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Rugby Soul Club Allniter

Rugby Soul Club

Rugby Soul Club Allniter

8pm - 6am

The Benn Hall, Newbold Road, Rugby, Warks. CV21 2LQ.

Two roomed venue

Resident DJ's.....Kenneth Aitchison.....Dave Rimmer.....Phil Shields.

Main Room DJ's.....

Freestyle Room DJ's.....

£10 before 9pm - £12 after 9pm.

Advance tickets. 07817732468 / 01788 541516

Large sprung wooden dance floor.

Record dealers welcome.

Large venue.

Large free car park.

Further info: web-site: www.rugbysoulclub.co.uk

E-mail: rugbysoulclub@hotmail.com

Memberships available.

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I'm a bit lost on here now and wasn't sure where to make a post on future dates, so I thought on here was prob as good as anywhere.

We only have one allniter left this year - Sat 11th Nov.

The dates for 2018 are:
Sat 10th Feb - 15th Anniversary
Sat 14th April
Sat 16th June
Sat 8th Sept
Sat 10th Nov.

These dates are so no one buys a ticket for anywhere else without realising the clashes 1f603.png:-D
Oh yes and for promoters who have asked 1f642.png

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Always enjoy this night when I can get to it. Another superb line up. Wayne Napier-Gibbins a name to watch out for, along with the other younger dj's.

Hopefully see you again Sian,Dean and Ken in the new year. The return of the pies! 




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Sian.  Guess what.  I'm f.in working the weekend again.  Good news is that I can actually make it Feb for the anniversary.  Just been checking my shift rota. 


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Happy birthday Rugby, it is also me mate Kimbos birthday tonight so a double dose of soul shennanigans ahead tonight me ",Arties",. No doubt the enforcement of a strrict dress code which means our mate Dave will not be allowed to wear his favourite pink polkaq dot betty bo frock,never mind Dave youve got plenty more on your clothes rail at home,however do not even think about wearing your wire wool weave undxerpants as they wil;l set offc all the metal detecftors under the  moon{its nightime otherwise would be under the sun}

Big room little room take your pick in each the djs will be giving it some stick!

I havent been out for a few weeks so am in need of a good nighter and tonight it looks like Rugby is where its at!So if you aint got soul dont come to Rugby cos if it dont fit dont force it! because all the true soul cvlan will be there.See ya later Kimbo mate and You too Dave pal.Half twelve and I am already getting in the zone tonights the night for going a souling.

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Brill Manus, see you later. Dave says he may wear a nice little hessian off the shoulder number he picked up at a local farm shop. The hessian has King Edward printed on it. Don't think that's Dave more like the spuds it contained until Laurance Lluwelyn Dave Bates got hold of it. More madness later mate. Just off out with the guv nor to check out his turf. Kimbo

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Omg, what a morning.
Just got electric, so all 6 of us can shower 1f603.png
Anyway, back to business...
David Raistrick has managed to pick up some bug en route back to the UK with treates for our record bar and will not be able to make it tonight 1f641.png
We thought the easiest route at this late hour was to give other DJs an extra 10 minutes.
Also, Calvin Lee Hughes is poorly but luckily Ethan Brent James is already here, so will fill his spot.
Deep breath 1f603.png:-D

8 – 9.10 Phil Shields
9.10 – 10.10 Ethan
10.10 – 11.20 Wayne Napier-Gibbins
11.20 – 12.30 Ted Massey
12.30 – 1.30 Dave Rimmer
1.30 – 2.40 Adam
2.40 – 3.50 Dazz Dakin
3.50 – 4.50 Tom Page
4.50 – 5.52 Ken Aitchison
5.52 – 6 Dave Rimmer

8 – 9 Chris Louca
9 – 10 Dian & John
10 – 11 Chris Davies
11 – 12 Adam
12 – 1 Mick Welsh
1 – 2 Ted Massey
2 – 3 Matt Blackmore
3 – 4 Lou Wood
4 – 5 Chris Davies

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Don't you just love it when you are so wrong 1f603.png
We'd realised with so much on that we'd be down on numbers.
Boy did you prove us wrong but what a buzz as they just kept coming and coming. 1f642.png

So, the thank yous...

Top man tonight and worth his weight in gold Adam Topping.
In at 6pm to set up, a job which takes us normally 40 mins max.
7.55pm and he'd sorted what the night before had trashed. xx

Our DJ role, who are happy to be as flexible as we need and still spoil our dancers. Kenneth Aitchison, Dave Rimmer, Phil Shields, Adam, Matt Blackmore, Nerrad Nikad, Chris Davies, Ethan Brent James, Ted Massey, Dian Susanna May, John May, Wayne Napier-Gibbins, Tom Philly Groove, Mick Welsh and Lou Wood.

The dancers, record dealers and the whole caboodle which together give us such great nights & memories to treasure xx

I'd best add a thank you to Carole Matthews, who not only drove down from Durham to Rugby, stopping off at Leeds to pick up my baby girl. She then proceeded to sort of help me on the door but best of all, provided me with lots of laughs along the way. xx

Not a bad night at all considering our house full of 6 people waiting to get ready, had no electricity until 2.30 that afternoon 1f603.png

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