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Steve G

Soul Time - Solar - Steve Guarnori on     

This event repeats every week on Friday for 52 occurrences

Radio Show Information

The Soul Time show on Solar Radio Sky 0129…..


For the best in new soul and soulful house and a tasty selection of dusties.

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Here's the playlist from this Friday and the Patti Austin special.

New Soul

Fe Fea White - Its a beautiful day (Father forgive me) 

Heston - Contradiction (Transparency) 

Mario Biondi - Do you feel like I feel (Best of soul) 

Leela James - Don’t want you back 

DMT featuring Janice Freeman - Love song (Man in the mirror) 

Leroy Allen - I got to have you 

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Never be another you (Special night)

RC & The Gritz - I’ll be waiting for you (The feel) 

Meyer Hawthorne - Time for love (Party of one) 

Soulful House

Kenya - Let me (Sean McCabe mix) 

Sergio D’Angelo - Freedom (Other soul mix) 

Rhemi & Vanessa Freeman - Rise up (orig mix) 

Divini / Josh Milan - I’m the best (Honeycomb mix) 

Kia Stewart (Josh Milan) - Winner (Honeycomb mix) 

Back to the soul:

Myles Sanko - Just being me (Just being me) 

My tripping’ Ego - Make em pass

J Whaley - I can’t lie (The soul revival EP) 

Oldies - Patti Austin 60s and early 70s Special - All the Coral 45s, ABC and the best of UA and Columbia.

Coral 62511 What a difference a day makes

Coral 62548 Why can’t we try it again 

Coral 62455 He’s good enough for me (May 65) 

Coral 62471 I wanna be loved (Nov 65) 

Coral 62478 Someone’s gonna cry (Mar 66)

Coral 62491 Take away the pain stain (Aug 66) 

Coral 62500 Leave a little love (Nov 66)

Coral 62511 Got to check you out (Jan 67) 

Coral 62518 Only all the time (April 67) 

Coral 62536 A ticket a tasket (Aug 67) 

Coral 62541 You’re too much a part of me (Nov 67) 

Coral 62548 I’ve given all my love (Jan 68)  

ABC 11104 Music to my heart (July 68) 

UA 50520 The Family Tree (April 69) 

UA50588 Your love made the difference in me (Feb 70) 

Columbia 45337 Are we ready for love (Mar 71) 

Columbia 45410 Black California (Aug 71)  

Columbia 45499 Can’t forget the one I love (Oct 71) 

Columbia 45592 You didn’t say a word (Apr 72)

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Latest show:

New Soul

Kim Tibbs  - Soul! 

Jon Jon - Girlfriend 

Live Mode - Feel the beat 

Louie Vega, Anane Vega, Josh Milan - Heaven knows (Josh Milan Honeycomb vocal) 

Barbie Doll - A no good man 

L A Blacksmith - Got the love 

Kipper Jones - Put the music back in love 

Felix Jackson featuring Reigny Franklin - Constant Love

Roy Roberts - Should have been over (Back in love) 

Raquel Rodriguez - Don’t be afraid (The 310 EP) 

Soulful House

D J Kermit - Buckle up (Original mix) 

Cafe 432, Asia Yarwood - Voodoo (Original mix) 

Husky & Andre Espeut - Get into you (Original mix) 

Bobby Jones and Faith Evans. - Rejoice with me  (Gifted Souls Chitown mix) 

T’Asita D’Mour, DJ Fudge and Hallex M - My love is pure 

Back to the Soul 

Paula LeTang - Sunshine 

Carmichael Musiclover - My star

Heston - When a man knows (Transparency) 

Part 2 Oldies

The Vee Gees - Talkin

Brown Sugar - I’m going through changes now

Rick Sheppard - Can we share it

Silky Vincent Group - Missing you

Jocelyn Brown - If I can’t have your love

Natural Impulse - She went away

Gloria Scott - A case of too much love making

Brief Encounter - Sweet tender loving

Thompson Brothers - You brought love into my life

Sex - Baby it’s you

Ty Karim - Lighten up

Northern 3

Bobby Bland - Yum yum tree

Johnny Gilliam - Room full of tears

The Exits - I got to have money

Linda Clifford - I had a talk with my man (fabulous 80s version of Mitty Collier)

