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This event is now over

Lee writes.......

Here we go again........The dust has settled from the madness of the 1st King Bee birthday do and it's almost time (well 2 weeks tomorrow) to do it all again....you know the score, look sharp, dance, drink and party, it's tough but I know you good people can do it! Well next months guest DJ has been a stalwart of the black music scene and a stalwart of The King Bee. He's been a regular punter, and drove all the way from Norwich where he was on holiday, to play a set in the afternoon at the August alldayer. It's an honour to have him spin tunes for us, the one and only Steve Longworth

"I first heard Northern Soul via my step brother in about 1973/74 and soon found that I preferred this wonderful mysterious music over glam rock ( although there will always be a place in my heart for Slade ) and started to attend local teenage social club nights such as the Mad Haggis in Leigh where this music was played in amongst other styles of music.

With school mates who were also into the music a few a little older who were already going to Wigan Casino, i was hooked.

By ’75 I was sneaking out of my bedroom window , thumbing it the 8 or 9 miles to Wigan and experiencing it myself

I still remember as a kid sitting on the balcony in awe at the music and fantastic dancers. Many nights of practice in my bedroom followed along with complaints from parents and worn out carpets.

Was a regular at nighters until about 79 when other distractions diverted my attention away.

Went back for the last few but when Wigan closed I thought so were my soul days

I went to a party in 82 and bumped into Brian Rae and Keith Brady again, got chatting about niters they were going to and I was instantly hooked again.

That led to the next 12 years until my son was born being a whirlwind of places soul nites and niters up down and across the country.

Met my lovely wife at a niter in Loughborough in 84, and got married in 86.

After my son was born in 94 my attendance at niters curtailed greatly as we also moved to Derbyshire so lost the mates I knocked about with.

Another chance meeting with an old mate Gaz Keen at Peterborough Right Track got me going again but I soon tired of hearing the same old oldies at every venue when I was buying rougher R&B influenced records that no one else so I thought wanted to listen to.

Started DJing around Leicester and Loughborough , Six Hills occasionally and Starlight 2000

I also used to ring an old mate Mike Hawkins back home regularly to play tunes to each other as he shared a passion for this style of music. We decided to start up a night to play our tunes and a few months later the Soulful Shack was launched but closed due to a change of management at the venue.

Months of searching for another venue followed until we found a great basement club just outside Manchester and Down in the Basement was born, playing early soul, R&B and popcorn.

We have just passed our 2nd anniversary but again a change in management and personal circumstances means we will be looking for a new venture shortly which we will be announcing soon I hope.

40 years seems to have flown by !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Hey,  This intro sounds just like my life story, The gaps and then fed up with the run of the mill sounds played by D'Js that failed to evolve Errol Green told me about your last event  and got me a CD Which made me buy a copy of Ella Fitz These boots on SALLE

I Realy hope to get to one of your venues soon.


Best wishes

Garry Huxley

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