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Soul Nights
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This event is now over

Next months GOGO has Nige Brown down from Manchester,weve been trying to get him down for years and now hes broken away from his busy Goldsoul schedule we have! Alongside Nige will be Andrea Carneiro,originally from spain Andrea is now based in the UK,shes been to gogo a few times but after hearing her play two great sets in the rugby allnighter freestyle room I had to ask her to bring some tunes down!

John Stapleton and myself are your residents..rnb,northern and funky edged soul

Niccis on the door for your fivers

9 till 2am but no adm after 12

and we will have tickets for the july allnighter for sale too

 venue is fiddlers club,willway st ,Bristol with a good dancefloor and fantastic sound system and free parking right outside the venue


Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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Anais nin Carms

   3 of 3 members say helpful 3 / 3 members

Well it was my first visit to Go Go , to say I was overwhelmed by the place is an understatement.

It was a mega journey for us as Nige had played at the H&J in Doncaster on friday night . The journey took us around 4.5 hours so we were a little jaded when we arrived around 4.30pm

However after the benefit of an hours sleep and a shower and as the car pulled into that sleepy little dark side street and we saw the most amazing building , this being the old prison all in its cobblestone finery one got a power surge that could almost let the imagination run riot, the air felt slightly damp and foggy I couldn't help thinking a red coat might draw arms at any minute .... The place was just so atmospheric,  it had such charisma , mind blowing ! 

It was just as exciting when we entered, the sound system is up there , one of the best to my ears. I guess this being a live music venue it has to be robust and powerful. I was captured by the projector for some time displaying great images on the high turrets , what looked like a caged Aretha watching down on us , the images on the cobblestone were just fabulous it was an amazing show of artistic flare. 

Add to that the kind of music we were privileged to hear the place was so highly charged you couldn't help but be moved by the venues uniqueness , a breath of fresh air to my ears having been witness in the last few years to what is in the main a retro soul scene that has unfortunately forgotten how to be adventurous and innovative in its play , this small club was like walking into heavens gates.  I didn't know 80% of what I heard, felt quite the novice to be honest , so out of the loop.

I loved the first Dj's type of play , he played my kinda funk Marva Whitney Spanky Wilson type stuff , then it was followed by Andrea who lifted it up another notch introducing more male hard vocals mixed in > I turned to Nige and said my god I wouldn't want to follow these two, they have been so brave in their play thinking Nige would play quality , but known quality , what was expected by many basically.  How wrong could I have been I have never seen Nige play , like he played at Go Go , my god he was on fire, surprising many of us at his choice of play and he absolutely loved it , you could see his pleasure and excitement , reaching eagerly for the next sound , feeling like the box had expanded not reduced , he was hungry for this one :) 

How could I have missed him collecting these tracks that I didn't know he had? Has my head been in the sand ?

Dean thank you so much for the invitation to visit a club that you must be really proud of, what an achievement , such freedom of play and such an accepting audience. what I call a curve ball crowd , excited by the anything that has a good beat.

I stood back and watched those younger people bouncing , feeling the music like I wish I could , unfortunately age prohibits me from moving so vigorously. So many on the soul Zone it was An Ace night !  The Dj's were all awesome their sets fitted together like the fingers on the same black leather glove , I loved the total punchy unpredictability of the night.

Sandra Richardson was just amazing to hear on that sound system and it lifted me so high , "you got me catching a bus when I own a car".... what a lyric ! It drws parallel thought ...Living in Madchester where I have so much quality at my disposal ...why would I travel to Bristol ? ..... It would have to be exceptional ... :)

Yes this place stands alone ....never experienced a night like it...you had to be there ...you had to feel it to know what I mean.

Credit to the promoters in their selection of players for this night.

If you get  a chance ........Go Go Go , your time won't be wasted 



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   2 of 2 members say helpful 2 / 2 members

Well  firstly thank you for that great review Carmen,so glad you and nige had a good night and 'got' the gogo experience,i had a feeling you would.

After Bristol Rovers had gained promotion it took me longer than normal to pick john up and get to the club as we live very close to the ground and the police had shut the main road due to the pubs overflowing with blue and white revellers slightly worse for ware!. So when we got there we had people coming in as I started to play my first set and john was still getting the projectors sorted.We were soon up and runnin proper and within the first hour the 50+ free cds had almost all been eargerly snapped up.

John Stapleton was the first dj you heard carms,the man who started it all over 8 years ago and yes you never know what you'll get with john he turns up some great stuff ive not heard elsewhere being out and about almost every weekend!

Andrea was a little nervous before her first set but I told her not to worry just enjoy herself,our system is easy to use and id seen her play at rugby and knew she'd have no probs..and she didn't.Great stuff and she didn't show any nerves at all.She told me later she loved her second set best as she was more confident by then.Both sets were great,some I knew some I didn't just as it should be but all good dancers..as the floor was starting to show.

Nige played a blinder as expected as hes played just about everywhere.Although I wasn't sure what to expect,id heard good things about his different strokes appearance and had played alongside him at westward ho but  I still wasn't sure which way hed go.Id told him to play what he liked but be aware there maybe some oldies lovers in the house too...it was uptempo..its was soulful..it was funky..it was great the floor was busy and he was having a ball..we were happy.

We quite often have one dj from the underplayed funky/northern side of the scene and one from the rnb side but this month they were both from the lesser known and im glad to say it worked,our open minded friends and regulars done us proud,i played enough rnb to keep most of the suited and booted happy I hope.

We ended up with about 120 in and sold another 20 tickets for julys allnighter so a massive thanx to our guest djs and all who were there especially the travellers from oxford,swindon,wilts,somerset,devon,sth wales and various parts of the midlands and ofcourse Manchester via Doncaster! apologies if ive missed anywhere.

Next month we have local lad and top bloke Jack Philips,like Andrea hes a 100 club and gogo regular,a youngster who already has a great knowledge of quality soul music.Alongside Jack we have another Phillips,one of the originators from manchesters twisted wheel Mr Brian Phillips,i played alongside him at a bidds alldayer and hes gonna be good!!

Remember allnighter tickets for july available with a small change to the line up,WAYNE NAPIER GIBBINS stepping in for CALLUM SIMPSON who can no longer make it and playing alongside MACE,DES PARKER,GEORGE MAUHOOD,GREG BELSON and SEAN HAYDON,JOHN and Me.


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