, Bingo, Candy Floss and Bloody Good Music - What more could you possibly ask for ?

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Stars & Stripes Records via Paypal or Dave Raistrick can be found at most nighters, I'm sure when he see's this he'll contact you. :hatsoff2: 

Spot. :shades: 

p.s. Check accommodation first, as it gets booked up quickly.

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accommadation booked tickets ordered so looking forward to our 1st skeggy weekender have done blackpool tower -whitby -brid over recent years so should be interesting change.thanks spot and dave west for pointing us in the right direction

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Looking forward to this one, been far too long since we were last down. Our flat booked, bringing a couple of mates with us. See you soon Dave :)

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Tickets for the Weekender ( 15th Anniversary Special)  will be on sale all summer long at the 'Tamla Coffee Bar and Collectors Record Shop' 35 Drummond Road, Skegness PE25 3EG Tel 07850 538320

Also at various venues including... Radcliffe allnighter, Rugby allnighter, SoulFunktion, Boomerang, Nuneaton allnighter etc...etc...

or go to www.skeggyweekender.co.uk 

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Looking forward to this superb weekender  always great sounds and a warm friendly crowd  . The rare room is top notch as is the modern crossover room ,    :g:  :g: :g:  :g:  :g:  see ya there  


atb steve

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Busy month, 12 different weekenders on in Sept,  always look forward to this one, anyone never been before are in for a treat, great friendly atmosphere and just the right size.

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15th Anniversary Weekender - Sept 1999 - Sept 2014  A Four Roomed Event with a Saturday Allnighter.


Room 1. Classy Oldies and Current Floorfillers.

           2.  Rare 45s and Current Allnighter spins

           3.  Modern Soul Classics 70s/80s and 90s/Y2K Plus Nu Soul.

           4.  R&B and Collectors Box Sessions.

           Plus Sunday Crossover Alldayer 1pm - 1am.

Tickets go to www.skeggyweekender.co.uk 

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R&B Room line-up for the 15th Anniversary including Saturday allnighter. Aaron Turner, Alex & Terry, Andy & Eileen Andrew VaseyEileen Vasey, Chris Lemon, Paula Barker &

Simon Hunt, Ted Couldstone, Kev Such, Nick Porter, and Hocky. In the Vault.



Modern Room line-up for the 15th Anniversary. Andy Jackson, Andy Andrew Baskett, Andy Riley, David Hayden, Fish, Phil Phillip Kingswood, Sam Evans, Richard Dixon and Kyle Cassidy. Playing Modern Soul through the decades.

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Rare Room and Allnighter Sounds DJ's Line-up for the 15th Anniversary including Saturday Allnighter:

Soul Sam, Bob Snow, Simon Hunt, Arthur FennSteve GuarnoriKevin Draper,John Vincent, John Weston, Roger Banks, Karl White, Johnny Beggs, Mark Sargeant & David Raistrick



MAIN ROOM Classy Oldies and Current Floorfillers Line-up for the 15th Anniversary including Saturday Allnighter... Andy Powell, Dave West, Martin Stanford, Chris J Cooper, Micheal D Cooper, Terry Westhead, John Vincent, Carl Fortnum, Marco Martinelli, Kevin Draper, Ian Seaman, Richard Krop, Ian Jones, Jon Woodliffe, David Hayden, Shaun Fitton, Kev Such, Loren(France) Mark Sargeant.



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Would have liked to have come up for the Friday night, but doesn't look feasible as yet, need to get back to South Lincolnshire early Saturday so as I can get to London Saturday afternoon. I'm trying to work something out so as to be there for a bit of it.

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Tickets will be on sale at the SOUL OLE in Peterborough this Friday and also at the Rugby Allnighter on September 13th.


See you there



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What time am I on again, please 

Why Rupe have you got somewhere better to be? :lol: Turn up Friday, leave Sunday and you'll be on between those dates :thumbsup: , anyway it's the place to be beside the Sea, a fabulous Rare Room & a Great Oldies Room plus more & all with a Sea view, what more does a Camper want? See you there sometime over the proceedings Rupe. :hatsoff2: 

Spot. :shades: 

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What's that coming over the Hill, is it a Monster, Soul Weekend.  Oh Yes !!

