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Upfront @ the Horse & Jockey


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Upfront @ the Horse & Jockey on

This event is now over

A regular monthly event playing rare and underplayed quality soul music all on original vinyl.

We plan to invite some of the top dj's on the rare/upfront scene both locally and further afield, over the next year.

This Month's guests are : Terry Wright (Soul Not Dole) and Brian Pinches (Horse & Groom Sunday Chill out).

Regular dj's Waggy, Johnny Baxter, Rob Croskell

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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if you like quality northern crossover modern and underplayed you need to be here and its free admission

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Another cracking night ...thanks to everyone to supporting us..it is really appreciated..

big thanks to our 2 guest dj's Brian Pinches and Terry Wright for their brilliant spots..quality.. They've set the bar very high..

thanks to jimmy, David Singh and Anthony for their help and the sarnies..

Also special mention to john John Baxter for setting up as we had our share of problems not least a fellow dj taking his speakers away 2 hours before we started!

It was a tad parky but the central heating is being installed this week so it'll be lovely and snug next month..

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