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Charity Soul at the Kellingley Soul Club


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Bobby Hebb 1955

Charity Soul at the Kellingley Soul Club on

This event is now over




(Old Manifesto)

(2 Rooms)

Northern & Motown In The Main Room

Modern / Rare R&B In The Bamboo Room


The Kellingley Social Club

Marine Villa Road


WF11 8ER


Sunday 28th December 2014

2pm - 11pm

Main Room DJ's - Toc - Tony - Mally - Jonah - Topsey & Tom - Mike West -

Sammy & Stu - Ron Lavendar - Vic - Paul Morrell

Modern / Rare R&B Room DJ's - Dekka & Crew

Admission £4

For further info: Contact Toc: 07976382342 or Tony: 07882716405

Free Car Park: Great Bar Prices: Ample Seating

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

Recommended Comments

Dekka's Roots Room

From 3:00pm
3 - 4 Andy Hudson
4 - 5 Jay Cee
5 - 6 Ady Crampton
6 - 7 Billy Whizz
7 - 8 Dekka
8 - 9 Ian Parker
9 - 10 John 'Boy' Walton
10 - 11 Pete Watkin

The Roots Room will run from 3:00 pm to 11:00pm

Great mix of sounds from Modern Soul, Northern Classics, Northern Rare/underplayed and RnB and no doubt a few other of whatever takes the DJ's fancy


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bring it on boys and girls lets party like its 2014 and for a great cause, dekka`s room seems like it will be the place to be judging by that line up, but we will give him a run for his money in the main room,GET YOURSELFS THERE!

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Here's a recent playlist of Ady Crampton from a couple of week ago, Ady is a DJ and radio presenter in the east midlands with shows on Newark radio and acacia radio in Mansfield, he's been on the Northern and Scooter scene since the 8t's and is an all round top guy


Coke Escovedo — I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
Best Friend Around — So Good To Know
Personal Touch — It Ain’t No Big Thing
Spaceark — Welcome To My Door
Margie Joseph — Nobody
Bobby Patterson — I’m In Love With You
Johnny Nash — (I’m So Glad) You’re My baby
The Chimes — The Beginning Of My Life
Lorraine Rudolph — Keep Running Back
Debonaires — How’s Your New Love Treating You
Candace Love — Wonderful Night
Aretha Franklin — One Step Ahead
Pat Thomas — I Can’t Wait Until See My Baby’s Face 
Gene Middleton — No-one To Love Me
Virgil Henry — You Ain’t Saying Nothing New
Marcia Hines — You Gotta Let Go
Sandra Wright — Midnight Affair
Jerry Butler — Stop Steppin' On My Dreams
Almeta Latimore — These Memories
Rhonda Davis — Can You Remember
Rance Allen Group — I Know A Man Who 
Independents — I Love You, Yes I Do
Exportations — I Want You
Southside Movement — Do It To Me
Harry Deal & The Galaxies — I Still Love You
Gail Wynters — You Don’t Have To Be In Love
Cynthia & The Imaginations — There’s Something The Matter 
LaBrenda Ben — Just Be Yourself
Barbara Cooper — What’s One More Tear

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So looking forward to returning to Kellingley, I used to work with quite a few Ponty lads when I worked at the Selby pits, also used to play football against them on Ponty racecourse.

A bit of a home coming, can't wait

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Really looking forward to attending and playing a few for The Charity Soul lads.

It's great to be involved with a group who want to help others via their love of this great music and aren't motivated by the money.

:thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:       

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well said ron, cant wait to meet up mate and have a beer or 2, I know its your 1st visit to the venue but you wont be disapointed,  there a great bunch of lads that run charity soul not up there own arses not like some i could mention, SEE YOU THERE PAL 

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Quick jaunt up A1 , a box of mixed goodies , ranging from 1960 - 1980. Looking forward tremendously to spinning some records in the DEKKA room

  last time I was in pontefract area was 1980, stopped off en route to station rd in the pea soup fog. My record  choice will have changed from what it was then, but it will be soul, a bit of early soul, some 70s soul and some mid 60s soul! 

   See ya there folks, can't wait 

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Really looking forward to meeting you guys on the 28 th , this thing we have started is gathering momentum , with new friends joining in all the time , and why shouldn't they , we cannot keep seeing friends and family suffering , then leaving us , somebody has to do something !! So we are , the professor has a great chance of finding the cure , but he needs funds , so that's our priority to help the prof and have a good time doing it , Why ?? Cos we can !! So have a great xmas and let's give it a good bash on the 28 th , Chou for now , atb TOC

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Have to agree with grumpy cant wait for this one. The main room takes care of itself its Dekkas roots room I'm looking forward to if I can get away from the door.

Its gunna be an added bonus for the club to have two rooms giving a choice of music.


I think it says something for charitysoul when so many top djs want to come along, give their time and play some brilliant tunes in both rooms and all for the cause. 

As usual all monies taken on the day from the door, merchandise, and raffle goes to the prof no one takes a penny so a big thank you guys.


So come along folks support a great cause have a few cheap sherbets, or whatevers your tipple, dance, chat, have a good time knowing your helping in the fight.

