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Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club - Ashby-de-la-Zouch


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Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club

This Ashby-de-la-zouch Alldayer event has now ended

Event Information

Event Type: Alldayer

Event Date & Time:

Event Location:  Ashby-de-la-zouch   LE65 2FZ

Event Description

This is our first Sunday afternoon 'Chill Out' soul session in Ashby de la Zouch. We are like minded DJ's and soul music collectors playing across the board soul music for what is sure to be a fun-filled afternoon of playing, dancing and listening to wonderful soul tunes.

Event time: 2.00pm to 9.00pm

DJ's already confirmed for our first session are listed below and with more to follow this is sure to be a special day.

Dave Eyley

Debbie T

Steve Burke

Ady Crampton

Steve Wileman

Pete Sumner


Expect a friendly atmosphere, excellent music in a classy environment at 'Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club'. Excellent bar, ample food and wonderful music to see us through the afternoon; weather permitting the food will be an outdoor Barbecue. What more can you want from a Sunday afternoon? The event will also have a record bar to feed the soul of collectors.

We hope you can join us for what is expected to be a great afternoon of fun and soul music.


This is a FREE TO ENTER event but with collections, raffle, donations, etc. for charity, on behalf of MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT.


Ashby-de-la-zouch Event Map

Ashby-de-la-zouch Venue Address:

Station Road, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, England, LE65 2FZ, United Kingdom

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Ok, flyers printed, Facebook page sorted, listed on Soul Source events. All there is to do now is to look forward to 20th August :) 

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Posted (edited)

There is a facebook page under Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club.If anyone wishes to join just send a request.The page so far has been left public so we are easy to find.

There will be photos on the web page taken at the event,as well as DJ playlists for their sets on the day.Your feedback is very important to us as a team.The venue is OVO 

Future dates this year are Sunday 19th November.

Myself,Pete and Ady as residents plus four guests at each soul sesssion.

There will be four more planned in for 2018 one each quarterly month.

we look forward to meeting everyone KTF


Edited by SteveWileman

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Posted (edited)

We have a new addition to the above line up and are pleased to announce that Wayne Arbon and Jayne Cresswell will double deck for the last hour. DJ times for Sunday afternoon, 20th Aug are as follows:

2pm - 3pm Ady Crampton (Resident|)

3pm - 3-30pm Steve Wileman (Resident)

3-30pm- 4pm Pete Sumner (Fred) (Resident)

4pm - 5pm - Steve Burke (guest)

5pm - 6pm Debbie T (guest)

6pm - 7pm Dave Eyley (guest)

7pm - 7-30 Steve Wileman (Resident)

7-30- 8pm Pete Sumner (Fred) (Resident)

8pm - 9pm - Rob Gray, Wayne Arbon & Jayne Cresswell (guests)

Come and join us for what will be a great afternoon playing, listening and dancing to soul music

Edited by Funtime

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Looking forward to traveling down to my old stomping ground Ashby,been a few years since i spent a Sunday afternoon in the Royal Hotel but this time with great music and great company hope to see some familier faces and may be some old freinds from the mid to late 70's when Ashby was a meeting place before traveling to the like's of the britt Nottingham then onto wherever there was a nighter on.

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Just a quick note to let you all know there will be one more addition to the DJ line up for Sunday, Mr Rob Gray will join the team in addition to those already listed above. Looking forward to Rob playing a few tunes as we all know what quality soul he has and will bring to the event. See you on Sunday ....

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As you know, Sunday is a chaity event and we will be doing a couple of things to raise a few quid for Macmillan Cancer Support. Come along and enjoy the event but if you can assist our support of Macmillan that will be a bonus.

Charity Raffle .. we have a number of prizes to raffle on the day including a couple of soulful 45's, a soulful LP, a voucher for MIDAS Touch Records, bottles of wine and many more. If you would like to donate a prize to the cause please bring it along with you on the day.

Charity CD ... each DJ has selected a few tracks which have been compiled onto a CD for sale on the day. All proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support. If the tracks selected for this CD are anything like the tunes played on the day we are all in for a right treat.

