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Blackpool Winter Gardens NYEve Soul Party


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Blackpool Winter Gardens NYEve Soul Party on

This event is now over

The fantastic Winter Gardens sees in 2015 in the company of the North's Best Loved Soul DJ's.


2 rooms of all time classics. 9-3

£15 advanced WWW.GOLDSOUL.CO.UK

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Looking forward to this. Tickets bought and accomodation sorted  just around the corner cos its gonna be cold............ Just hope we can get there from over here in hull??????   :yes:

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Went to this event with a group of friends hoping to hear some northern soul as advertised on the flyer while understanding it was a party night not a normal northern soul night but did expect to hear a mixure of both we arrived early richard serling was djing started of with a few commercial northern tracks but then went into a motown set after that it was just motown and 70s disco ie tavares and candy staton with several tracks being played 2 and 3 times each hour when asked djs for request was told they didn't have them and the next dj would have it i find this hard to believe as kev roberts was playing of his laptop it wasn't just our group of 20 people other soulies was voicing their displeasure at the lack of northern soul being played i could have gone to my local pub and heard this type of music without having to pay £15 a head and travel all the way to blackpool when i asked to speak to richard to aire my views i was told he had left the event ive learnt my lesson and won't be attending any other goldsoul events.

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I was one of the dj's at this "New Years Eve Party" event - I arrived a 8.40pm and only listened to part of Richard Searlings set as I was on the decks in the Modern Room from 9 till 10pm.  Richard was the "Early dj" and that dj's job is to warm the night up with a mix of tunes to give people a feel for the event - he always does that well in my opinion and has a wealth of experience!

Richard did have to leave early but that was to attend The Hilton Hotel in Blackpool to finalise arrangements for the Luxury Soul Weekender that is starting today. Kev Roberts was present in the Winter Gardens until at least 1.15am and you could easily have voiced your feelings to him.

The rest of the evening was a good mix of Northern Soul and classic soul music that was played to a constantly full dance floor. I did hear Candi Staton played, but Ginger Taylor has played that elsewhere too, Tavares "Heaven must be missing an angel" was HUGE at Blackpool Mecca before it hit the charts so I feel that can be excused as well. I did hear a couple of tracks that were played more than once but certainly not every hour as you say - that can sometimes happen at a very busy event though.

Kev Roberts played a full set of total floor fillers including all the big tunes, the 12 o'clock celebration he did was excellent and all our party enjoyed the night - the atmosphere was superb.

You say that there was a lack of Northern tunes played, as you said earlier, "while understanding it was a party night not a normal northern soul night but did expect to hear a mixure of both" - the event was a New Years Eve Party, NOT an allnighter, and not a full on Northern Soul night either, you knew what to expect so why criticise? All the dj's were asked not to play rare, allnighter or unknown tunes and to try to keep the floor as full as possible - that request was fulfilled to the max.

You also say "other soulies was voicing their displeasure at the lack of northern soul being played" - I was the last dj to play in the main Northern Soul room, my set started at 1.45am and I finished playing to a clapping full floor at 3.10am, in no particular order, here is as much of my playlist as I can remember.


Nina Simone - Taking care of business (Poolski edit)

Billy Davis - Stanky get funky

Albert Washington - I’m the man

Willie Mitchell - The Champion

Holly St James - That’s not love

The Embers - Watch out girl

Mr Floods Party - Compared to what

Shane Martin - I need you

Marie Knight - That’s no way to treat a girl

Sam Dees - Lonely for you baby

Julian Covey - A little bit hurt

Mike McDonald - God knows

Chris Clarke - Something’s wrong

Isley Brothers - Tell me its just a rumour baby

Flame n King - Ho happy day

Babe Ruth - Elusive

Bob Relf - Blowing my mind to pieces

The Montclairs - Hung up on your love

Chuck Jackson - I’ve got the need

Larry Houston - Lets spend some time together

Ann Sexton - You’ve been gone too long

Bettye Swann - Kiss my love goodbye

Jeff Perry - Love don’t come no stronger

Bill Harris - Am I cold, am I hot

Harold Melvin - Get out

Don Thomas - Come on train

Jimmy Radcliffe - Long after tonight is all over

Dean Parrish - I’m on my way

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yes mate you came on at 1.45 by then after 5 hours of repeated motown had lost the will to live and if you think by northern records we automaticaly mean nighter tunes are you the right dj to be doing these events records requested duke browner . carstairs .bobby paris .hardly nighter tunes even if it a was 50/50 split would have been ok .as for promoter leaving his event cant get my head round why you think thats ok  and you never told me there was a promoter still there when i asked who i could aire my views to you also agreed with me that several records had been played 2 and 3 times and by the way willie mitchell .julian covey played earlier on in night i could understand a repeat but 3 times is a bit much understand that you played mainly nothern in your set as you have put on your play list i think i am entitled to my own opinion as this night cost me a lot of money which could have been saved by going to my local and listening to the same music joe 90 was played at wigan so can you add that to your playlist thanks.

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