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Parkinsons Charity Mini-Dayer....Part 1


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Parkinsons Charity Mini-Dayer....Part 1 on

This event is now over

Mini-Dayer in aid of Parkinsons UK ...Part 1

Saturday May 3rd 2014...04:00 till 1.30

The Coach and Horses Tadcaster

DJ's Confirmed so far

Carl and Maria Willingham, Andy Hudson,Dee Hazelgrave,Jeff Kidd,Kev H,Andy Carling and John Baxter

Some very special guests lined up for this one,this event starts off a weekend of awareness for this very worthy cause

Part 1 Tadcaster....part 2 A Taste of Honey Manchester with Chris ''Bearsoul '' Morgan Sunday 4th May (All-Dayer)

More info to follow very shortly

Dale....07709276357..or... Andy Hudson....07895394513

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

Recommended Comments

As ive already said above a real worthy cause to those affected.

Order of the day is fun and listen to some quality soul from guests we've asked (still some to confirm).

More info to follow......



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Always great to see you and the Boss over hope you can make it....be great to see Kev up at Tad again him and the lads did us a fine job

at RSH and the warm ups....fond memories....happy days.... :thumbsup: 

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well done Andy & Dale in organising this one - very deserving charity

Thanks Andy.....sure you'll be over to one of the events over the wkend ? 

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Thanks Andy.....sure you'll be over to one of the events over the wkend ?

Hold my hands up , eating humble pie with appologies to all- having to cancel previous intentions as we will now be out of Uk , returning in June.

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This is the final line up for our Charity Event


Carl and Maria Willingham

Andy Hudson

Kev H

John Baxter

Dee Hazelgrave

Jeff Kidd.

Andy Carling.....

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OK peeps........on 3rd May I will as most of you know be doing a 100 mile cycle ride for the Parkinson's UK charity. I have got a Just Giving site if any of you are kind enough to donate.....www.just giving.com/DALE-BYERS. A big thank you to all of you who have already donated....you have all been so kind....Dale and Maz

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You will be writing a book about "The Life Of A Long Distance Cyclist" I am humbled by what you are doing Dale, hopefully with all the training it will come easy on the day. You have done more for raising awareness of Parkinson's and Parkinson's UK Than I could ever do Thank you mate

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Don't know about writing a book Long distance cyclist.....could do with reading one about How To Stay Comfortable On A Road Bike Seat...


Its all about raising awareness as you've said Andy and I think we've done that judging by the pm's ive had and the lovely txts too.

We are currently up to £850 and ive still got to get on to work yet as they give a certain amount for any employee doing Charity events.


Back to the Music side of things we have our last and final Dj confirmed for the day Tony (MAK on here) coming along to play for us,thanks Tony.

Times will be posted in good time so if there not suitable we can rearrange......

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Was all set to attend but have found out that Everton are home,Lydia and Maya coming over. Sorry I'll miss your set Kev. See you all on the Sunday though.

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Here's the times for the day please get back to me asap thro pm's please got no mobi at moment.....thanks


3.30-4.10 Andy Hudson

4.10 - 5.00 Jeff and Andy

5.00 - 5.40 Dee Hazelgrave

5.40 - 6.30  John Baxter

6.30 - 7.10  Kev H

7.10 - 8.00  Tony (Mac)

8.00 - 8.30  Jeff and Andy

8.30 - 9.00 Dee Hazelgrave

9.00 - 9.30  Andy Hudson or Phil Shields

9.30 - 10.15 Carl and Maria 

10.15 - 11.00 Tony (Mac)

11.00 - 11.40 John Baxter

11.40 - 12.30 Kev H

12.30 - 01.30 Carl and Maria.....


Hope these suit again please pm and thanks in advance to all dj's for coming along and playing look forward to seeing you all.


Dale an Maz

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Still a week to go before dale sets off, so plenty of time to sponsor him. he cant fail with maz giving him encouragement, " get yer bleeding back in to it yer lazy get"

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Looking forward to this,and seeing Dale after his epic journey.Should be there around 5.30/6.

Can't wait to play my 8 minute version of DJ Genitals, while scratching and mixing.Failing that,a bit of Chicory Tip.

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GOOD LUCK TOMORROW DALE all the best   Andy & Mel 
Thanks Andy.. Pint on the bar about 3.30...;-) See ya then...

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Well done Dale & Andy, not forgetting those wonderful ladies in your lives, Maz & Mel, for organising such a superb event.

I loved every second of it!! from the crack, to the music, to the deejays, to the dancing, to the prizes, back to the giggles, all that for such a worthy cause!!! It was tremendous!!

Extra special well done Dale on your 100+ miles bike ride even though you did look like an unlit match by the end of if :D (should have worn Sun Protection Factor .... 500)

Was lovely to meet Mak (great spot Mak!!) & Jkidd (missed your spot, sorry fella) & to hear Dee in a proper venue (rather than when I go round to Kirsty's & he grabs me to listen to what he's just bought!) Great spot mate & you suit being behind the decks. Carl & Maria are always top notch, as is Phil Shields, & I really enjoyed Dawns spot & John Baxters spot .... infact as you can tell, they were all flippin marvellous!!! My only regret is that I missed KevH's spot, both the early one & the late one but I could hardly stand up by the end of the evening (nothing to do with drink, simply dancing) Was great to see you & your gorgeous wife again Kev

Well done to Kirsty for drumming up some last minute, but certainly not least !! raffle prizes.

Hope you've raised lots of cash guys, it was a truly memorable event, so hats off to all involved :hatsoff:

All the very best

Ali xXx

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Nice to see you as well Alison.Yes,agree with all of the above.Top notch pub grub as well.!! Not a bad record played all day,all in a good cause.I think Maria has a future in bingo calling.LOL.

Big up to Dale,Maz and Team Dale for a great day.Great laughs and company,nice to meet John B,Dee,Azza etc etc.

Lastly thanks for letting me spin a few - and Mak ( i ain't go nowt to play) ,did 2 great spots.

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I don't get the chance to get out much anymore therefore I don't get the chance to spin a 45's . I am so thankful to Dale and Andy for giving me the chance to air a few of my tunes . It also gave me chance to met up with people who through Soul-Source and FB have gained my respect , Alison H , and many more . When I saw the time table I nearly sh-t planks to see I was following Maria and Carl Willingham , they were awesome , which is a word I rarely use unless it is deserved . So with that mind Dee , Dawn , Phil , KevH and John your safe in knowledge that you also fit in the awesome catergory .

Kev as you know I really do have a limited number of rare60's now so panic stations was the order of the day for me , hopefully I got away with it playing the first set of mid-tempo and the second set of danceable x/over . I will put a play list up in the relevant forum.

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Just about recovered what a great day thanks to all that turned out.

As already said amazing records played all day so a massive thankyou to the dj;s for giving up there time

especially on a Bank Holiday it was very much appreciated.

Big thanks also to Kirst and Dee for the raffle prizes which they got at very short notice and also to those who gave the prizes.

Special thanks to those that donated on the run up and on Saturday we are nearly approaching the £2000 mark, a great amount and something

we certainly didn't expect will post full amount as soon as I can.


Again big thanks to all dj's  for coming over in Mak's words you were all awesome...... :hatsoff2:



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Well done Dale on a brilliant day & for giving my other half his first dj spot, he's been on a high all weekend.We got there just before Dale got to the finish line, really dont know how ge did it, i'd be fooked If i cycled to the end of my street lol. Heard some great music all day & there was a lovely atmosphere as well as it all being for such a Hood cause. Thanx Alison for the lift home xx

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