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Rugby Soul Club - 14th Anniversary Allniter - Rugby


  Newbold Road    Rugby   CV21 2LN   GB

Rugby Soul Club
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Rugby Soul Club - 14th Anniversary Allniter on

This event is now over

8pm - 6am

The Benn Hall, Newbold Road, Rugby, Warks. CV21 2LQ.

Two roomed venue

Resident DJ's.....Kenneth Aitchison.....Dave Rimmer.....Phil Shields.

Main Room DJ's.....Bald Mark.....Fingers.....Carl Fortnum.....Mick H.....Loren (France).....Tom Page.....John Purist.....Mark Randle.

Freestyle Room DJ's.....The Jan (Germany).....Lazy (Germany).....Bald Mark.....Mick H.....Andy Newman.....John Purist.....Jordan Wilson

£10 before 9pm - £12 after 9pm.

Advance tickets. 07817732468 / 01788 541516

Large sprung wooden dance floor.

Record dealers welcome.

Large venue.

Large free car park.

Further info: web-site: www.rugbysoulclub.co.uk

E-mail: rugbysoulclub@hotmail.com

Memberships available.

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Mark R

   3 of 3 members say helpful 3 / 3 members

Right, I think I see how this works now, so not so much a review, more just a re-posting of my playlist I originally posted right down the bottom in the event bit.  The "review" section appears to be the place to post it.....

Playlist for my set last night, 10:50pm-11:50pm. Thanks to Sian for asking me once again and thanks to the dancers for such a great buzz in the room..........love it!! :-)

Cookin' On 3 Burners - This Girl
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - One In A Million
Benjamin & The Right Direction - Light Of My Life
BOSQ - Celestial Strut
Esperanto - Night Of The Wolf
Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub)
Sandy Barber - I Think I'll Do Some Stepping (On My Own) (Opolopo Rework)
Deep Sensation - Somehow, Somewhere (There's A Soul Heaven)
Jasper Street Company - Till I Found You (Main)
The O'Jays - I Love Music (Joey Negro Sweet Music Mix)
The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl
Phyllis Hyman - You Know How To Love Me (request)
Larry Houston - Let's Spend Some Time Together
Eddie Holman - This Will Be A Night To Remember

Mark R

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   3 of 3 members say helpful 3 / 3 members

W O W !!  - What ??

Was Saturday's 14th Anniversary of Rugby Soul Clubs Benn Hall Niters real ??

Did I actually bear witness to one of THE most Fantastic, Uplifting, Satisfying, and all-round BEST Allnighters I’d ever attended.. Since those long-ago days experienced most every weekend during the explosive heady 19 70’s. Where attendances were such that finding sufficient space to dance meant competing for any available foot of dancefloor. Where the numbers of people still dancing right up to the last tune of the night numbered three figures ??

Or was it all just a figment of my imagination – a result perhaps of whatever nasty chemicals my recent bout of (slow to pass) poor health had produced.. Culminating in the creation of a state of delirium - unable to distinguish actuality from illness-induced perceived reality ??

After waiting months for the big day to come about, and my nervousness increasing ever the closer the date became - what a day to suffer a seeming relapse in my wellbeing, believing I had passed the ‘peak’ of  the affliction and was heading toward normal health. NO SUCH LUCK !!

Having becoming increasingly poorly since the morning of the ‘Big Day’ I felt it prudent to call Sian during the afternoon to advise how I was feeling and, although I had every intention of attending –regardless, I related that I couldn’t guarantee how long I would be able to make attendance if my health deteriorated further and suggested a ‘reserve’ be arranged.. Just in case I was unable to satisfy my scheduled 02.40 to 3.30 spot.  It was during the conversation that the bombshell was dropped on me – with Sian explaining that they may already have to deal with a DJ shortfall, due to unforeseen circumstances involving some of the scheduled vinyl spinners for the night. As a result Dean was forced to amend the planned DJ times – resulting in my spot now scheduled for a 3.30 start… Uh, Oh !! I thought.. And just hoped my situation would not worsen such so as to create further problems for the promotors should I need to pull out during the night - although Daz (Dakin) was primed and happy to assist if needs be.

