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Leicester Oddfellows All Nighter Reunion 2015


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Leicester Oddfellows All Nighter Reunion 2015 on

This event is now over

Leicester Oddfellows Allnighter Reunion 2015, Nottingham Oddfellows Club, Humberstone Gate, Leicester, LE1 1WB, Sunday 24 May, 2015, 4pm - 2am.

Original DJ's, Brian Rae, Adam, Dave Evison, Keb Darge, Ally Mayer, Kev Draper, Rob Smith, plus guest DJ’s, Andy Newman, Simon Hunt, Mark Freeman, Daz Dakin, Mark Jones,

Original Venue, original Dj’s original music and original memories! 2 Rooms plus all the old membership books available to look through.

After the success of last year with over 500 people in and people saying it was the best soul function they had been to for years, we are expecting an equally brilliant reunion for 2015.

Free Commemorative Patch, badge and sticker, CD, and set of 6 stickers featuring top records of the era for the first 500 people in/ ticket purchases.

Advance Tickets available now £12 + booking fee/postage; Admission £12 OTD - but if you don't have an advance ticket we cannot guarantee a Free CD/Goodie bag.

Click on the links below for advance tickets:



Info; Ally Mayer 07971 596679 ally.mayer@oddfellows.pyrint.com

Enquiries Ally Mayer 07971 596679

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

Recommended Comments

I have been contacted recently by Sarah Vallance who is part of a team exploring the history of the cultural quarter of Leicester. Sarah's email below is self explaining so anyone who can help and wants to get involved regarding the northern soul aspect (including the Oddfellows allnighters) is more than welcome to touch base with her.

Dear Ally

I am contacting you having discovered your connection with the Leicester Oddfellows All Nighter Reunion 2015, which I have seen listed at <http://www.soul-source.co.uk/…/37211-leicester-oddfellows-…/>

I am part of a team working on a research project with University of Leicester, exploring the history of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter (formerly St George’s) from the 1970s to the present day, with particular interest in the stories of people who worked and socialised in the area. The project is called Affective Digital Histories <http://affectivedigitalhistories.org.uk/> , and a key part of the project is collecting the stories and reminiscences of members of the public who frequented the clubs and venues around the area.

We are especially interested in hearing people’s memories of the Northern Soul scene, and would like to speak with people who were there and will undoubtedly be coming to your reunion event.

We would like to collect oral histories to add to the Affective Digital Histories archive — which is available online via affectivedigitalhistories.org.uk/<http://affectivedigitalhistories.org.uk/> or the University of Leicester's own Special Collections Online <http://specialcollections.le.ac.uk/…/landingpage/collection…> .

We are able to come and meet people, bringing audio recording equipment with us. If there are a number of people who would like to take part at the same time we can arrange a group session.

I very much hope you would be interested in contributing to this project, and would be grateful if you could circulate the information to anyone you know who was part of Leicester’s Northern Soul scene (particularly in the St George’s area around Humberstone Gate) from the 1970s onwards.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Sarah Vallance

Marketing and Events — Affective Digital Histories


Cinema - Art - Café Bar


www.phoenix.org.uk <http://www.phoenix.org.uk/>

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HI Carlos63,  Keb has agreed to DJ for for us at the reunion. He does not want a fee personally but has asked that instead a donation is made to help rebuild his village, Padang in the Philippines that was devastated in the disaster of 2013. I am more than happy to do this and respect him for his generous gesture. We will have to work on getting records for Keb to play, but how good will it be to hear Keb play some of the groundbreaking tracks he played in the 1980's back at Oddfellows! - Tempests - Tony Galla - Little John ...................

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Well , has it been a year since the last one , really looking forward to spinning a few on the night see you all there regards Sharmo.

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I think it will be another great Night Simon, good tickets sales and a lot of people coming to the Exchange bar (12 Midday - 4pm), Rutland Street, Leicester for the the warm up beforehand. Its free to admission to the Exchange bar and the Dj's are Julian Clapton from Quorn soul club, Simon Songhurst from Klubb Magnus Oslo, and Mark Darcy Leicester and Ally Mayer. The Exchange Bar is just round the corner from the Oddfellows and it was great there last year with a lot of people meeting and exchanging tel numbers and stories from the old days.

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Not long now before the 2015 reunion. Good sales on the advance tickets indicate there will be another great attendance for this year. Advance ticket details are at the top of the posting but those who want to pay on the door the Price will still be £12 but we cannot guarantee you a free CD/Goodie bag without an advance ticket as we only have 500 to giveaway.  For those who were there last year you will know what to expect. For those attending for the first time take a look at this review from last years event to see what you are about to experience;


Don't think the words have been invented to describe the awesome electric in the atmosphere...the anticipation when we went in at 4pm was exceeded 500%...it was very reminiscent of nighters from the past...in so many ways..even to people moving chairs at tables and turning them to face the dance floor all round the room..even some sitting on the floor beside the chairs..tears in people's eyes when it got to the last record..."I'm on my way"....when was the last time you saw that? When was the last time you felt that? Although it was an all dayer...once inside...it had every sensation of a nighter...the place buzzed...people didn't just dance...they felt every beat ..lived every lyric...some records played were the ones that guarantee without question a full floor..and others ..not heard so much...or forgotten over time..flooded the memory with places you'd been on this soul journey and good friends you knew or sadly had known in times gone by..in one unforgettable amazing experience ..The Leicester Oddfellows All Nighter Reunion..this can't end here...Ally Mayer said at the end of the night "watch this space" ....this has to become a rebirth...Sunday proved it...something tells me tickets for (please) future events...will need to be bought well in advance...when you come out of somewhere and all you want to do is go back in and do it all again...relive the hours minute by minute from 4pm to 2 am..it's gotta be good...Something happened at The Oddfellows yesterday..something that was pure magic..and the spell wouldn't have worked without the hard work and efforts by all concerned..front of house and behind the scenes..the DJ's loving every second as they looked out at the sea of souls dancing wherever they could find a space..Ally Mayer and team you must be so proud of what you achieved yesterday and what you gave to all of us that came...it's gotta be done again :))

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last years event  was one of the highlights of 2014....cant wait for sunday ...


keb in the house 


be another top day/night

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WIll be for certain Mark. Imagine listening to Little John, The Tempests and everything else, played out loud in the upstairs room, in the original venue,  by the original DJ,  Keb, to a packed dance floor?

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DJ times For Oddfellows reunion:


Main Room Upstairs


4 - 5 pm  Mark Jones_

5 – 5.45pm  Rob Smith 

5.45 -6.30pm   Kevin Draper_

6.30- 7.00pm   Adam

7.00 -7.30pm Brian Rae_

7.30 – 8.30pm Andy Newman / Simon Hunt

8.30 – 9.30pm Mark Freeman_/ Daz Dakin

9.30 – 10.15pm Dave Evison_                    

10.15 -11.15pm  Keb Darge            

11.15- 12.15pm   Ally Mayer                      

12.15 - 1.00am    Adam                                

1.00 - 2.00am Brian Rae                                      

Downstairs room

8 - 9.00 Rob Smith

9 – 9.30 Andy Newman

9.30 –10.00 – Keb Darge

10.00 -10.30 Jon Buck

10.30 -11.00 Adam

11.00 – 12.00 Simon Hunt

12.- 1.00am Daz Dakin

1.00 Close downstairs

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A great dayer down there,well worth the trip,the music was spot on and the Djs playing all there different stuff made it what it was !!..i dont pick out best Djs,but i must say Keb Darges set was well worth a listen !!!,cheers to all,well done, and will return again.

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