Technically we are into the last week so time to get ready.

See yyou guys and girls there then XXX

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So its nearly here, Kiss Me Quick hats at the ready, going over to Skeggy for a few days, Another great East Coast Weekender to help quench our NS appetites See you Thursday night.

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Well were nearly there soon be time for the original and best skeggy weekender top quality sounds fo4 a great crowd better sort my box for my rock city set in the vault Saturday afternoon See ya there

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Not long now, setting off fri morning bout 11.30 from Wetherby, 2 hour trip, missed Aprils event, but last octobers were brilliant, also dj,ing with Andy Carling on sat afternoon representing Wetherby soul club in the showcase section, looking forward to it, bring it on.

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Not long now, setting off fri morning bout 11.30 from Wetherby, 2 hour trip, missed Aprils event, but last octobers were brilliant, also dj,ing with Andy Carling on sat afternoon representing Wetherby soul club in the showcase section, looking forward to it, bring it on.

Didnt know you were djing but gonna make your spot saturday afternoon, can recommend to all. These lads have some great records.


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Hey Dave....you must have been only one that didn't know he's been shouting about it for months.....;-) see ya Friday mate....!!!!!

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Well less than 24 hours to go before Mr . Snow and myself will be shit faced , and so another page in the Skegness saga is about to be written . The weather looks good , venues great. music for all , see you tomorrow, S.

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I'm kick starting the open decks on Saturday,looking forward to playing some off the wall tunes , with a heavy dose of 70s chucked in!

 Then a well deserved beer in Stage one with a couple of good friends 

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boxes sorted for Saturday s vault  on the road in a couple of hours skeggy here we come  great  crowd superb music for all see you later Dave & Donna :thumbsup:  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  

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On the road from Leeds back to Skegness in a bit to spend the majority of the next 24 hours in the Grand Central! Can't beat it!!!! Sharon X

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What a Fantastic weekender, Just like to say thanks to Dave and Donna for letting me and Jeff play a few tunes in the Main room Saturday Afternoon we loved every minute of it.

See you next time.



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Back in the land of the living....after a mammoth 4 day sleep-fest....totally blown away by all the comments and feedback from the weekend....this one was full on and hard work, but well worth it. So good to see all our wonderful friends - you all make it what it is - thanks to everyone for your continued support - it is truly humbling to know that our weekend is built on such friendship and solidarity - thank you again and see you in March xxx

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Well the sun has now set on another memorable Skegness weekender. The Grand Central is now established as the place to be for "classy oldies" and awesome rarities. The friday afternoon meet and greet session was very well attended so we knew something special was on the cards. Spent most of friday night in the oldies room, some great stuff played some of which i hadnt heard in recent years.

Saturday night we spent a bit of time in each room. I was privileged to start the all nighter off with an hours toons , (thanks for the response/ feedback everyone) then we just flitted about taking in the music. Having a bar in 3 different rooms certainly eased any queueing. 

At midnight we spent an hour in the oldies where Carl Fortnum blew everyone away with his selection. The room was buzzing, following Carls spot we again ventured upstairs to find that room just as busy. :yes:

We left about 4am (lightweights) totally knackered,well oiled and happy.

Sunday afternoon was, as you'd expect not as busy although I was told it was well attended later on in the day (bit like any other dayer i suppose). Due to commitments on monday we had to leave Skegvegas sunday teatime. The next skeggy weekender in March clashes with our wedding anniversary,but my better half (so she tells me) has decided the Grand Central is the place to be and who am i to argue.Hotel booked.......

So bring it on...... :thumbup: see you there

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This weekender is truly outstanding, the best I've been too in years. Quality of music, quality of venue, quality of people, quality of the promoters, Dave, Donna and Coops, quality of atmosphere, quality of organisation, safe to say it's a big massive box of Quality street, and no coffee creams :) Here's how I saw the final evening, I was in one of those 'waxing lyrical' moods, so please forgive the wordiness :)