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New Soul 

Clif Payne & Freda Payne - No pain no gain (Nigel Lowis uptown mix) 

Tiffany Smith - Get on up (Wow! The joy of urban worship) 

Ree Morris featuring Chymamusique - Butterflies (Music is Life)

Gwen Yvette - Love dreams and visions 

Kiki Kyte - Disco chick (John Morales M&M) 

Man Among Men - Dance for love (Dance for love) 

DaPaul - The way I do (London Town) 

Robert Gee - Step’n out tonight (Robert Gee) 

October London featuring Faith Evans - Bring me up (Color Blind Love)

Energy MC2 - Other side of the mirror 

Lee Fields & The Expressions  - Where is the love (Special night) 97

Soulful House

Marshall Jefferson  - Just a feeling (Steve Silk Hurley house feeling’ mix) 

Hot Wind - You got me (Original mix) 

Paris Cesvette, Room 806 - First Hello (Louis Loowe Riviera encore mix) 

Vanesse L Smith - Naked soul (Hwah’s Stellar Disco remix) 

Alex Millet & Cinnamon Brown  - Its a shame (Rightside remix) 

Back to the soul

Darsha Davis - I fly 

Mario Biondi - The mystery of man (Best of soul) 

Bryan Austin - What would Marvin Say (remix) 

Part 2 Oldies

GQ - Standing ovation

Maxwell Romer - I still believe in love

Lowrell - Mellow mellow right on

Ernest Baker - Alone again

General Johnson - Only time will tell

Holland Dozier - Why can’t we be lovers

Tyrone Edwards - I just can’t get enough

Tyrone Edwards - Main ingredient

Mel & Tim - Forever & a day

Northern 3

Ron Holden - I’ll forgive and forget

Willie Tee - I peeped your hole card

Judy Clay - Haven’t got what it takes

Lonnie & Curtis - Here to stay

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Part 2 this week contains a Mary Wells special....

Part 1 New soul

Teki - Can we (My time (103) 

Rene Rose - Without you (Funky attitude) 

Ali Tennant - Superstar (Get Loved)

Chris Tolbert - New

Gordon Chambers featuring Lalah Hathaway - Back to love (Surrender) 

Alaina Renae - Ooh wee (The introduction) 

Mary J Blige - Mirage (Hidden figures) 

Soulful House

Colonel Abrahams - I’m not gonna let (Victor Simonelli previously unreleased mix) 

Kenny Bobien  - Let me apologise 

Terry Hunter and Chantay Savage - Alone tonight (Alan king’s flute tonight mix) 

Mike City & The Journey Men - Let the record show (main mix)

Miguel Pose, Cesar del Val - Gloov (orig mix) 

Back to the soul

Remey Williams - The Overthinker 

Cassandra Cleveland Robertson - Gold old dayz (Hold on) 

Worthy Davis - Reflection (Pieces of Park Hill) 

Jahah - Principles 

Kevin Ross - Don’t go (Long song away) 

LeVelle - Incredible woman (Bring back love) 

Part 2 The real Mary Wells

Motown - You beat me to the punch

Stateside - What two can easily do

Atlantic - Dear Lover

20th C Fox -544 Ain’t it the truth (Oct 64)

20th C Fox - Use your head (Dec 64)

20th C Fox 590 - I’m learnin’ (May 65)

20th C Fox 570 - Never never leave me (Feb 65)

20th C Fox 606 - Me without you (Aug 65)

Atco 6423 - Such a sweet thing (June 66)

Atco 7479 - Hey you set my soul on fire (Mar 67)

Atco 6436 - Me and my baby (Sep 66)

Jubilee 5718 - Mister Touch (Sep 71)

Jubilee 5629 - Can’t get away from your love (Aug 68)

Jubilee 5695 - Sweet love (May 70)

Jubilee 5621 - The Doctor (Apr 68)

