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  Hesketh Meadow Ln    Warrington   WA3 2AJ   GB

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Hesketh Meadow Ln, Warrington, Greater Manchester, WA3 2AJ, United Kingdom

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Welcome to the LOWTON CIVIC HALL - WIGAN Event Review Section

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After every event on Soul Source it now asks the respective member ‘what was your take?  Leave a review and let others know’... so I thought fair enough, we post a lot leading up to the event and from time to time, pop a few playlists up and if the old box brownies have been out, which they were on Friday some piccies, but its ages since I‘ve done an, hopefully informative revue, for anyone who couldn’t or hasn’t ever made it to LOWTON, in the hope that one day we’ll see you there.

To be honest, it’s always a bit stressful prior to a LOWTON SOUL NIGHT,  not because of all the running around making sure that the obvious stuff is done, like, room booked, check, DJ’s booked, check, got the float, check, got flyers out, check, it’s the fact that if it doesn’t work out I would feel that I have let everyone who holds soul nights at Lowton Civic dear to their hearts, down and it’s the pressure of that, as well as actually being one of those people, would make it even worse.  BUT I need not worry, because month after month those same people, joined by a growing band of new faces come to LOWTON on the second Friday of the month and make this particular night what it is, PROBABLY the BEST SOUL NIGHT in the NORTH WEST, borne out, by the fact, that next February it will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

So what made last Friday so special? Well it started when we had finished hanging the banners around the walls in the main (Northern) room and doing the same, getting the Back (Modern) Room ready, then doing the sound checks till everything looked and sounded great. May and Rob came in at 7.30 and they added some subtle touches to the Modern Room which really set it off. Next thing, Kev McCue our first DJ for the night turns up, box in hand, eager and excited about playing at the place he calls his ‘Soul Home’. So off he goes, tune, after carefully thought out tune hits the decks, which had people coming up at 8o’clock, myself included, asking, ‘WTF was that?’ Kev’s enthusiasm and love of the venue has rubbed off and quite a few people have come early just for his set, note to self,  I’ll need to bump him up the rankings next time.

So, that was good start to the night. Next up is LOWTON mentor Kev Murphy, who proceeds to pull out and play a set of tunes that would put many other so-called Northern Soul DJ’s to shame. No boots, no tailor mades, no 3rd generation pressings, just proper, good as you’ll get Northern Soul music, that has been the staple of the scene we LOVE for years, from Wigan, Stafford , Torch, Va Va, and Twisted Wheel, tunes from the Four Voices, Tony Clarke, Stemmons Express, The Coasters, Four Tracks, Flash McKinley, Lester Tipton, Leon Heywood, Vivian Jones, The Rotations, Cecil Washington and the awesome Magnetics, to name a few.

By this time my nerves had settled as more and more people had arrived, locals. new faces and regulars from North Wales, Stoke, Oldham, Stockport, Wigan, St Helens, Southport, Manchester, Chorley, Telford and Yorkshire, had all made the Friday night trip and for me once again, made the night all worth-while.

After Kev, came up one of the team of resident DJ’s at LOWTON, Paul Shirley AKA Wigan Paul. Now a resident of Southport, Paul had not far off literally ‘flown’ across the South Lancs plain to get to the hallowed halls in time for his spot and what a spot it was. Anyone who knows Paul will know his passion for the music and the original ethos of OVO, so on that basis, we were treated to the likes of The Del Larks, Sam Williams, Sam Ward, Al Williams, Jackie Beavers, Volumes, Vanguards and would you believe, the Supremes, so something for everyone there.

Arriving, after watching his beloved Manchester United win their Friday night match, the busiest man on the scene and LOWTON regular guest GINGER TAYLOR entered the fray. The consummate professional and guaranteed crowd-pleaser knows that he can flex his musical muscles at LOWTON cause the audience is open-minded and welcome tunes away from the norm, so on Friday we got my current fav JT Parker,  Johnathan Capree, R&B reactivation and floor filler, Barbara Lynn, monster oldie William Powell, as well as Los Sonidos FM, Kiki Dee (requested) and the very topical, Rufus Wood. Ginger was in good spirits on Friday, San Migel, no alcohol lager notwithstanding, and was obviously enjoying the reaction of the busy room to his superb selections.