If you are looking for a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, listening to soul music in the company of like minded soulies, dance a little, sing a little, chat and generally have some fun then Ashby Connoisseur's Soul Club is the place to be.

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Rain expected Sunday which will not affect the atmosphere in the do, in fact it may make it even better. However, it will affect our ability to put on a Barbecue so we will have a buffet, chips, etc. available inside the hotel. No one has to eat the buffet but it will be there if you would like some. There will be no direct charge for the food but as you are aware this is a Charity event so we will ask for donations to the charity and thank you in advance for your generosity.

For all those travelling by car, there is a car park adjacent to the hotel which is normally pay and display, even on Sunday. You will NOT have to pay, but need to ask the hotel management for a day pass to display in your car. Please do not forget.

Finally, we are looking forward to welcoming all who brave the weather and can promise a brilliant soulful day of music, dancing and general fun. KTF

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Looking forward to the 20th now,with the addition of Rob Gray to the DJ line up.

All the playlists will be on the Ashby page on facebook together with event photo's 

Everybody's worked hard to promote the venue.For this i thank everyone very much.We are all excited about bringing a rare soul event to Ashby,so expect alot of indemand and rare stuff.

Everybody involved with Ashby and making this happen have been fantastic.

Free entrance,free parking,great beer,fab music...nuff said

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Sunday will soon be upon us and a new venue to attend .The music sounds right up my street and along with what looks like a really smart venue , all I can say is bring it on

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Records sorted bag packed traveling down later today looking forward to tomorrow.

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Well what can i say what a brilliant afternoon from start to finish the music was excellent all the way well done Fred and Steve and anyone else involved.

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Posted (edited)

First of all what a fantastic day we had at Ashby Connoisseurs Soul Club. A massive thanks to all DJ's for playing some awesome tunes, to all visitors and members who came, listened, danced and made what such a lovely atmosphere for our first event. There will defintely be more!!

Ok, playists as follows:

Ady Cramptons 2 to 3

Margaret Royal - Never Go Away
Dee Edwards - You Say You Love Me
Joy-Tones - This Love
Pat Thomas - I Cant Wait To See My Babys Face
Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead
The Lovations - I Keep Singing La La La
Dream Team - There He Is
Debonaires - Hows Your New Love Treating You
Ruby Winters - Better
Ray and Dave - Wrong Wrong Wrong
Almetta Latimore - These Memories
Marva Whitney - Your Love Was Good For Me
Belita Woods - Magic Corner
Towana - Wear Your Natural Baby
Sandra Wright - Midnight Affair
Masterpiece - Love Affair
Barbara West - Congratulations Baby
Barbara St Clair - Teacherman
Rhonda Davis - Can You Remember
Celeste Hardy - You're Gone
Choice Of Colour - Your Love
Vernan Greene - Look at Me
Garland Green - Girl I Love You
Natural Four - Hanging On To A Lie

Steve Wileman 3 to 3.30 and 7 to 7.30

Sandra Wright - Wounded Woman
Eugene Record - Overdose Of Joy
New Sound - Having You Around
Holy Disciples - Trying to Make A Hundred
Excuses - Trick Bag
Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid
Dottie Pearson - Bring It Over Baby
Roscoe Thomas - American Girl
Black Sugar Too Late
Freddie Terrell - You Had It Made
Prophets - I Dont Love You No More Baby
Jessie Butler- Let My Love Bring Out The Woman In You
Joane Courcy - Ive Got The Power
Dynamics - Yes I Love You Baby

Peter Sumner 3.30 to 4 and 7.30 to 8

Charles Johnson - Never Had A Love So Good
Black Box - Fall Into My Love
Odyssey - Our Lives Are Shaped
Sly slick & wicked - surely
Bonnie Blanchard - You're The Only one
Lovations - Later Baby
Lovelites - My Conscience
Bobby Reed - The Time Is Right For Love
Visitors - My Love Is Ready And Waiting
Lee Williams & cymbals - A Girl From A Country Town

