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Pineapple Soul 8th Anniversary Christmas Bash


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Lenny Harkins

Pineapple Soul 8th Anniversary Christmas Bash on

This event is now over

The absolute highlight of the Soul calender in the West of Scotland....

The Pineapple Soul 8th Anniversary Christmas Bash.

Alldayer covering all genres of Rare Soul (I wont bore you with the Buzz Words), all right I will, OVO, oldies , newies, 6ts, 7ts, Northern....blah blah!!!

Basically an all day party (they like a party in Greenock!) with the very best in Rare Soul being played for 10 hours.

Get yourself along to this , get the tickets early as they sell out every year....you can PM me for them.


The residents, who we are eternally grateful for holding this together for 8 years:

DUCE (Allmighty) played everywhere twice.KEVIN (The Mod Twist on the Club)GILBERT (Legendary Status, once seen sober in 89...not yet confirmed)

The Guests:

ACKY BUCHAN, Aberdeen Geezer , Shotts Allnighter DJ legend, now back with a bang...RnB'd to the max....chipped in for a round in 89, and never lets you forget it.ANDY DENNSION, 2nd Shotts Allnighter DJ Legend, this man could pull them out with a blindfold on!!!! Think Biggies,,,,Then think Bigger Biggies...or something?FRASER DUNN, the Glasgow Oracle of Rare Soul Music, Saturday Showbiz DJ on Soulful Allsorts....Superstar Status.LENNY HARKINS, (Thats me)....Handsome Big Fulla....Huge Balls.........nae records, the Balls are enough.IAN MCKENZIE, One of Edinburghs finest, the Anchor man of the Hibs Club, Top Tunes abound......he's got some neck DJ'ing in our manor...oh! dont mention the neck!!

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Hello Pineapple club,

Hope you have a good one. Excellent club with one thing in mind, rare soul and at its best. Would have loved to be there.

All the best from That Beat n Rhythm Dave and Tony.

Try not to get too drunk and enjoys ten hours of pure soul :thumbsup:

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All year round Pineapple provides the VERY BEST in music and atmosphere. This is a jaw droppingly good line up of DJ's all with a very individual take on REAL soul music. I have had so many great nights at Pineapple and have been honoured and priveladged to grace the decks myself. Gutted I won't be there for what will surely be a SOUL BOMB!


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Goodfoot, around 2001- Lenny - 'ere Dale, look at this Me- what's that a photo of? Lenny - it's my baws! Me - oh, er, very nice! Thanks for sharing (Swallows a little bit of sick)..... I'd say you still need your records too Lenny

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always a cracker at the pineapple anniversary had the pleasure of playing the last 4 off them :thumbsup: , 3 that I can remember won't say anymore about the other one that I cant remember gilbert :g: i'll just say you little skunk that you are :lol:  :shhh:   :wicked: haha.  bring it on reminds me a bit like shotts nighters quality all the way  :thumbup: always a sell out :yes:

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Cracking line up fellas, unfortunately am offshore for it :( For those that have never been, you're missing out on one of the best clubs up here, do yersel a favour!

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Me and Tony Dj'd there in October, and it is a great venue, right size, cheap drink and records to die for.

With a line up like that for the alldayer you'll blow the roof off.



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