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Groovin' @ Grundy's


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Groovin' @ Grundy's on

This event is now over

After January's reasonably successful event, we've actually pinned down some dates for the rest of the year ......so we're back for some more soulful, ear and foot refreshment at Grundy's Tavern in Derby with regulars, Rob Kay, Dave Lucas, Kev Rodgers + guests ...... just waiting on responses from a couple of people re availability at the moment.


Sunday April 19th 2014 from about 1.00 pm 'ish until 8.00 pm 'ish.

Music policy will be all things soulful, with a little bit of everything ..... but not too much of any one thing .... at any one time!

So, we'd like you to join us for some soulful ear and foot refreshment in the very comfortable surroundings of Mr Grundy's ..... which happens to have it's own brewery on-site .... chef-prepared Sunday Lunch is available between 12-4.00pm but you may have to book ....having said that .... there's baguettes, chips and a range of other foods available too.

If you've never been to Mr Grundys .... check out this link ... http://www.georgianhousehotel.info/ or just Google "Mr Grundy's"

Hope to see some of you there.


Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Hello, hello, hello ..... I thought I'd done this already, but obviously haven't ..... this time's Grundy's guest is Tony McKenna .... another "dark horse" where record collections are concerned, should be a good afternoon!

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Hey up Kev , deffo going to be there , but is it the 13th or the 16th lol as stated. Sunday April 16th 2014 from about 1.00 pm 'ish until 8.00 pm 'ish.

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Great idea Kev putting a Sunday afternoon session on a Wednesday, no clashes with other venues there then LOL!,  I hope you remember Vicki's Birthday better !!


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Hi Dave,


Sprung has springed and an old man's fancy turns to thoughts of music & beer .... which will both be available in copious amounts next Sunday .... promises to be a very nice afternoon methinks!


Dave, forgot you could edit posts .... so I've sorted it now!!  

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By this time (7.25pm) next week, I shall be on my second pint!! ..... and we will hopefully have had another great soulful afternoon at Grundys in the company of some very nice people ...... if you've been before you'll know what its all about ..... and if you haven't, why not give us a try ....it's free. ..... and if you've got any spare of those black shiny vinyl thingys, why not bring them along ..... I can guarantee that at least one person will have mooch through them......anyway, hope you can make it, take care, Kev

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The car's packed to the rafters, so to speak .... just need to freshen up and a quick change of clothes and off we jolly well go ...... just need to plug a few bits of kit together when we get there ..... Mr Lucas, is freighting it in and then it's tunes & beer and almost certainly sunday lunch for the next several hours .... I'll see you there .... but if you can't make it this time .... there's always the next one on the 13th July

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