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Pride Of Spitalfields East End London


Pride Of Spitalfields East End London

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First up - It's a pub and not a Soul Night.......

- It's a sort of 'bring a box of anything' night where slots are organised beforehand

- But, if you're across 'East' near Brick Lane on the 24th for any reason, why not pop in for a drink

- You might hear all manner of music - however....

- I'm playing a selection of Northern, RnB and Motown - on original vinyl of course - for 45 mins around 9ish

- It's free! .....although of course your drinks aren't !!

- So if you're around, pop in, as it's a crackin little pub anyway.



3 Heneage Street, London, E1 5LJ for the follow ya phone brigade !

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