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'SOUL NOT DOLE' part 5 on Sunday August 10th. Once again top class guest DJ's 'GARY SMITH' (Horti club) & 'BRI PINCHE', (Say no more) & Top 70's spinner 'RICHARD FRANCIS' so to hear top class rare and underplayed soul music one not to miss. Not forgetting TERRY, DEAN & LIL OLD ME.Free admission, great dancefloor, cheap beer, free CD & and dont forget at the finish we all hit the indian across the road. And just to wet your appetite here are the guest DJ's playlists from last Junes event Dave Raistricks, Rob Croskill, Russ Steele, & Bob Snow A big thanks to you lads an incredible range of music.

Sherrell Brothers - The Price - Currison

Sunlovers - My Poor Heart - Mutt & Jeff

The Penetrations - Sweet, Sweet Baby - Teri De

The Classics - Looking For A Love (Of My Own) - Wide World

Johnny Adams - You're A Bad Habit, Baby - SSS International

Bobby Hill - Tell Me You Love Me - Lo Lo

The Trends - Not Too Old To Cry - ABC Paramount

Jacqueline Jones - A Frown On My Face - Loadstone

The Fantastic Four - Live Up To What She Thinks - Ric-Tic

The Perfections - Girl You Better Hurry - Tri-City

Tony Clarke - A Wrong Man - M-S

Lynn Varnado - Wash & Wear Love - Gator

Carl Hall - What About You - Columbia

Jewel - Paradise - Jewel

The Dynells - Call On Me - Vent

Bessie Banks - Don't You Worry Baby - Quality

Crystal Motion - You're My Main Squeeze - Sound Gems

Brothers Of Soul - Dream - Shock

George Smith - I've Had It - Turntable

1. chambers brothers - i can't stand it -columbia

2. bill withers - harlem - sussex

3.lucinda slim - all this time - melting pot

4.rozetta johnson - mine was real - clintone

5. john parker - a big mistake - brunswick

6 george e smith - don't find me guilty - conclave

7. the commands - no time for you - dynamic

8.little ann - sweep it out in the shed - kent select

9. gene stridel - tomorrow is another day - atlantic

10. johnny nash - love ain't nothin' - argo

11. johnny wesley - you still need me - melic

12. garnet mimms - prove it to me - UA

13. gordon keith - look ahead - calumet

14. billy prince - say it again - verve

15. exciters - you know it ain't right - shout

16. chosen few - birth of a playboy - canyon

17 baby washington - hey lonely one- sue

18 sam fletcher - more today than yesterday - vault

19. robin rice - i've had it - crackerjack

20. jj daniels - mr lonesome - sure shot

21 cl blast - what can i do - united

22 vernon harrell & little gigi - baby doncha worry - decca

23 marty thompson - whirlpool - sir ben

24 azie mortimer - you're ashamed of me - UA

25 walter jackson - not you - okeh

26. gail wynters - you don't have to be in love

Come Go With Me - Harold Melvin

I'm So In Love With You - Wizdom

I Call It Love - The Pretenders

Hey Mamma - George Franklin Smallwood

Trying To Love Two - Barbara Lynn

Where Did Those Signs Go - Ed Townsend

I Was Born To Love You - Timeless Legend

All Of A Sudden - Melvin Moore

It Only Happens - Love Machine

Honey - Jesse Fisher

Do You Love Me Just A Little , Honey - Supremes & Four Tops

I'm In Love With You Baby - Van McCoy

Why You Don't Love Me - Yellow Cook

You , Me And Love - Clarence Thompson

Your Love Is All I Need - Johnny Adams

Can't Get Off Until The Feeling Stops - Lamont Dozier

Up And Outta Here - R Kelly

Bob & Gene - I really, Really love you ( For my late Mum & Dad Bob & Jean)

Benny Harper - My Prayer

Ruby Andrews - Wonderful Nite

The Earles - Everybody's got Somebody

Charles Mintz - Running Back

Lil Major Williams - Girl don't leave me

Second Ressurrection - You done let daylight catch you

Eugene Smiley - Yes It's you

Oaxaca - Stop your crying

Joy Jones - Spring C/up

Sweet Pearl - You mean everything to me

Clarence Hall - Little Girl C/up

The Saints - I'll let you slide

Herby Brown - One more broken heart

C. Coulter - I cant fight the feeling

Cloudburst - I'm lovin you

Richard Caiton - I'd like to get near you.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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