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VAVAVOOM SOUL CLUB 10th Anniversary!


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Yann V

VAVAVOOM SOUL CLUB 10th Anniversary! on

This event is now over

:thumbsup: Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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VaVa Voom proudly present a 10th anniversary all day rare soul special!!

Yes, believe it or not it's been 10 years since Yann & I held the 1st VaVa Voom alldayer at "Nambucca" on the Holloway Rd!! 
So to mark this auspicious occasion & give you a party you won't forget we're holding a 12 hour special at quite probably one of the swishest venues ever to host a rare soul event, "Belair House, Dulwich, in South East London"!
As you can see from the website www.belairhouse.co.uk
Belair House is a beautiful Georgian mansion built in 1785, set in its own gorgeous grounds, recently, tastefully refurbished it really is something quite special! 
What's even better is the fact we have exclusive use of both the main Ballroom & the wood panelled Gallery Bar Room on the Saturday of the bank holiday 24th May from 2pm-2am!
Add to that a collection of Dj's from past & present clubs up & down the country, each with their own eclectic taste, repertoire & style then a good time is in store for all!
The line-up
2 of our Dj's not by coincidence also happen to be 2 of our original Vava Voom guests from that 1st event 10 years ago, 
The Capitol Soul Club's Irish Greg & more recently Soul Syndicate's Marco Santucci!
Joining the originals, we are proud to welcome back Kent Records & The 100 Club's very own Ady Croasdell! 
Unable to make our very 1st event, Ady kindly offered his services for our 2nd at 'The Bull' in Islington back in 2005. 
Martin Gavin most folk will know for running among others the fantastic Caledonia Soul Club in Glasgow, one of the must places to go in the noughties!
Alan Handscome also for the legendary Capitol Soul club & just about every mod club in the UK & Europe, most recently R&B123!
John Pearson many will know from the Chertsey Swan Song sessions as well as stacks of crossover & modern gigs too numerous to mention. 
Rich Buckley & Arron(Azza)Adams, have both keeping the flame burning & titivating the crowds up in Leeds at That Driving Beat. 
The Embankment Club's Lenny Dopson, The Wellingborough Wonder bringing some mid-tempo magic to a May day.  
Last of the guests, two young hot bucks currently blazing a rare soul trail through London with their club Inner City Soul Club, James Pogson & Tomas McGrath. 
And Finally your resident stooges, Yann Vatiste, Joel Maslin & Ady Lupton.
Belair House, Gallery Rd, Dulwich, London, SE21 7AB.
The venue has two bars serving great ales, lagers, wines, spirits & fabulous cocktails!
Also an A la carte restaurant if you want something fancy & a BBQ on the terrace over looking the park, weather permitting, alternatively and in addition a bar menu will be available too. 
The venue has plenty of safe free parking plus Gallery Rd has plenty of free parking too.
The nearest train station West Dulwich is 5 mins walk from the venue & has trains direct from London Victoria. 
We will be adding more transport links, nearby accommodation details,
Dj profiles etc on our website below. It is a work in progress so please be patient with us, well Yann as he'll be updating & adding to it daily.
We have a limited capacity so we strongly recommend you buy tickets in advance to avoid any potential disappointment.
Tickets are £10 in advance via the website link below. 
Alternatively £12 on the door if still available. 
All sales will be via a secure Paypal booking & you'll receive a confirmation email with a reference number to collect your ticket on the door when you arrive.
For more info & ticket sales go to,
Look forward to seeing you there!

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Here are some shots of the brilliant venue to show y'all how posh it is. I may wear a top hat and spinning bowtie. I trust you'll all do the same...  :thumbsup:


Our main room is the white ballroom with excellent wooden floor, and the darker of the two rooms is our funk and r&b room, which also has an American Oak bar serving a plethora of spiffing refreshments of the boozy kind. 'Mange tout Rodney, mange tout....'







Btw....bar prices at the venue are normal London prices:



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We've also tested the rail links to West Dulwich station, and even in rush hour it is just a short 20 min journey from Victoria station to the front door of the venue - 15 mins out of Victoria, 3rd stop. Then a 5 min walk to the venue from there:









Alternatively, there is a Number 3 bus from Oxford Circus, which also runs as the nightbus N3.


Closest tube station is Brixton, then a short journey on the Number 3.


More info can be found here:




Nearby accomodation info coming soon!!

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Here is a top ten from one of our guests, James Pogson, we're in for a treat on the 24th...!! More top tens to follow...


brotherly five - losing my girl - chatham

ishola muhammad - open up your heart - guess

little willie johnson - lonliness - vendellas

harvey scales - trying to survive - magic touch

jerry blackshear - defected - eral

john harris & the soul sayers - hangin' in - kerston

mellow madness - save the youth - mega

dewey jefferies - how do you change the old foundation - e&j

sugar boy & shades of black - free man - shades

willie wright - right on for the darkness - hotel

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Hi All, just a quick update on proceedings.