A few trips to the Modern Room, left in the capable hands of guest and resident DJ’s Andy Love, Roger Williams, Steve Plumb and John Townend, was a toughie because, in all honesty while the room and the music was excellent the numbers were not as had been expected with such a great line up.  I don’t know why that is but I do know that the old adage ‘If You Build It, They Will Come’ applies here and the simple fact is, the quality on offer in the back room will win through, something this good can’t be ignored, it just needs the word spreading, so come on people, it’s Friday night soul for Saturday Night People, Let’s see you there!

Back into the Northern Room for the last hour and that was in the uber-capable hands of one of my favourite DJ’s Bob Hinsley. Bob has a knack of sending everyone home happy and Friday was no exception. He did that with his top 60’s selections, Nat Hall, Tempests, Richie Adams, Turtley Richards, Charades, Otis Lee, Johnny James and 70’s from James Fountain, Kenny Smith,  Carstairs, Alfie Davidson and Brothers and Sisters all the way up till last orders and closing time.

So there it is, whether you like classic oldies, left field 60’s, R&B or rarer soul sides, stompers, floaters, leapers or Modern Soul, LOWTON has something for everyone and as long as people like the wonderful crowd on Friday continue to make the effort and support it, I’ll be happy to stand the stress and look forward to sharing a drink with you all at the Anniversary in February or the next nights in 2015 in October and December. BTW is anyone wants to be kept up to date on future nights at LOWTON or get a 2016 membership, please drop me you e-mail address by PM on here.

ATB BazM  

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Just read your review Baz. Keep up the great work. I thought the main room was also quieter than usual too, probably just that time of year with people being away. I find myself running from room to room at Lowton as the music in both rooms is always fantastic. Looking forward to the next one!


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Welcome to the LOWTON CIVIC HALL - WIGAN Comments sectiom

This event is now over. Look up now to read the latest reviews of this soul event

Just thought I'd drop this one in as well for your general purusal


Aug 14th 2015 front.jpg

Edited by BazM

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another cracking summer night special to get august off and running!, great line-up as always plus lots of tunes for the chin & head scratchers..in both rooms!!

welcome you all, new and old, on the door.....be early, it's gonna be a packer!:thumbsup:

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only a couple of weeks to go and a welcome return for our bi-monthly friday night review of 60's to 80's soul, connoisseurs to classics....from the rocking horse rare and big hitters to the just too good to miss cheap as chips floor filling oldies.

northern soul & crossover in two totally contrasting rooms, the definitively atmospheric main ballroom & the laid back loungers room....double your money's worth of quality music....cheap drinks, spacious parking, record bar......Lowton is what fridays were made for!

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Love Music Review presents achingly soulful tunes in room 2. Definitely not 2nd clas soul music. Only the best will do. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears (and your feet) for a night of staggeringly soulful shufflers. We've been busy since the last Lowton. More great tunes in our, already bulging boxes. As usual, you'll hear the more esoteric tunes early on, leading up to a mix of your favourites, rubbing shoulders with lesser known gems. What's not to like? See you on the 14th. 

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We're looming large on the horizon now!, counting the days down and it's single figures.....plenty of interest ahead of the event and looking forward to another varied selection of tunes in both rooms with the emphasis very much on something for everyone....that's Lowton's signature...great dj's who think outside of the box!.

We're into 19 years and STILL going strong and our beloved Kev Murphy is still very much an integral part of the gig that he started, all those years ago...still spinning amazing tunes and still loving what he's doing.

We certainly hope you will come out in your masses to support us, we couldn't give you anything less than the very best, so we look forward to greeting you at the door...come and join us for a great night and hopefully some fantastic memories!.

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Gonna be posting up some of our resident and guest DJ's Top 5;s over the next few days to give you a flavour of the Northern and 70's rooms this comming Friday, so keep checkin back for updates.

First off this our main room Special Guest Ginger Taylor, here's his current featured selections

Johnathan Capree – Gonna Build Me a Mountain OxBow

Los Sos Dos - Wade In Cancun - Memory Slip (ava guess)

JT Parker If You Wanna Hold On Academy

William Powel Heartache Souvenirs Power-House

Rufus Wood Before 2001 Espanola

.............................JT Parker does it for me everytime TUNE!