Cold Blood - Im A Good Woman
Unique Blend - Yes Im In Love
Terry Callier- Ordinary Joe
Lorraine Ellison - Dont Let It Go To Your Head
Don & Juan - The Heartbreaking Truth
Maurice Jackson - Lucky Fellow
Sugar & Spices - Have Faith In Me
Bonnie Herman - Hush Dont Cry
Spiedels - Dream Girl
Minnie Jones - Shaddow Of A Memory
Ray Pollard - The Drifter

Steve Burke

The Festivals - You've Got The Makings Of A Lover
Stage IV - Just another guy
Freddie Hughes - Gotta keep my bluff in
Peggy Gaines - Sweet Way Of Living
Odds n Ends - Let Me Try
Soul - This Time Around
Three Pieces - If I Can Only Prove To You
El Count Exe - I Want To Thankyou
Exits - Under The Streetlamp
Little Ann - Sweep It Out in the Shed
Monroe Taylor - Proud Guy
The Eliminators - Loving Explosion
Bull and the Matadors - If you decide
Mad Lads - What Will Love Tend To Make You Do
Chimes - Beginning Of My Life
Bottom and Co - Spread The News
Gifted Four - Are You Choosing
Art Gentry - This is my chance
Ollie Nightingale - I Dont Know Why I Love You
Hesitations - Is This The Way To Treat A Girl
Fabulous Four - If I Knew

Debbie T 5 to 6

Arthur Alexander - I Need You Baby
Johnny Truit - Just The Other Day
Willie Tee - First Taste Of The Hurt
Cookie Scott - I Dont Care
The Spartans - I Dont Need Another Lover
Voltaires - My My Baby
Barbara Mason - You Better Stop
Jeanie Tracy - Making New Friends
Kings Of Soul - Is Your Love For Me
Dolly Gilmore - Sweet Sweet Baby
Clay Brown - Walk With A Groove
Tony Fox - Love Let Love and be loved
Vee gees - Talkin
Barbara St Clair - Teacherman
The American Standards Band - Morning
Tony Drake - Suddenly
Three Shades Oof Soul - Being In Love
Carl Hall - What About You
Ray Batts - Love Me
George Smallwood - Touching Is My Thing
Flowers - We could Make It Happen
The Topics - Booking Up Baby

Dave Eyley 6 to 7

Poets - Wrapped Around Your Finger
Eddie Billups - Ask My Heart
Robert Tanner - Sweet Memories
Sweets - Talking About My Baby
The Internationals - Beautiful Philosofy
Chantells - I'll Never Know
Insites - I Need Your Loneliness
Ronnie McCann - This Time Im Gone
Guitar Ray - Wreck My Life
Vicky Labatt - Got To Keep Hanging On
Empires - You're On Top Girl
Appointments - I saw You there
Gene Toones - What More Do You Want
Larry Clinton - Shes Wanted
Jonathon Caprice - Gonna Build Me A Mountain
Fortson &Scott - Sweet Lover
Ralph Graham - She Just Sits There
George Hobson - Let It Be Real
Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me

Rob Gray 8 to 8.30

Willie Wade - Come Into My World
Blendells - Did You Mean (accetate)
Tony Middleton - Paris Blue
Johnny Mae Matthews - I Have No Choice
George Freeman - Down And Out
Martells - Where Can My Baby Be
Honey & The Bees - Two Can Play That Game
Soul Fay - Young Girl
Don Hysong - Soul Searcher
Buddy Smith - When You Lose The One You

Wayne Arbor and Jayne Cresswell 8.30 to END

Benny Harper - My Prayer
Moses Smith - Try My Love
Optimistics - Say It Baby
Blue Steam - I Want A Girl
Quotations - I Dont Have To Worry
Diane Jenkins - I Need You
Sir Charles Hughes - You Say You're Leaving
Willie Mallory - You Went Back On What You Said
Mitchell Braithwaite - My Woman Needs Me
Contributors of Soul - You Cant Help But Fall In Love
Sequins - It Must Be Love
New Sounds - Dont Take Your Love
Viola Wills - The First Time
Michelle Willey - Feel Good
Earl White Jr - Very Special Girl
Seville - Show Me The Way

What a fantastic mix of quality across the board sould tunes we heard on Sunday ... Amazing!!!

Edited by Funtime

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