As the night progressed I did indeed feel worse (despite having earlier in the day gone back to bed for another 3 hours, in effort to ensure I would be able to perform as planned). Liaising with Sian as to how I was feeling during the opening hours, Kenny stepped in to suggest a swap with his 12.40 to 01.30 slot. PERFECT - so long as I could make till then !! But around midnight I was experiencing severe headache and ‘about to black out’ type sensations. Followed swiftly by the need to urgently visit the Men’s Room to rid my stomach of its contents.. SH*T!!  That proved the deciding factor and no way did I feel able to stand for 50 minutes, never mind perform a DJ set in my usual ‘Fingers’ style, and went to break the news to Sian.

Having been SO looking forward to once again performing behind the decks of the Main Room for so long I think my ever increasing nervousness actually compounded the way I felt on the day - and likely proved a main contributing factor in finishing me off !!  Honestly.. At that point I felt wholly deflated and literally just wanted to burst in to tears I felt THAT gutted at having to miss out at the last minute. Boo Hoo !! lol

It was then suggested by Adam (Topping) that he could assume the record cueing and microphone duties on my behalf. Not an ideal all-round scenario really, but at least I would still get to offer up the records from my box for the punters pleasure and dancers delight (hopefully.)  All I’d have to do is sit behind the decks handing Adam each of my chosen selections in turn. With quick agreement by all parties concerned that is exactly what we proceeded to do - and what must probably be the most unusual ‘Double-Decking’ performance of all time !!

BUT, despite a few bemused heads being uncertain as to what was actually happening, the desired end result appeared to have proved successful – with the numbers of dancers hitting the floor for each of the 19 selections offered up suggesting that the aim of satisfying the demands & expectations of the paying attendees (and promoters) was achieved.. Which in turn provided me with a sense of great relief that I’d seemingly ‘got it right’ with the tracks opted – a very personal achievement for me as my confidence in ever being able to DJ as I did previously had been completely obliterated previously. So for me, even given the circumstances of the night, I was finally able to put that particular demon to bed, with the last piece of my long confidence restoring journey now complete.

Although unable to properly enjoy the evening in its entirety the times I was able to listen and watch provided some of the best music on the scene, with the DJ sets I did manage to witness proving a catalyst for what was indeed one of the best nights I’d attended in my life.. Just imagine how much better still it would have been (for me personally) had I been in proper health.. It would have been completely Off The Scale !! I only wish that is how others in attendance perceived their night too.

Given the intermittent times I could enjoy what I witnessed, the set of the night accolade goes to Carl Fortnum.. Truly AWESOME – not that detracted in the slightest, the quality proffered by all the chosen musical contributors. My personal ‘Tune Of The Night’ award sits with Young Gun Tom Page.. For me the setting, time, and volume, of his Barbara Acklin spin made it sound ever-so perfect.

So.. to answer my opening question – I did indeed witness a stupendous evening, the memory of which will undoubtedly remain with me (for several reasons !) - and SO relieved it wasn’t down to a state of delirium after all. I'm just sorry I wasn't able to be my normal social-self to enjoy more of the great company encountered.

Sian and Dean should be feeling extremely pleased with themselves, not just for the huge success that Saturday’s ‘niter proved, but for the entire 14 years of achievements in creating a promotion such that.. Miss out on The Rugby Experience and you may regret it for the rest of your Soulin’ Days !!

THANK YOU Sian, Dean, The DJ’s and The Attendees..

WOW !!

