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Northampton Spinners (a Oldies Northern Soul Night


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Northampton Spinners (a Oldies Northern Soul Night on

This event is now over

Northampton Spinners (A oldies Northern Soul Night) have their next Soul Night on Saturday 19th July.

Resident Dj's Ella Taylor and Kev Berry are joined by Rob Glover (The Buzz) and Nick Topsey Turvey (Pure Rhythm Radio)

Tonight we wil be featuring Cliff Steele who is going to take you on a trip down memory lane with a genuine St Ives/Cleethorpes/Wigan set with the play list from 1974 -1977.

The venue has a great dance floor which is talc friendly. I try to improve each time i hold this event, two of the suggestions for improvement were:

1 make it darker as the stage lights, gave off too much light. This time they will be off, but small djing lamps will replace them making it darker.

2 it is not so easy to find an event in soul source when somebody is looking for a specific area. This has been adressed a the title now is Northampton Spinners.

Hope you find the information of interest. I welcome your comments.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Nice to see names that are not familiar (to me) on the DJ circuit. Looks like you had a belter!

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The venue itself was great and locality was good but took a 150 mile round trip to an event that bears very little resemblance to the northern soul scene we're part of. We were made to feel 'as welcome as a fart in an astronaut suit'. We knew 3 people there, but no one else spoke or even acknowledged us. We enjoy visiting and trying out new venues around the country, and have met some wonderful likeminded soulies but it seems these people do not like outsiders attending their venue. Anyway, We tried it. Soulbird

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Soul bird, that's a real shame; we went over from Banbury and had a good time  - sat down the front on the right of the stage as you look at it; as with everyone & everywhere,  some are chatty some are not. Some are downright aggressive at some venues :wicked: I find the huge mass gathering onto the floor, drinking and selfieing a bit irritating but then I'm old now and would probably have been the same 30 years ago - had they invented the mobile phone back  then  :wicked: Maybe acknowledge and speak first,  or did you try that too?

Thought the sets were ok to good but a few repeats methinks???? Hats off to Kev Berry (last on) who played some great stuff.

Will be back with the select few  :yes:

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Wish we'd stood near you. Just did not feel the love so to speak - no eye contact even; we're friendly northerners. The drinks on the floor cheesed us off too. Us old soulies know the etiquette. Didnt see the last DJ - we arrived at 9.00 then left at 10.30. Thanks for acknowledging my post, Keep the faith.

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Hi Soulbird, interesting to see your comments, I'm Geof the organiser of this event. This venue has only been running about 3 years and we only hold 2 or 3 a year. each time i find it a learning curve, and look to see how it can be improved. I was by the enterance to the venue, you may have meet with me on the door. I always try to greet evryone with a smile and aim to not keep people standing and waiting in line to get in. The room is not huge so I set the venuue up so there are no chairs between between the table and dance floor, leaving room for people room to stand next to the dance floor. The room is set up with little lighting, the music system loud but not distorted, we have a good number of fans and the firedoors open to keep it cool. I know that it is difficult to make coversation in those conditions. The beer on the floor is a problem, it would'nt have been in the day as there was no alchol. I find your explanation on how welcome you felt a bit harsh.  In general a get a lot of posative feed back on the nights i run.  I'm sorry your experience was not a great one, it takes a lot of good comment to build a good reputation but it does'nt take many bad comment to distroy it. The next one is in November Sat 22nd, let me know if you want to come I'll put you down as guests. hopefuly you'll saty longer.

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