Jubilee 5639 - Don’t look back (Nov 68)

Reprise 1031 I found what I wanted 

Reprise 1308 - Cancel my subscription

Epic - I’m changing my ways

51 West - If you really love me

Atlantic - Can’t you see you’re losing me

Tamla Motown  - You lost the sweetest boy

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Part 1 New soul

Cornell C C Carter - Where do we go (Boogie back remix)  (Luxury Soul 2017) 

Water Juice - Do it (featuring Denver T Styles) 

Soulfusionseven - Steppin’ up my love (T Groove remix) 

Rasheda Dawan - The human condition 

Those Boys featuring Mr.Lee-Proud and free 

The Groove Association - Mystery girl (Soul Family affair) 

Initial Talk featuring Monday Michiru - Star 

The Notations - Just your love 

Soulful house

Pauline Henry - Heaven (Extended) 

Michael Watford - Its over (DJ Meme mix)  

D’Bra Powell - Dreams come true (F&B Mix)  

Selina Campbell - Matter of time (Main Mix) 

Raye Cole - Got my eyes on you (Classic mix)  

Sheree Hicks, Kyle Kim - Royal love (French Kiss mix)

Back to the soul….and starting with some southern..

The Songbird Jinda - Everything is alright 

Mr X - Wiggle wiggle wiggle 

Robert Montgomery - I need you girl (Soul Junction) 

Kevin Tubbs - These sheets  (First Dance EP) 

Part 2 - Oldies

Fugi - I’d rather be a blind man (great cover from the Detroit soul man)

Gladys Knight - The look of love (Bacharach - Davis song done as only Gladys can)

Dionne Warwicke - You’re gonna need me (H-D-H and Popcorn Wylie song) 

Al James- Give me up turn me loose (Texas modern classic - Key to the world style)

Aaron Neville - Hercules 

Four Sonics - If it wasn’t for my baby

Las Vegas Connection - Running back to you

The Intrigues - Fly now pay later (Van McCoy - Joe Cobb magic)

The Duponts - Check yourself (Proper blue eyed soul)

The Girls - The hurt’s still there

Cliff Nobles - This feeling of loneliness

Gene Dozier & The United Front - The best girl I ever had

The Valentinos - Tired of being nobody

Northern 3

E Rodney Jones - Peace of mind

Cash McCall - I’m in danger

Marvin Sims - Now I’m in love with you

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The latest show. Part 1 new soul and soulful house.....Part 2 tribute to TOMMY TATE


Part 1 New soul

Paula le Tang - Too hot 

Tony Momrelle - Love me again (DJ Spinna Gallactic soul remix)  

Camera Soul - Summer breeze

The Groove Association - One for the money (Soul Family affair) 

Calvin Taylor - Tonite 

Mantel - This groove (The appetiser EP) 

Dante Hall - Mighty Love (Classic Vol 1 EP)

Fiona Varner - Soul survivor 

Erick Matthews - Fire (The best of….) 

Soulful House

Mikie Black - Just like me (Original mix) 

Dana Weaver - Never thought (Alex Ander Club Mix)

Dawn Souluvn Williams - Joy 

Josiah Ruff - Perfect (Original mix) 

Marc Evans - Josephine 

Tiziano di Sansa - Sax survivor 

Back to the soul….

Mighty Fire - Love on the shelf (Super disco edits)  

Brian Temba - Life without love (UnABC)

Mikelle - Tell me where your love is (Mikelle) 

Reggie Vanderbilt - I need thee (None like you EP) 

Part 2 Tommy Tate special 

This Train (Juana LP track)

Whats the matter 

Don’t play that role (As Tommy & The Derbys) 

I’m taking on pain 

Darling somethings got to give (As Tommy Yates) 

Happy is the man (As Andy Chapman)

You’re movin’ much too fast (unedited version CD I’m so satisfied)

Help me love

More power to you

I’m so satisfied

We don’t

You taught me how to love

If I gave you my heart

I’m wrapped up

Just a little overcome - The Nightingales

If you got to love somebody

School of life.

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