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K.S.C. (Kellingley Soul Club)


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Bobby Hebb 1955

K.S.C. (Kellingley Soul Club) on

This event is now over




Northern & Motown in the Main Room & Modern in the Bamboo Room


The Kellingley Social Club

Marine Villa Road


WF11 8ER


Saturday 25th October 2014

4pm — 1am

Main Room DJ's Dave - Tony — Toc — Mike West —Stabs - Mally — Jonah — Vic — Jimmy Walsh - Sooty & Paul Hamby

Modern Room DJ's Lodgie - John Tash — Paul Morrell — Mally & Gang

Admission £4

For further info: Contact Tony: 07882716405

Free Car Park: Great Bar Prices: Ample Seating

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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What a great occasion this promises to be our 40th anniversary but if we want to be factual the first night at the old manifesto was I believe in 1973 so its 41 years at the same venue but not gunna nitpick.

Wev'e tried to put together a group of dj's who worked at the club back in the day as well as now so hopefully be playing plenty of tunes from those golden times as well as currently played on the scene.

If this isn't your fancy well don't worry we have a second room where the rare and underplayed will be spun during the day . Then later in the evening will change to the current modern scene.

The dayer starts at 4pm and goes on till 1am maybe a little later.

That's the plan but we all know what happens with plans haha.

Even if you didn't go back in the day come along I think you might be surprised at the atmospheare that's created.

Will post dj times nearer the day when all confirmed

Cheers Tony

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will be there, cant wait to see you all,missed you,should be a great day 

 Hi Sammy,

So glad that you are well and able to be part of the scene again...................missed you on the decks and playing you no what.

Bumped into a couple of friends and they asked me to send you their best wishes :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:



looking forward to seeing you at Kellingley where we can share a glass of Lemonade :wicked:  :wicked: :wicked:  

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Don't know where u got that from tony , I asked the late Arthur's bro steve about wen it was formed and he came up with that , also 1973 would make me 15 at the time , and I was 16 wen it started , but hey ho who gives a flying ?? Hopefully out of respect for Arthur and dipper we can all have a great event , let's all celebrate by playing the early toons wot made the manifesto such a great club , we have 2 original djs on , jimmy welsh and me , and some top notch ones to make the day complete , so if anybody wants to be part of something special then come along and celebrate a part of northern soul history and celebrate the 40 th anni of a great soul club , looking forward to it already !! C u there ! Atb Toc

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have a good un lads we will be in the midlands as youknow doing our bit    but great dave for charity soul a double header day

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Less than a week to go getting plenty of feedback of people comeing could be a busy one.


4pm till 5pm Little Dave

5pm till 6pm Dave Jowett

6Pm till 7pm Sooty and Paul Hamby

7pm till 7.45pm Stabs

7.45pm till 8.30pm Mally

8.30pm till 9.15pm Stu and Sammy

9.15pm till 10.00pm Jonah

10.00pm till 10.45 Jimmy Walsh

10.45pm till 11.30pm Vic Hankin

11.30pm till 12.00pm Little Dave

12.00pm till 1am Toc and Tony

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cant wait for sat really missed everybody, promises to be a great day/night with great people-music-beer,so bring it on



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Not far off now , I hope we can get a few old soulies there this sat out of respect for the guys who won't be there , it was a great place in the 70 s , let's have a great night on sat , look forward to it !!!

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