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Northern Soul At Everyman Cinema

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Northern Soul At Everyman Cinema

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Woohoo, really looking forward to this weekend even more now as a result of North Leeds Northern Soul being asked by The Everyman cinema at the Trinity Centre in the heart of Leeds to deejay to the audience pre-show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. It's a great cinema with pizzas available in the restaurant which you can take into the show with your drinks. Not only can you listen to some great music before the film, as the ground floor area has a great wooden floor you can even get yourself in the mood with a few spins. Get online now to book your tickets before they all go. Our times are Friday 6-9, Saturday 1-4 and Sunday 6-9.

Right folks here's the deal. After securing the deal with Everyman Cinema in the Trinity Centre we require some of our northern soul friends to come and dance. We are looking for about 6 to 10 official invited dancers for each session, but the more the dancers the better.

In return we can get you free entry in the private gallery to watch the Northern Soul movie.

If your interest message me and I'll give you the details.

The times are below on the flyer.

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