               If you have anything you wish to donate for the raffle please bring it along will be gratefully received



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All the boys are looking forward to playing their tunes at the home of Charity Soul, in the Roots Room we have 3 Yorkshiremen, myself, Jay Cee and John Boy, we have one from Norwich the legend that is Mr Billy Whizz and 3 from the East Midlands, Ian Parker, Ady Crampton and Pete Watkin.

Our non Yorkshire brothers are filled with excitement at the prospect of playing their music in the Yorkshire heartlands so I urge all Yorkshire men and women to show these boys what true Yorkshire hospitality is all about and come along and give your support for this worthy and fantastic cause and lets raise the roof in the Roots Room 

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Here's a playlist from Ian Parker at the Rugby allnighter earlier this year, Ian has been on the Soul scene and scooter scene for more years than he probably cares to remember lol, he's an allround great guy with a great ear for a tune.


Inez Foxx , he's the one .. Symbol

Robert Knight, Branded.. Monument

Patti and the Emblems, mixed up shook up girl.. Herald

David Ruffin. Walk away from love.. TMG

Big Boris, Devils drive.. RCA

Barbara Lewis, someday we're gonna love again.. Atlantic

Harry Deal & the Galaxies, I still love you.. Eclipse demo

Bunny Sigler, Follow your heart.. Cameo (request)

Sisters Love, learning to trust my man ..TMG

The Kittens, Lookie lookie.. ABC

Jimmy Williams, The half man.. ABC

Harold Melvin, Where are all my friends.. PIR

Viola Wills, Run to the nearest exit.. Goodear

Major Lance, That's the story of my life.. Stax

Didi Noël, let the music play.. Blue cat Demo

The Vells, there he is.. Mel-o-dy

Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure, You'll miss me.. Checker

The Cate Bros, Where can we go.. Electra

Sons of Moses, Soul Symphony.. Brunswick demo.

Mill Evans, I've got to have your love.. Constellation

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Another cracking dj lineup for this one . Sorry we can't make it so see you all at Charity Soul, Manhattan Club Harrogate.


Shame you can't make this one mate, we are going to miss those rabbits out of the box tunes only you can produce LOL


The Roots Room for this event has quite an Across The Board feel to it and purposely so as there is no dedicated Modern Room this time, this is in total contrast to the Manhattan Lounge Harrogate events which will be more 6t's RnB and Rare Soul based.

As usual ALL DJ's have total control of their own sets which will showcase their individual take on this fabulous music of ours and of course will highlight their personalities which will then in turn I believe add to the flavour of the night.


Lets do it The Richard kent Style and I will see you all at the Go Go Children

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Well if last night was a taste of what is in-store for the festive weekend then bring it on!!!!!!!


An absolute bangin', fun- filled, down to earth stompin' evening .........this is a credit to Toc, Tony and last but no means Little Dave ( who had to suffer the pleas for 'just one more' spin at 1:30 am) feet ache, legs ache, pockets ache, head ache :facepalm:  :facepalm: BUT well worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:



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Well that's Dekka's Roots room all sorted and not a bad line up of dj's haha don't know if main rooms line up can match but here goes.


                2pm - 3pm  Little Dave

                3pm - 4pm  Topsy & Tom

                4pm -5pm   Tony Jackson

                5pm - 6pm  Sammy Seaman & Stu Richards

                6pm - 7pm  Ron Lavender

                7pm - 8pm  Mally

                8pm -9pm   Vic Hankins

                9pm - 10pm  Mike West

                10pm - 11pm   Swoz

                 11pm - 12pm  Toc.


             So all that remains for me to say is have a great xmas eat drink and be merry and see you on the 28th.



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The afternoon main room DJ programme is spot on Tony, your spot........ Sammy and Stu, then a 'ruby murray' :thumbsup:  :thumbsup: on Hill Top then back for some more of the same :rofl:  :D


Bring it on :thumbup:

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Good to see some "unknown to me" DJs on the line up.  Fresh pair of ears for some refreshing music, see you  all sunday, here's to a fab day in Yorkshire 

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Good to see some "unknown to me" DJs on the line up.  Fresh pair of ears for some refreshing music, see you  all sunday, here's to a fab day in Yorkshire 


Not long now mate, be great to catch up again and as you say lots of refreshing music from both rooms and all for fantastic cause, it's gonna be a fab day in Yorkshire

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Looking forward to my trip up the A1 back home to Yorkshire, all DJ's for the Roots Room have checked in and all are good to go, bring it on

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Getting close now , all organised for the big set up in the morning , really looking forward to a great time with new friends and old , these dayers create a special atmosphere at the old soul club , where the charity environment makes it super special , that's why eddie Swoz comes up every time from Wolverhampton , Topsey turvey from Banbury , and so on , a special day for a special cause made by special people !! Really can't wait , bring it on boys !!!!

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Top alldayer lads ,nice to meet new old friends, luv playing few cover ups went down well all djs did well ,keep the good work up c u in few days billy :hatsoff2: :hatsoff2:

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Thanks for the invite to spin a few.  I ventured into a distant galaxy, by playing a tune from 1985!