As the curtain came down on the Skegness weekender, words were flooding through my head. The question arose, "Do you commit them to your page now, or wait until back home"? A second question, chased, caught up and then passed his slightly older brother. "Which option will reflect your current mood better" The answer knocked the door, and walked in, confident that discussion wasn't following closely behind.
So here we are, my thoughts resonating bell like, in their clarity, demanding to be heard. I accepted without argument, so was able to slip back into real time. . The last record 're-entered my consciousness, Charles Mann intoned "It's all over", I withdrew a little further back from the edge of the dance floor, to consider both my own and the crowds emotions, captured for lifetimes in their reactions. A realisation that the weekend was hurtling towards its end, started to bloom on people's faces and my own, joined the throng.... Suddenly Charles Mann's voice was washing over everyone again. Quizzical looks turned joyous as a few more moments were gifted to those of us lucky enough to be in attendance. I maintained my detached vantage point away from the dance floor, aware that something extraordinary was happening. I mentally changed tack and, flicked my gaze first toward David Raistrick, followed by Donna Dean and finally to Micheal D Cooper. All 3 displayed a beaming smile. As the final notes of Charles's anthemic song faded to nothingness the clang of the crowds combined memory cupboards locking in unison somehow seemed audible, a poignant reminder of the joint clap that resounded at venues across the country in yesteryear. I ran the promoter sequence once again, looking to see if there were any changes to the visages previously on display, this time, a combination,pride in a job well done, joy reflected from punter back to promoter, knowledge that loyalty is unswerving in this particular family, every promoters expression told the tale of this.
In turn, the family looked to one another, the insane smile of total contentment, etched across each and every one. I watched on. as the unique bond all of us shared was further strengthened. Jostling to say bye to one another, looking to Dave, Donna, and Coops to offer congratulations. For me, the experience had an out of body hypnotic, addictive quality, the genine warmth between a loving family was palpable. I exited my detachment, and came back to reality to join in the ritual, commitments to see each other at the next 'family gathering' were loudly being exchanged. I walked over to Coops,"How could anybody witnessing such unbridled elation, not want to be part of this"? That wise old Coops smile appeared again, no words actually needing to be passed between us,to confirm agreement, smiles said it all.
As I walked through the door for the last time this weekend,fulfilment, mingled easily with realisation of more of the same next year.I walked euphorically back toward my room at the b&b even though I knew that immediate bed and sleep were out of the question.


Win :)

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Well yet another superb weekend in sunny skeggy awesome sounds from all the d.j's in all the rooms great friendly knowledgable crowd with a superb atmosphere well done Dave & Donna this venue is the place to be high light of the weekend was the standing ovation given to SoulSam at the end of his awesome set at the Saturday nighter a true master at work looking forward to march hotel booked already

atb Steve

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Tenerife is becoming a distant memory & the sun no longer shines on the righteous, i.e. Me & Gail, so I'll tell you

a tale of SkegVegas Town where the light shine bright & the Soulies get down, but bear with me please, cos it's

been a while, I'm a little bit rusty & a little bit shy.


Now it started off as not much fun, as it seems our Hoteliers were on the run, twice a year as regular as we can

we arrive at Skeggy in a ruddy big gang, there's Kath & her mates, that's her little crew, Mrs Humbug, Gail

calls her too, then Dreary Dave from Derby way he'll tell you tales for all 3 days, there's Soul the Sam the great

Dj who's breakfast eats could feed a family for a day , last but not least it's the Famous Five who by Sunday morn

are barely alive, that's Gail & Me, Kev & Pauline plus our mate Ken the drinking machine.


So weeks before we're due to go,Ken rings to cancel cos he can't go, now Shirl & Roger have done a split, leaving

the new folk here in the sh*t, no talk has been between the four, we won't be getting through the door, no deposit

and no contact number, will us poor Soulies get some slumber. The new owners are not aware, that twice a year

we turn up there, ones German the other Asian, and they know nothing of the Northern invasion, after calls

& e-mails to explain,looks like were still on the old Soul Train. Now making this rhyme is really hard, cos I'm not

as clever as that Shakespeare Bard, so it's back to normal writing then, on this pc not with a pen.