Ticket sales going strong, thanks to those that have already purchased theirs & reminder to those that haven't but are thinking of attending, get your tickets in advance, guarantee your place & save yourself a couple of quid in the process.


For those that weren't aware, Mark & Gemma Randell are sadly leaving our shores to live in the Big Apple at the end of May.

As they're not leaving till the end of the month they thought what better way to leave & say goodbye than having their final shindig with everyone on the 24th at Belair House!

We've managed to squeeze Mark onto the decks too so expect even more great tunes through out the day!

So do come along bid them farewell, all the best for the future & raise a glass or two of bubbly.


As if that wasn't reason enough to crack open the champers the 24th May also happens to be Dru's & my fifth wedding anniversary!

A 10th anniversary, a 5th anniversary & flavoursome farewell flagons!

All ales/wines/cocktails gratefully accepted... Be great if you can be there to celebrate with us all!


We will also have a record bar during the day & evening, so any dealers if you can get in touch with me to let me know if  you would like a table or two?


Get in touch with any other queries you have or if you're encountering any problems with the website/tickets or  finding accommodation?


Look forward to seeing you soon,



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John Pearson's top ten for your delectation - nice:
Executive Jam- I'm into your love (Third Street)
Merv Murphy It's growing (Simmons)
Freddie Terrell-Why not me? (Capitol)
Vince Dena-Love can't be Modernized (Sundi)
Tom Green-Endless confusion (Action)
The Perfections-Can this be real (Calgar)
Nicole Willis-You got me moon walking (OSE)
Bobby Shannon-You're an uplift (To-Mar)
Wildflower-Wind it up, turn it loose (Dash)
Sheryl Swope-Can't get him off my mind (Duo)

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Tomas McGrath

Likes Soul, especially small vinyl records.

Co-founder of Inner City Soul



Current Top Ten:


The Underground Express - "I Never Found A Girl" (U.G.E.)

Hank Hodge - "One Way Love" (Eye)

Carol Woods & The Executives - "Heart Breaker"

Bob & Gene - "I Really Really Love You" (MoDo)

The Soul Injection - "Stay Off The Moon" (Accent)

Kelly & The Soul Explosions - "Talking About My Baby's Love" (Dynamite)

Paul Burton - "So Very Hard To Make It" (Music-Go-Round)

Pandella Kelly - "Stand In For Love" (Horoscope)

Jesse Davis - "Gonna Hang On In There Girl" (Era)

The Valdons - "All Day Long" (Twin City Movement)

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Alan H




For the last four years I've been running RnB123 A Black Music Mod club.

You don't have to be a Mod to get in its the Old working class ethic of going out with ya matesgetting dressed up and Dancing to Brilliant music

Tunage from the 50s right through to the early 70sOur Facebook page has over 2000 members who share Tunes and info about our beloved music.

My set at Va Va Voom will reflect the whole spectrum that we play at the clubwith a splash of Latin and maybe a couple of Jamaican tunes thrown in for good measure.


Current Top Ten:


Red Callender Sexttete Voodoo Hollywood

Turn Arounds Run away and Hide Era

Reatha Reese Only Lies Dot

Jimmy Phillips She belongs to me Bumps

Garnet Mimms As long as i have you French United Artists

John Roberts Ill Forget you Duke

Jokers Soul Sound Sko-Field

Creations I wanna talk with you

Paul WinleyDon Heart Soul in the backyard Mas-Ter

Joyce Taylor Mean mis-treater Wal-Ly

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100 Club Capo di tutti Capi Adrian Croasdell's mighty selection of unissued gems - coming your way on May 24th. Lummy!
Nancy Wilcox He'll Be Leaving You
Sharon Scott I'm Not Afraid
June Jackson Port Of Happiness
Dave Crawford Praying For The Rain To Come
Berna Dean Don't Try To Tell me
September Jones You'd Better Know Why
Natural Resources If There Were No You
Barbara Lynn This Is The Thanks I Get
The Demures I Wanna Be Good To You
Etta James Can't Shake It

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Looking forward to seeing some old mates from my 100 Club days once again - Looks like we have a fun day ahead :wink: 


See you there.


