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2018 SPRINGFIELD ALLNIGHTER - Pentre Halkyn., Holywell

  The springfield Hotel     The springfield Hotel A55 (jN32A)   - Pentre Halkyn., Holywell   CH8 8BA   GB   welsh soul event

USA Pete
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Event Information

589c873d8af78_2017-02-0915_08_07.thumb.png.452e38a972a0e3da473339f97bd32758.pngTHE 2018 SPRINGFIELD ALLNIGHTER.   Springfield hotel CH8 8BA Jn32a A55

What can I say about Springfield 2017.  OMG what a great night it was The official attendance was 307. 
Thank you each and every one of you.

Yes it took a massive lot of planning and organising. HOWEVER when it comes together like it did on the night .. well it's just so special for me.
Big thanks to Andy Garside, Theresa and Marcelle for helping me out on the door.

I have to admit though .... it was the hardest event I have ever been involved with.  Many sleepless nights during the few weeks leading up to it.
I have been known to stress out from time to time in the past. lol    Then any stress disappears the minute it has finished!!
Some people take all that in their stride. I wish I could.

That brings me to some important news for the next Springfield on 27th Jan 2018..


That doesn't mean that there will not be any more allnighters at the Springfield.
I will be there as a punter at any future dates there.
Then ... maybe I can enjoy it as much as everyone else.

I will have Andy Garside take some of the workload off me for my final one.
Then if everything goes to plan he will .. along with Theresa will take over any future allnighters after that.

Andy will be handling ALL the hotel room bookings or inquiries for the coming one next January. So any room bookings you can phone 01772426310 or send him a PM through Soul Source or Facebook.
No bookings will be made by the hotel as all rooms have been allocated to him. Be quick as only one or two remain.

Going back to the last one some two months ago .... well it was not plain sailing I can tell you.. I made a few mistakes along the way.

However on the night everyone was happy to enjoy a 12 hour allnighter that was different from the norm without losing focus on quality.

Saturday day time music played by people stopping at the hotel went down very well (as did the free food).

This WILL be on again next January starting around 2pm.   BUT I'm not using room two this time.
I'm just having the decks set up somewhere in the bar area as it seemed to separate people into two different areas.

The Modern room was a huge success. Loads of positive comments so going to stick with the same format in there.
Running from 8pm to 2am so staying with 6 hours.
DJs in the MODERN ROOM are..

On with the main room activities!...
The first 4 hours (promoters time) was great. So also going to keep the same.

But the 8am finish didn't work tbh.
I counted around 36 people there at 7am and some of those were the DJs. So going back to 6am finish.
I'm tweaking the running hours here and there. Losing 2 hours from the end but starting an hour earlier so....
The main room will be from 7pm to 6am.

First 4 hours 7pm to 11pm will be promoters time again.
So in no particular order.....

Then at 11pm I have decided to have Roger Banks warm you up before the main event at midnight.
Roger has been a resident DJ for me throughout the 90s at Droylsden, Hyde, Bury, Winsford, plus all 3 at the Springfield Allnighter's.
So I am not breaking the mould for my last one.

RIGHT THE MAIN ROOM Midnight to 6am.
What can I do to keep that bar set high or possibly raise it higher for my final one?
I did originally think of continuing with the tribute to the club's that were influential to me in the 90s.
It did work but then it can get all a bit sameish!!  ........ So I've scraped that idea.

I have however managed to bring you something pretty unique and very special. Believe me when I say it's a night not to be missed.
I am VERY pleased to announce that next January's main event at midnight will be.....


Plus COLIN LAW (guest DJ)

I've managed to book most of the 100 club resident DJs playing a typical 100 club night for you.   Just 229 miles down the road from 100 Oxford St.

The 100 club has been running a long time ... it is still going as strong now as it ever has.. That simply speaks for itself.
If you have been to the 100 club in the past then you will know what I am on about.
If you have never been there (shame on you) then come along and see what all the fuss about.