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Hi Baz 

Five I would spin on Friday 

Charles Spurling.    She cried just a minute


King Earnest.    You gonna miss me / The soul stroke    Two great sides 


Arabians.    Please take a chance on me


Big Daddy Rogers.    I'm a big man


Rudy Love.     Suffering Wrath

ATB Les H   See you all Friday

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Big UP to Paul, back on the horse and raring to go.....top tunes all the way my man, and hope you enjoy it, looking forward to seeing and hearing you spinning some mighty fine rarities and monster anthems. Altogether, it's shaping up to be a very busy night and frenetic dancefloors in both rooms....music quality in no doubt, whatsoever....and even the weather is looking good!..we'll be meeting and greeting on the door, so come along and join us, regulars or first timers, you're always welcome and we guarantee you will NOT go home disappointed!...we don't need no tin...LOWTON JUST DOES WHAT IT SAYS...100%...UNCONDITIONAL.:thumbsup::yes::hatsoff2:

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Chased one of the top DJ's on the scene and LOWTON resident Bob Hinsley down for his current Top 5 for this Friday and here's what he gave me........

Notations You Should Know

Jnr Parker  Cracked Up Over You

Johnny James  Let Me Tell You About My Girl

The Limitations  I'm Lonely I'm Troubled

Sam Dees  Soul Sister

As above

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Really looking forward to Friday, I'm not surprised at all that it has been going 19 years, its one of the best venues around!!!! Got one of the best dance floors I have ever graced.....:hatsoff2:and with the 2 rooms, there is something for everyone. Sorry to hear Ian can't make it :(........but on the plus side we have Paul Shirley back behind the decks :thumbup: It's been way too long since Paul was on, would have thought he was a resident here as he's part of the furniture int he? :yes:

Getting there early to hear Kev McCue's spot, always seem to miss it. I say early........I have been informed by our lovely designated driver (Sandra) that she is picking me up @ 7pm, by my calculations its only 40 mins tops to Lowton so we will be there before you open. We will try and form an "orderly queue"......cant guarantee it will be orderly though :lol:  

Hope to see some new faces there as well as the Lowton regulars on Friday :yes:

Sandy x




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Hi Sandy.....by the sounds of your transport arrangements you'll be there before me! :D

You're right about Paul, part of the fixtures and fittings, who's heart and soul has been in Lowton for years, glad to be able to get him on on Friday, and I'm sure you'll agree our sincere best wishes go out to Ian.

Paul's weighing in with some monster floor-fillers and left-fielders (as usual) but one things for sure all quality and OVO :thumbsup: 

Here' goes.......

Sam Williams Love Slipped Through My Fingers 

Paris - Sleepless Nights

Sam Ward Sister Lee

Johnny McCall: I Need You

Professionals – That’s Why I Love You




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completely made up that mr. shirley is back with us, and Paris on the playlist, does it for me....."eugene mcdaniels" or what?...lol...wish we had those on screen facilites...just so everyone can see the larry clinton ISSUE....im fed up of seeing demo's!!!...:thumbup: 

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Pack all your troubles in your old kit bag and Dance, Dance Dance.....only 24 hours (ish) to go before the sounds begin to spin, so here are the current favorites and featured tunes of the main man, Mr Murphy. Knowing Kev you'll also get a fair smattering of MONSTER Wigan and Stafford tunes, together with a few surprises from his excellent collection of QUALITY Oldies......

Here You Go....

Joni Jones I Gotta Tell It

Vivian Jones Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Victors Not Only A Girl Knows

Brown Bombers And The Soul Partners Wait For It

Rotations I Can’t Find Her

Told Ya....see y'all tomorrow :thumbsup:



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One more sleep then on to the best night of soul ever still going strong nineteen years on can't say better than that 

ATB Les H 

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Any chance of spinning The Crystals = Are you trying to get rid of me baby instead of Fidels?

ASk one of the Kev's for this and get bth....result!

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Music will start at 7.30 tonite, with Mr McCue at the helm, says he needs and uplift after Warrington getting pipped last night .......thought I'd throw my current Northern faves in for good measure, so here goes...

Fidels I’m Giving You Notice Baby

Four Tops In A Different World

Brenda Jones My Heart Needs a Break

JJ Callier Pusherman

Ruby Johnson Weak Spot

See Y'all later :thumbup:



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