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Independent Movement Soul session with Butch & Lars Bulnheim - London


  470 Kingsland Road    London   E8 4AE   GB

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Independent Movement Soul session with Butch & Lars Bulnheim on

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Thanks for coming Geoff, much appreciate the support & kind words here.
I hope all those in attendance enjoyed it and it was great to see not only Keb, Kipper, Dave T, Malayka, the Hemingways etc but also friends that go to clubs to hear soul & disco but don't usually attend 'soul' events (if you know what I mean).

I come from the Modern Soul scene of old and intended to put on a 'Modern Soul all-dayer' as such but on the other hand I didn't want to alienate those that don't know the history but would term some of these records as disco or funk hence why I was deliberating on what to put on the flyer. 
Records such as Luther Davis Group, Record Player, Lust etc were played on the Modern Soul circuit in the 8ts but I guess to newbies they're very disco like and those sounds appear to of been embraced more so at soul events in recent years. 
Both Butch & Lars have been playing great records ie Love Co., Jax Transit, Target c/u, Southern Comfort etc that have these tempos in recent years and they've gone down very well (aside from the uptempo numbers the fellas also played some cracking mid-tempo records earlier on).
The night was aimed towards 7ts & 8ts and to re-visit some modern records that I no longer hear out and in my case some LP tracks that are certainly overlooked.
Yes, I also know that some 100 Club attendees are not keen on the uptempo 7ts records but it's good that we have events that can cover all tastes.

I'd just like to say a big thank you to all that attended and a huge thanks to Butch & Lars for playing their tremendous records; absolute quality from start to finish and I hope we can do it again soon.

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Friends told me about this when I was at the 100 Club on Saturday. As it was in Dalston, not that far from where I live,  decided I'd go if I felt up to t after a nighter. Although I'd been to the venue, Brilliant Corners, before in the summer I walked past it several times before finding it, mainly because there were some familiar faces outside.

The bar was very busy but when I got through the crush I saw my friend John Kerr talking to Butch who was playing at that time. Butch was playing slower and medium tempo tunes, I'd describe them as 70s Modern Soul, and they were good, a nice contrast to the fast nighter tunes he'd played at the 100 Club. Lars Bulheim followed him, he played a mix of tempos again, ending with some uptempo records that some of my friends would describe as "disco". These certainly got people dancing.

It had got very warm in the bar so I popped outside for some air, and when I went back inside Mark Gurney had taken over and was playing more uptempo Modern. I commented to John that if these were played at the 100 Club they would cause apoplexy in some who attend, but personally I'd enjoy them, so I suppose we've all got different tastes in music.

About 10.30 I left, tiredness had caught up with me, and got a bus back to Edmonton. Normally after  nighter I relax at home but I am glad I made the effort to go there, thanks to the organisers and DJs. I hope there will be more like this.

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