But soon redeemed myself by putting on some very vintage motown from 61.

  That's what's good about a freestyle room, DJs given free reign to play what takes their fancy, a good mix of everything .

   Hope to catch up soon 

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Dekka's Roots Room - Awesome!


Brilliant night at Kellingley. £600 raised for the cancer charity - well done guys and thanks to all the support from the punters for making it happen.

Did not know the venue had all these rooms. I just remember the old school hall for the Manifesto nights which I now understand is a gym.

Great to catch up with Dekka, Billy Whizz, Andy Hudson, John Boy Walton and TOC and meet Vick and Ady Crampton. Great sets from all - refreshing and soulful. Glad we moved rooms too. The sound was much better in the second room.

Looking forward to the next one.


DJ's from Dekka's Roots Room to post playlists here and in playlist forum.


Here's my playlist:


A Little Bit Of Love - Sally Sagoe (Dart)

Ain't Nothing For A Man In Love - Archie Bell & The Drells (Glades)

Castles - The Futures (Buddah)

Key To My Happiness - The Moments (Stang)

I Got To Tell Somebody - Betty Everett (Liberty)

Carry On - Lisa Stansfield / Andy Lewis remix (Monkeynatra)

You Don't Know - Lefties Soul Connection (Melting Pot)

I've Been Thinking - Jay Cee (There Was A Time Productions - Unreleased)

All This Time - Lucinda Slim (Melting Pot)

It's Gonna Rain - Gentleman June Gardner (Emarcy)

Ain't There Something That Money Can't Buy - Young Holt Trio (Brunswick)

Close Your Eyes - Ted Taylor (Jewel - promo)

One More Time - The Clovers (Porwin)

Heavenly Love - Toni Harper (RCA Victor)

Go Go Girl - Lee Rogers (D-Town)

I'm So Confused - The Mighty Marvellows (ABC)

I Don't Care - Cookie Scott & The Chevelles (ORR)

I Finally Got Wise - Billy Keen (Galaxy - promo)

Ain't That A Shame - Lonnie Lester and Chuck Danzy (Nu-Tone)

Looking At Tomorrow - Chubby Checker (Parkway - promo)

Don't Lead Me On - Emanuel Laskey (Thelma)

True Love - Little Johnny Taylor (Galaxy)


Cheers Y'all


Jay Cee

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Well what can I say, that was a feast of music fit for a king, A massive thanks to all who came and supported the event, over £600 raised for charity well done everyone.

I just want to say thanks all the DJ's in the Roots Room, Andy, Jason, Ady, Billy, Ian, John 'Boy' and Pete, I feel privileged to have such great friends around me, many thanks, Also thanks to my daughter Stephanie, Dale and Glenys and all the Charity Soul team for giving such great support and encouragement for the Roots Room


My Playlist

Etta James - Good Rockin' Daddy - Modern

Sticks Herman - Long Gone Baby - Hollywood

Willie Mays - If You Love Me - Duke

Jerry 'Count' Jackson - The Band Doll - Tear Drop

Slim Willis - No Feeling For You - C.J.

Charles Sheffield - It's Your Voodoo Working - Excello

Vernon Harrell - Slick Chick - Lescay

Carl Lester - When You See Me Hurt - Brent

Harold Burrage - She Knocks Me Out - Cobra

Jimmy Vick - Take A Trip - Cherry

Jackie Brensten - Trouble Up The Road - Sue

Shorty Long - Out To Get You - Tamla Motown

Mel Williams - Sookie - Tasty Hasty

Lonnie Lester - You Cn't Go - Nu-Tone

Billy Kennedy - Sweet Things - Thelma

Lewis Clark - If You Ever, Ever Leave Me - Tigertown

The Dream Merchants - Stop (You're breaking my heart) - Renee

Sam Dees - Soul Sister - Lo Lo

Don Gardner - Tighten Up Your Love Bone - Cedric




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Wot can I say ? A absolute fantastic effort from all the djs who travelled the length and breadth of the country to give us their time free of time it's a pleasure guys to work with you all for the cause , we want to create something special here , raise money to help find the cure for cancer but to play music that's an pleasure to listen to , and our djs do exactly that , fantastic effort boys , and a big thanks to all the peeps that supported us all year long , we managed to raise £645 yesterday thro door money and the raffle , which is great considering there was a lot going on , so after banking this afternoon we have another £6 k to give the prof in January at the Manhattan so happy days , so for now I'd like to wish all the crew a happy new year , a massive thank you for giving your time for a great cause and hopefully see you all soon , atb Toc

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Think it would be re-miss not to give yourself and the other guys, Tony, Dave and all, a big pat on the back for the effort, time, blood sweat and tears you certainly put in to make this and other events a big success. 


I know you've got big plans in the pipeline for Charity Soul in the future so all I can say is all the best for 2015....... Keep On Keeping On

:thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup: :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  



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love that post ron great to listen to your set,will see you on the 24th at the manhatten for the next installment  of charity soul the fight against cancer,will pm you 2morrow of to bed now

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