It gives me great pleasure to say I have the blessing of the main man himself ADY CROASDELL ... without his OK this night would not take place end of.
He will be with us on the night treating us to his exclusive tunes he is famous for and usually keeps in London.
At midnight Ady will be running the rest of the night in the main room.

Then there is BUTCH!!  ..... What can I say that hasn't been said before? 
Only to remind you that he is the man who has been reasonable for countless top tunes over the decades.
He shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. ......Still giving the scene new records month after month.
I have always been a believer that to have Butch DJ gives the venue more creditably and he alone can turn a good night into a great night.
To have him DJ for me on this night makes the night proper in my honest opinion. ...He has been a resident at the 100 club for decades and rightly so.

Next is KEITH MONEY well he is now an established resident DJ at the 100 club.
Keith will be treating us all to the music that packs the floor in Oxford St month in month out. Another DJ I put in high esteem.
He has always delivers a top notch set every time. ....Not to mention the amount of miles he travels every month.

I still make the trip to London 3 or 4 times a year and there are a couple of the younger generation who are now resident DJs for Ady.

So added to the list of DJs one of the new kids on the block!! 
JOEL MASLIN who has his following in London, Im sure just like Jordan Wilson, Ethan Howard, and Tom Page have now established themselves .. Joel will be featuring in many more events all over in the near future. .....For Ady to choose him as a resident speaks for itself in my opinion.
I have heard his sets on a number of occasions and he is good ....  VERY good..Playing some amazing records and he delivers what the floor demands.

The 100 club always has one sometimes two guests every month.
So I picked COLIN LAW as the guest DJ.

I will never forget that night the Scott's came down to DJ in the 90s they took the roof off that night.
They took over the place. Colin was leading the pack then. .....OMG it was the best night I have had there to date.

He is a guest for Ady this May. So get that down on your calendar. ....Its going to be a cracker!!!!

That's it I'm made up with the prospect of this my final allnighter.
Just a matter of 10 months to get out of the way. ...More info will follow as soon as it comes in.
PLEASE don't miss this night .... it's doubtful this will happen anywhere again.

KIR Pete Hollander.



2017-02-09 15.08.07.png

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The springfield Hotel , The springfield Hotel A55 (jN32A) , Pentre Halkyn., Holywell, Wales, CH8 8BA, United Kingdom

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phathom janitor

· Edited by phathom janitor

   4 of 4 members say helpful 4 / 4 members

hi .here we go ! I live 1 mile from a established NITE in my home town of stafford  so how did I end up inside Springfield hotel last nite ? :g::g:

nah ! i dont need helpit was because

mr hollender had put on A

rip-roarin! rafter rattalin ! floor shakin !

rare / modern soul allnighter !!! 

with brilliant dj spots in both rooms

with the floor full from all djs 

but when you read the line up wot do you expect 

ady 100 club(superb)

butch (the meastro) sorry i didnt say hi mark 

roger banks (brill spot)

keith money (rammed the floor)

but the spot for me & id not heard him for nearly 30yrs 

Scotlands NO 1 

COLIN LAW (wot can you say )

some may argue but colin worked for me along with Butch and roger for a few yrs In mid 80s

apoligies If I omitted anyone

respect to chris waterman see ya at bury ! 

SO you lot from the west mids 

get along to venues like this notts and bury & see what the real soul scene

looks & should most definitely sound like in 2018

bang on pete ! 

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   3 of 3 members say helpful 3 / 3 members

What a great all-nighter! Came up from London to support the 100 club lads, and was not disappointed. Well organised, good soundsystems in both rooms and fantastic music!

Hats off to all involved!



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Winsford Soul

· Edited by Winsford Soul

   2 of 2 members say helpful 2 / 2 members

Made my now annual visit to the Springfield.  Always a great night. Managed to catch Chris Anderton.  Dave Lucas and Butch sessions in the 70.s/ crossover room.  Fantastic.  Heard a few of Roger Banks. Adey. Keith and Butch tunes in the main room.  Again some fantastic tunes. Big thanks to Pete Hollander for his dedication and enthusiasm for the last few years.  Enjoy your promotional retirement mate.


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