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Barry Holland


This event is now over


Bringing you the finest music since 1999




S7 1FS.











8-00p.m. - 1-30a.m. (1-00a.m. BAR)

K - G - B


Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Looking forward to another great night of northern soul down those stairs. My old mate Ace coming down to do a spot like only he can, not 'arf mate, and a first time spot for Grahame Johnson who's been coming to see us for a bit now and promises to do a top spot of northern classics with some RnB thrown in as well. Look forward to it Grahame. See you all on the night for another atmospheric KGB night. Barry, KGB, KTF.

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Hi Barry


I herd on the grapevine that you had been back in hospital.


Hope that all is well and your on the mend.


Hope you have a great night. 


So sorry that I can't be there as I have to go to a family engagement .

Would have like to have seen Darren do his spot.


Really looking forward to spinning some great tunes there in May.


Keep your chin up.




Kevin Bruce.

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Hi ya looking forward to saturday! hope you are feeling better!


nigel & elaine

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So once more i have to say it yet again another top night at the KGB,

And with some impressive numbers in attendance (standing room only from 9:30 pm onwards and i'm going to say it wouldn't have taken many more people to have been there to have made this a capacity crowd) and nicely mixed in with club regulars was a healthy amount of younger soul fans and for a change not on the 60's revival or Modernist side of things just young people there to enjoy the music and to dance and new blood is always a pleasure to see.

Anne (Mrs KGB) Holland was absent from warm up duties this month and the early shift went to (and i'm hoping i get this right as i only caught the fist part of your name) Darren who did a very competent performance keeping the mike chatter to a minimum and the tunes to a maximum and indeed doing so gave very much a strong 60's based set that crossed all the "T" and dotted them there "I's" as well and nether the less set the stage and indeed the night to a large extent on this performance. Very much an old school set with any slack being taken up with a huge helping of evergreen soul classics and well in keeping with KGB music policy and feel and setting the stage nicely for the evenings two guest DJ's.

Putting my hand firmly up in the air and saying it's the first time i've heard spinning the vinyl but Grahame went about his set in very much a no frills performance and like Darren before him deemed the best approach was to let the vinyl do the talking and indeed it did from a varied selection of classic Wigan Casino and Golden Torch sounds to the addition of a sprinkling up-beat 70's dancers giving a well delivered and solid performance that suited the crowd and dance floor alike well planed and with a nice easy flow to Grahame's deck time hitting the spot and nailing it first time.

Okay so this fella doesn't require much of an introduction (but i'm going to give him one) the somewhat larger than life Paul "Ace" Richards who i really have to say is never any different every time i meet him come rain or shine he's always the same now that take some doing but getting back to Mr Richards performance if i was to say if i had closed my eyes and cast my mind back to the days when the KGB was in the other side of the building this was a set that was indeed 100% pure old time KGB and from a dance floor perspective was a master stroke i know that the phrase "YOUTH CLUB" sound can get a mixed response so i'll say more of a Top 500 spot with a few curve balls thrown in for good measure and with his usual "Ace" DJ patter this was a set that just didn't keep the dance floor busy but at time set it alight, well balanced tunes from Detroit to Philadelphia and a healthy portion of 70's up-beat scorchers.

Well and last but not least the man the legend Barry "Mr KGB" Holland who although this fella hasn't been too well of late did a sterling performance to finish the night off and off course in very much his own style, classic Motown was the order of the day and with this scored a direct hit, old favorites that left the dance floor packed solid and once more another fine outing behind the decks by Barry who always seem to get it just right, but if i was to find fault i'd have to say what's happened to Lulu's take on "Call Me"? this was a monster on the last play and i was talking to a well known and respected local DJ on Saturday who has been biding on this very same record all last week and like myself was a newcomer to this sound and yeah would be a welcome addition to the record box.

So till next month go steady,


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Hi Barry hope you get to see this soon! I know you went back into hospital on sunday!! hope all is well , had a top nite as allways! so take care of yourself and will see you in april......


Nigel & Elaine


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First of all ladies and gents, apologies for a late post but as you all know I was taken back in to hospital at half 6 the next morning after the KGB night. Unfortunately since my discharge from hospital my dad has also been in for a second time and my sister has been in I.C.U. So you can imagine it's not been a great time for us all.

Back to the night and thanks for all the great feedback chaps, yes another top, atmospheric down those stairs and a massive thanks to all the KGB'ers for their loyal support.

Was going to mention an early, debut spot from Darren Deeley, playing some great tunes of across the board northern soul. Thanks Darren, and a great guy also.Another debut spot from Grahame went down really well. Top northern soul sounds all the way and welcome back to do a spot any time, well done. Of course "Ace" doing his normal classic northern spot along with all the banter, and myself doing the last spot, which nearly finished me off as well as the night, (LOL). (Note to oneself.....play Lulu next time, thanks Russ, your input is second to none and also your writing skills hit the nail on the head everytime, thanks again.)

Thanks to Lauren for sitting on the door again, extremely friendly bar staff and a massive thanks to Pete, Gina, Michelle and Russ for the help at the end of the night.

See you all at the next one, thanks again for everyone's support and concern for my health, Barry, KGB, KTF.

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