Len :thumbsup: 

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A quick update,
Tickets selling like hot cakes!
If you're thinking of coming but haven't already, we'd seriously recommend buying your tickets soon. 
We have a limited capacity so best not to leave it to chance, we'll try & keep you updated on availability throughout the week. 
For tickets go to,
The last day for purchasing tickets will be Friday, after that it will be pay on the door only, assuming tickets are still available. 
Hopefully you'll be fine but best call us 1st on Saturday to check availability. 
Ady 07789262159
Yann 07515 355433
Varying weather reports at the moment but all in all it doesn't look too bad, keeping everything crossed...
Would be the icing on the cake if it's nice. 
Got a couple of spaces left for record dealers but getting tight so get in touch soon please if you want a table?
If you're thinking of dining in the restaurant, also best to book ahead as I know they're getting pretty booked up too. 
Also if there are any budding photographers out there, we are looking for someone to take some good snaps throughout the day & evening(reportage styleee). 
Get in touch if you're interested please?
So Get your tickets, Get your glam rags ready & Get down in Dulwich Village!!
Here's a little plattering from Gregory to whet your appetite for Saturday. 
    Jesse Davis- There’s room for me — Revere
    Cleveland Robinson — Love is a trap — Nosnibor
    Ducky and The Glo-Liters — Over Over — Uptown acetate
    Jon and The weirdest — No time — Tie
    Judy Freeman — Hold On — Unissued version RCA LP test
    Cleveland Robinson — Boy — Nosnibor (blue)
    Martells — Where can my baby be — A-la-carte
    Reggie Alexander — Its Better — Boss
    Appreciations — It’s better to cry — Sport
   Debonaires — Loving you takes all of my time — Solid Hit

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Hi everyone,  Ticket sales have been especially high last couple of days & we'll soon be nearing our capacity, so thanks to those who've already bought theirs & better be quick, those that haven't! This is the last day to buy advance tickets, the cut off time is midnight.  After that it's tickets on the door only but best to arrive early or phone ahead & check availability?  Call either Me 07789262159 Yann 0 7515 355433 Or Joel  07515 355433 Don't miss out!!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Cheers, Ady 

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Pre-Sold Tickets now Closed  


£12 OTD

Please make sure you get in touch with:
Ady Lupton: 07789 262159
Yann Vatiste: 07515 355433
or email me: yannvatiste@mac.com

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Wishing you all the very best, it will be a corker :thumbup: I know it will!


We are gutted we can't make it as on holiday :shades: .


Sharnya & Stuart

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Had great night in the company of Len & Nina + other like minded souls thanks! Some venue that and a much welcome adventure closer to the equator for a change. Younger lads played a blinding set in the smaller of the rooms later on, both rooms hot n busy all night. :)


Brilliant to put some more faces to names finally and hear more interesting stories, fables and new to my ears records...the ever increasing soul tapestry.


Cheers, Steve :thumbsup:

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That was a brilliant day out. The venue is amazing and probably the poshest place a soul event has ever been held! Awesome music in both rooms. Great people and lots of laughs.  Looking forward to the next one already.



Well done lads!

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Would just like to say a huge thank you to all our guest jocks and excellent soul lovers for making Saturday such a fantastic shindig. Many thanks to Dru, Julia, Roz, Han, Kavel and anyone else who helped out on the door for your hard work and making the top of the stairs such a good laugh. Also would like to thank Rich Buckley for his support and help in the lead up to the event. Also the venue were great and very supportive so thank you. Amazing music and amazing people! Last but no least much love to Mark & Gemma on their new life Stateside. Back soon for more in very early August. Many thanks! XxxxX

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Sorry it's taken a few days to get something up but that really was something of a party!!!!

Just to reiterate what Joel has already said a big thank you to all who came & made it such a great success & thanks to everyone for their support over the last 10 years!

A big thank you to our glamorous door girls, primarily Dru, Julia & Noreen but thanks too to Roz & anyone else who helped out, counted the change & affixed wristbands, not bad considering how the cocktails/wines/etc were flowing....

Great to see so many new & old faces & in particular my old partner in crime, the lesser spotted Matt Jahans!

As mentioned thanks to Rich for helping out with sound checks & equipment, all the Dj's for the top quality, non stop entertainment in both rooms! (There were quite a few people who couldn't decide where to go as the music was so good in both rooms, they were just flitting from one room to the next & back).

To everyone else who helped out with promotion, flyering & just spreading the word!

The management & staff were courteous throughout & very happy with our crowd.

Unfortunately the weather misbehaved to begin with but brightened up later making a splendid early evening vista on the balcony. Alas due to the inclement weather the BBQ didn't get fired up but I did notice plenty of bar snacks being enjoyed in the downstairs bar.

Also Mr Santucci got stuck & stranded on a job in Amsterdam & couldn't get back in time but a bit of dj jiggling & the day was saved by those in attendance.

Last but not least thanks to Dru for putting up with me for the last 5 years as it was also our wedding anniversary(what could be more romantic than a VVVM alldayer)?

Good luck to Mark & Gemma on their new life in The Big A, we'll certainly miss you!

Now without blowing my own tuba, I think it's fair to say if you didn't make it Saturday, you missed a great party!

On the other hand don't fret as we're back at Belair House for another thrilling installment in 2 months time!

Saturday 2nd August, same times 2pm-2am, a quality Dj line up & with a bit of luck plenty of sunshine!

Details to follow shortly!!!!

Many thanks once again & see you at the next one

Chin, chin,

Ady x

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