Kick off time Noon the 19th of September 2014, I load the car with enough stuff that Moses could could lead us

into the wilderness for 40 days & nights, then some, but the Expedition leader must be obeyed, so the back seat &

boot are ladened with enough clothes to outfit a refugee camp, essential liquids of wine & ale are added plus the

ever present 3 speed fan, known as Gail's cooler, other than that we're taking very little. As usual we argue which

route to take, I drive the Country for a living & Gail is a Non Driver, so we go the way she (insists) suggests or as

I like to call it the usual way. As usual on our way we encounter Reginald Molehusband, Mr Bean plus Mr I could

overtake that lorry but I can't see if the roads clear all the way to Skeggy, so it hold on to your knickers girl at

every short stretch of Dual Carriageway or straight bit of road & a good ear bashing from Gail for, as she puts it,

being a bloody idiot, no wonder I love her so much hey!! Anyway we land at Le Grand Hotel at 2pm & exchange

pleasantries with Herr Willie Brandt & Indira Gandhi ( Don't even know their names, that's how welcoming they

were, not a good start) then up to our room, which was the same as our usual one but with a shower made with

a door modelled for Twiggy to enter, good job I'm slender & svelte or it could have been a disaster. Out the

window I spy Kev & Pauline arriving & they look as if they're giving the Moses excursion trip a go also, riding

shotgun is Dave Clark whom they picked up at the Humber Bridge, who no doubt is wishing he'd jumped after

2 hours of Pauline talking his ears off, Dave would later describe the joys of resting up in his broom cupboard

room (mops,buckets & brushes removed earlier of course) watching his hung on the wardrobe door TV whilst

supping tea from a thimble, breakfast not included at the North Parade Hotel & Cubby Holes. So the first

task of the weekend Operation Get Me There In One Piece is a success. So bags dropped on single bed (Oh yes we

have a family room you know) and the 5 head for the venue to be tagged by the Guardia Seville Donna and

Jeanette, a quick drink and a few Hello's and a Tonto Scout around the rooms before off for our regular 2 for

£8.45 meals and a Bottle of Pinot at the Linten Tree (We not as up market as Nige & Carmen) then back to the

room for the three “S”s, Shower, Shave & the other, followed by a calming Siesta then meet up n Bar at 8pm.


So drinky time arrives & we all adjourn to the Bar, Kath & crew, Derby Dave, Five go Skegness and just in the

Wetherby Wanderers, Jeff & Andy plus Closet Man Dave Clark, 9pm it's time to join the throng or was it thong?

Either way there'll be plenty of crack!!!! Usual Hello's on the stairs & I immediately lose Gail to Donna but I'm

use to that, so up to the Top Deck for Rare Soul & a Becks or Magners to start the event off, seems we've missed

first hour but at 10 Bob Snow enters the arena & livens it up (What a nice guy Bob is, I had a chat on the

saturday with him), I remember Sharmo (Simon Hunt) playing a great spot also & an unexpected one at that,

why? Because I expected R&B but not a hint, Soul Sam played with his usual gusto & spring. I ventured the

odd time down the Yellow Brick Road and right into the bowels of Oldiedom looking for a friendly face and

occassionally finding one but I must admit I was a tad afraid of losing an eye to a circle skirt or my guts to a

forced view of big knickers, I did however hear some nice Oldies from the safety of the Balcony and even glanced

into the Modern Room/Tent to see Sam Evans whipping up her audience with 10 minute 2 step etc, I did draw the

line at the R&B room, that would be just to much for my nervous system & mental health but each to their own

& it just goes to show the diversity of the music on offer. Anyway after short stints of helping to keep out the

unruly element of the late night seafront it was back up the stairs to our safe haven in the sky. Terry & Lesley

Wright plus entourage,Steve Phylis's corner plus our table were in full flow & enjoying it to the max but I'm a

afraid half way through Roger spot my beer levels were exceeded (I rarely drink nowadays) as was my pain

threshold in my gammy hip, so I split the party heading homeward, leaving Pauline still jigging away & Gail

to join Donna in a long overdue catch up, well it had been longer than a fortnight.