My selection for the 50 allotted minutes - in order too, hopefully:

Empires ‘You’re On Top Girl’ Candi

Mirettes ‘He’s Alright With Me’ Mirwood

Hytones ‘Good News’ Kent Uk

Patrinnel Staten ‘Little Love Affair’ Sepia

Mill Evans ‘Things Won’t Be The Same’ Constellation

Curly Moore ‘Don’t Leave Me’ Sansu

Moments ‘You Said’ Deep

Don Gardner ‘Tighten Up Your Love Bone’ Cedric

Bobby Bell ‘Drop Me A Line’ RCA

Jesse Johnson ‘Left Out’ Old Town

Jesse Davis ‘Gonna Hang On In There Girl’ Era

Porgy & Monarchs ‘It’s A Dream I’ve Always Had’ Musicor

Sonny Craver ‘I’m No Fool’ Teri De

Marvin Gaye ‘Lucky Lucky Me’ Northern Soul Stories UK

Gladys Knight ‘He’s My Kind Of Fellow’ T.Motown LP Canada

Margaret Little & Cookies ‘Just Because’ Test Pressing

Melvin Davis ‘I Must Love You’ Groovesville

Don Gardner ‘Is This Really Love’ Cedric

Joe Murphy ‘So Blue (Without You)’ Vivid

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Slim Jim

   3 of 3 members say helpful 3 / 3 members

Once again another fantastic night out at Rugby , the best nighter around in my opinion .

No ego's from the DJ's , no predictable and repetitive tunes just great quality rare soul music in a great venue with a big crowd of like minded and friendly people , the perfect soul nighter .

We got in just for kick off  to make sure we got a decent spot and the place soon filled up , great to see so many younger faces too though not sure about the flares and flat caps ... maybe you northerners just don't have the style of the Irish :) 

A great mix of tunes and every DJ had their own unique style and blend of music that worked well and kept the floor busy all night , great to see people arrive just drop their belongings and hit the dance floor .

I had to call it a night at just after 3.30 am as I was knackered  from travelling over from Belfast that morning , I always vow to pace myself but a few afternoon aperitifs are hard to resist when you are on a weekend away especially when the Ska Bar in town does 2 pints for less than a fiver !!

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend as always and well done to Sian and Dean for continuing to run this event 

Here's to the next 14 years 

Cheers Jim :hatsoff2:

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martin l

   2 of 2 members say helpful 2 / 2 members

i did go and i love this event .I arrived early and watched it fill up with a great all nighter crowd all having something to say .Main room was on fire from the off with some wonderful eclectic music too many great records to mention but super super cool.

A modern oldies hour early on to get everyone happy from that point on wards it was awesome .Why i love this nighter so   much is  the music policy is always trying to challenge you as i see it  i love that     i dont buy records and have been around for ever in this scene so what i want is a broad church of tunes that make the room sit up and take notice ! Rugby delivered  so much in all genres of our wonderful scene   

Freestyle room was exciting as ever .  there are no prima donnas here it seems just people who are full of passion       i would love to read the playlists if the guys are prepared to put them up     

For me  lee mckinley +  the magnetics -ill keep holding on      was my particular highlight   a rollercoaster of a record packed full of emotion   played in the main room 

Thank for the show it was a real pleasure and many congratulations on this and your contribution to our scene over the last 14 years   you must be so proud this morning .


Warmest Regards 

Martin L x 

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Winsford Soul

   2 of 3 members say helpful 2 / 3 members

Gutted that I was working for this night. Rugby is up there with the best of anything, anywhere. Which is a credit to Sian and everyone who are / was involved to reach fourteen great years. Cant believe it's that long since I first walked through the doors on the Benn Hall. Long may it continue.


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Rugby Soul Club


I'm not sure if I should write our thank yous on here but felt I should.

We made it to 14 years 1f642.png
The highest numbers thru the door & 41 in before we opened 1f603.png
What a buzz that you have supported us and allowed us to achieve this. Thank you all, dancers, DJ's, helpers, all the cogs that make us what we are.
Now, after 3 professional photographers at the last Rugby, we didn't have one this time 1f603.png
So please, anyone who has got some, can you messaged me. xx

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