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  London Road    Derby   DE1 2QQ   GB   english soul event

derby crew 1
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This event is now over

Queens Hall - 123 London Road, Derby DE1 2QQ

DJ Line Up:

Dave Evison Jordan Wilson Dick Crop Ian James Daz Dakin Tony Clarke Ethan Howarth Shelia Glyn Sisson's

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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· Edited by ImberBoy

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   SAT 18 MAR

2017 LONDON ROAD    DERBY              DE1 2QQ


Dave Evison

Jordan Wilson

Dick Crop

Ian James

Daz Dakin

Tony Clarke

Ethan Howarth


Glyn Sisson's


This is a new boy on the block but the brainchild of a group of regular Allnighter goers who are omnipresent on the British Allnighter Scene, the venue closed at 0500hrs due to the local council wishing to test the water with a promise of later finishes so watch this space!


I’ll do my best to give a clinical review but as with most things my opinion must be taken with a pinch of salt as my wish list for an Allnighter may not be the same as others.


OK the concept, the Derby lads want to provide a hard corps Allnighter for Allnighter people so they have set out a strict door policy to ensure those children of the night are catered for in an environment that sits well.


This is always a difficult process especially in a centre of town venue and the door staff where joined by the Derby Lads to “pick”  which is a normal door policy and one some promoters could learn from.


The Queens Hall Derby.

Located in the heart of Derby City Centre, The Queens Hall is a locally listed building with a grand entrance offering exquisite facilities. Believed to be built in 1876 the building is perfect for a Nighter and ticks every box, easy and top tip for future visits is simply follow the signs for the Train Station, loads of parking in surrounding area and lots of pubs and if you fancied a meal some great mouth watering restaurants right by the venue!


I think it was £10, you had to be there before the Midnight Hour and the door staff and ladies got you in with the minimum of fuss!


Loved the ambience of the place, the sound system was spot on but for next time a better shock absorber system needs to be though out as the records jumped a couple of times when the crowd where giving it large, easy to rectify.


The bar is tactically placed so there is no bumping and grinding near the dance floor by those at the bar, at the other end and near the stage you could get a hot or cold snack and the bar was ready and eager to dish out ice cold free tap water to those doing the do on the dance floor.

There where no Beer Monsters or drunks piss balling about and you have to give the Derby lot credit for thinking things through, remember this is a fledgling Allnighter and there is a short cut to every thing in life except experience so I duff my cap to those who provided a safe environment for us to chuck our selves about without having to look over our shoulders for drunks.


Musically, now it is here that I shall stray into the weeds and give my opinion for what it is worth… bad side first, the two DJ’s who steered the ship at about 0100hrs did not empathise with the dancers, well me, I want thumpers at that time , I wish to feel my blood boil and attack that dance floor like a man possessed , what I don’t want is mid to down tempo at that time as it kills my buzz kill and any DJ who says “Lets slow it down for a minute” should be executed!


I did speak to the Derby lads and gave my opinion, the dance floor was full so I am not certain if I am right but if I am to go back to this venue then I want to ride that roller coaster at that time but like I said , horses for courses.


What did blow my socks off and fire my rockets was Dave Evison who knows his craft like a wizard, Jordan Wilson is in the accent and if you haven’t heard this young man spin then you are missing a treat, delight of the night was hearing Ethan Howarth come of age playing some dreamy records with a vigour that was infectious and I did get my Mojo back and danced my self dizzy! Daz Dakin reminded me just how superb unknown music can be and he pulls some superb rabbits out of his hat on a regular basis, Dick Crop set the pace during the earlier spots but I think his hard work was undermined by two DJ’s who didn’t inspire me.


Now that is my personal view, I travel, so do we all, what I want is stormers to set the pace but I appreciate that there are different tastes.


To summarise, I will be back to this venue, like all good things it will take time to find its flavour, the bed rock is there and there is a real determination and enthusiasm, “a Nighter for Nighter People by Nighter People”.


Thank you to all involved. I found the atmosphere friendly and welcoming. Crystal ball time … I think this is going to be the place to be!


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derby crew 1

· Edited by derby crew 1

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Thank you to all you people that came to the venue and supported the nighter. Thank you to the venue staff, door security , dj's for playing there tunes, my crew, steve , lee , kenny , trevor , record sellers, modic for bringing ur beautiful  scooter ,  thank you for the comments , i will get the bumper out next time and highly polish it, i promise. We appreciate  the feed back as it helps us to get a venue just right for you soulies of the northern kind to have a place thats to every ones taste. All the points that have been raised will be sorted for next time, i promise. Once again THANK YOU to all you lovely people for your support , see you again soon , love and respect to you all, ktf , peter bowler.  Also thank you lilly and sharon for your help doing the bands.

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Jayne Houghton

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My husband and myself went to the venue  on Saturday meet some lovely people Dave Evison was the top Dj of the night , it's a really big shame the dance floor was bad it was like dancing on chewing gum lol ( had some talc and it helped) will definitely try it again if the dance floor is sorted out ,we left early for a curry  , Don't like moaning 😢😭 till next time KTF 

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Queens Hall Derby, well what a great night. Lovely venue with big car park right next door.  Thanks to Peter for his hospitality and warm welcome.  Good facilities but agree with others regarding the dance floor needing a polish, a sprinkle of talc solved the problem though. Music was top notch with only one of the DJ's not really playing to my taste, but can't have it all.  A nice atmosphere with nice people all enjoying a top northern night.  Look forward to the next one.  Well done lads.

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Stephen Houghton

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Yes we went but the floor and some of the Music was not good, but maybe we would go again, off to king power on sat 25 march allways a good night  its our fav

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