Saturday morning I feel like sh*te but force myself up tohelp Soul Sam devour a tray or so of Bacon, plus

anything else that may stand in his way, afraid breakfast is a bit of a shambles as toast,bacon & everything

comes out in dribs & drabs, not good with a full dining room, 6 rounds of toast don't last long & theirs a lot of

mumbling about not coming back, not only from customers either. Fresh air was order of the day so off we trot

down SkegVegas Strip to view the throbbing heart of the place & to clear our heads, buy liquids & stock up on

papers & sweets. I'm that rough I can't even make Kev's last minute contribution to the afternoon sessions but

thankfully Gail can & after a long recouping kip she returns at 5:30 to revive me with a fish & chip, the little

Angel. So start again with th 3 S's & back down to the bar for 8 to reconvene, usual crowd but missing Andy C

who wobbles in from the venue after a while & immediately wobbles upstairs & around the shower & wardrobe

before making a reappearance, also Mr Clark joins us from Chez Cupboard & once again it's off into the night.

Quick chats with Dick & Mary, Westy & Pat, Dale, Andy & Loren, Ian Seaman who doesn't mistake me for

Westy this time, Chalky, Arthur & Maria, later with Carl Fortnum who does a great Oldies spot and on the stairs

I encounter Andy & Debbie Riley who this time don't appear to have imbibed a bottle of JD with Wine chasers as

in April & we have a good long natter, what about I have no idea. Sian, Dean & Phil of the Rugby Soul Clan also

arrive for the night but without the happy smiling face of Ken, who it appears insisted on returning home as he

was already missing Mr Mopsy his Teddy Bear, finally I spent considerable time reassuring Vic's Gail that I was

fine with no major ailments this week & no surgery booked for the forseeable future.


Enough b*ll*x's I hear you shout, what about the Music?? Well Nick Stevenson was up when we arrived and

playing some nice liitle ditties, so I asked the lovely Jane what a couple where as they were unknown to me but

the 1 that stood out was James Knox — Electric City, this was only the 2nd time I heard Nick play out and I must

say I was impressed, all night I wandered up & down the Avenues & Alleyways of the Grand Central, mainly

to keep my hip moving & my joints oiled but needless to say to indulge in the other music available, yet ensuring

I was never within ear shot of the Devil's Music there in the back cave. The Modern room seemed to be bouncing

playing Classic stuff & more, the Oldies room was popping & I spent an extended period soaking in yester year

tunes and letting the memories wash over me again, where have all the years gone? Carl Fortnum as ever played

a blinder as expected and then spent 2 hours saying his goodbye's, thus getting an ear full from his Mrs. Back up

in the Top room Chalky had played a nice varied spot with some great dancers in there, Steve G also excelled

but as usual didn't bring King Moses, Arthur played what's expected of him Wee, Bobby Rich usually for me but

definitely top draw, Sam was just Sam with his usual infectous enthusiasm, I only caught the end few of Mr

Vincents set as I'd been on the balcony but the floor was very sparce to say the least, so I don't what he'd done

or said to deserve this but it definitely slowed things down & I noticed he left immediately after his set. I managed

half of Johnny Weston's set with him gyrating & jigging away behind the decks before once again the hip hip

hooray kicked in with a vengence and I started to wilt like a 10 day old Rose, so once again I missed Mr

Raistricks set,as I always seem to, he'll be getting a complex. I told Gail of my return plans, spent a short time

again on the balcony watching the still busy Oldies crowd, said my Goodbyes to Donna, Jeanette & Coops and

wandered slowly back with Dave Clark down North Parade along with the short skirt crews or are they belts?

Plus the Corned Beef Leg Brigade on Scaffold Heels, the joys of Youth!!!!!! Anyway dave said he'd loved it, so

that's at least one convert, so if you've not been give it a try, if you don't like it there's daily Bingo, Fish & Chips

& of course the Log Flume plus Bungee Ball to pass the time.


Last day Blues, breakfast again was a shambles, even the waitress said so, we're out the room by 10am as

requested, down to Donna & Dave's shop for a last hoorah & Coffee, when they managed to roll out of bed, I

finally get to meet the ellusive Elvis, Donna's Angelic daughter & bearer of the flat keys, who looks a lot fresher

anyone in the shop, then it's hugs & kisses & off down the road for 2 hours till we do it all again next time. So till



Take care, be safe & remember,” Try to remember the kind of September, When life was slow and Oh so




Wow what happened there? It's laid out like a Times Column. :g:

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Great read Spot.!! Alexander Solziwosit got nowt on that.!!!

Yes Kev but I'm stumped on why it's ended up looking like a column from a broad sheet?

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