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Burnley Fulledge Charity Event Alldayer


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Burnley Fulledge Charity Event Alldayer on

This event is now over

Fulledge Charity Event Alldayer.

Because of popular demand from our Soul Brothers and Sisters, we have decided to do


DJ Rota Main Room

11.00 - Kevin Tivenan - Worcester.

11.45 - Kevin Jackson - Soul in the Dales.

12.30 - John Townend - Nelson.

13.15 - Dane Perry - Wigan.

14.00 - Dave Perry - Wigan.

14.45 - Carol Anne McCarthy - Bolton.

15.30 - Alan King - Wigan.

16.15 - Steven Henderson - Rochdale.

17.00 - David Hutchinson - Darlington.

17.45 - Keith Gunton - Accrington.

18.30 - Steven Andrew - Rochdale.

19.15 - Ethan Howarth - Bolton.

20.00 - Ian Wills - Wigan.

20.45 - Brent Howarth - Bolton.

21.30 - Rob Smith - Nottingham.

22.15 - Knocker - Chesterfield.

23.00 - Lester Wardle - Halifax.

DJ Rota Alternative Room

17.00 - 23.00

Times to be confirmed.

Pete Hollander - Crewe.

Sarah King - Wigan.

Robert Payne - Burnley.

Tom Dacey - Burnley.

Will Dawe - Burnley.

Peter Hart - Padiham.

This is sure to be another fantastic day.


:hatsoff2: :hatsoff2: :hatsoff2: :hatsoff2: :hatsoff2: :hatsoff2:

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Can't wait for this one, the last one was one of the best I've been to and I made loads of new friends from all over.  

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Well it's 4 weeks today and we can't wait to see all you wonderful people again and all these quality DJs who I'm sure will have our feet and body's in pain by the end of the day. We have also put In a new sound system and it sounds great, we have also had a new kitchen put in and we will be serving pie and peas and sandwiches. Lester is still buzzing from the last one and he has been giving me non stop earache about this one, but its worth it he's still going to be here for a long time and that means we get some bloody good events. Koko

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Last one was a blinder rammed with like-minded folk coming together to share their passion to raise funds for a cause that has affected us all in the name of one of the nicest guys on the soul scene

Yes we all wanted another and can't wait to return

Fred n Suzanne

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cant wait for the next all dayer...luved the last one we were there from doors opening til dooes closing...never danced soooo much in one day lol iv booked the mon off this time seen as i couldnt walk the next day last time...hopin to make even more new soul friends. even better now u have the kitchen n sound system (which sounds amazin by the way) we will b there in force ready to dance til we drop see u next sat nite for our usual dose of soul....i can honestly say urs is the best events we attend KTF

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Well u guys managed to do it yet again!!!!! Last nite was truly fantastic...the dance floor was alive with soulies all nite......had 1 of the best nites in a very very long time. The atmosphere was amazin n saw sum truly stunning dancing.... thanks peter n lester for a fabulous nite see u in 3 weeks for the alldayer....oh by the way the kitchen is amazin great job KTF x

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This one is on the calendar as gutted we missed the last one and heard nothing but good reports about it! Sounds like we won't even need to walk the 500yards home for some scran! See you there folks  :yes: G&K 

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Unfortunately Debbi B cannot attend and that's a big loss for us, but what a replacement we have, I'm sure most of you know Pete Hollander. Pete has been around a lot of years and has a great reputation.  

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Lookin' forward to this....the last one was amazing.....Lester if anyone else as to pull out, can I put myself forward to do a spot, would love to help out.

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Can you put the DJ's times up for the Alternative room please.... and if it's Possible is there any chance I go on at five please :-)

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Well I'm aching all over its been a hard week getting everything ready. Less than 14 hours to go I'll be back down at 9am but hey it's all worth it.

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